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Dandelion Pregnancy Test – Step by Step Guide [How it Works]

We are going to explain all about the Dandelion Pregnancy Test in this article. Dandelion is one of the traditional ways to check the pregnancy. The dandelion plant can be easily found in any home garden, the roots of this plant are high in fiber and are edible.  Leaves of this plant are the ones used for testing pregnancy at home.

It is one of the very old and reliable ways to test pregnancy at home. A dandelion pregnancy test is completely safe and does not have any side effects on your body. The result of this test is reflected in almost an hour which makes it even more accurate.

Dandelion Pregnancy Test

Dandelion Pregnancy Test

We are here to help you with this pregnancy test which you can conduct in the comfort of your home.

Homemade pregnancy tests are the most accessible Dandelion pregnancy test which nay women doubting their pregnancy status can do sitting at home. The dandelion test for pregnancy is the natural way of knowing the status of your pregnancy. Leaves of this plant are used to conduct this test.

Leaves of Dandelion when income in contact with the urine of pregnant women react with the increased level of hCG to indicate the test result.

What makes the Dandelion Pregnancy Test Works?

Dandelion pregnancy test works through the reaction created by plant leaves and the morning urine sample. It indicates the result by changing color.  After 11 days of conceiving, the placenta starts producing the hormone hCG, on the basis on which status of pregnancy is tested.

Steps for Taking Dandelion Pregnancy Test 

Instructions to conduct this test are very simple. Make sure that you through the below instruction carefully to get the accurate result from the Dandelion pregnancy test.

  1. Take some freshly plucked Dandelion leaves
  2. Clean this through, wash them with cold water to sanitize them.
  3. Leave it for some time to dry.
  4. Collect an early morning urine sample, as this is the only urine sample that will show you a reliable
  5. Take another container add some leaves to it and pour the urine sample, make sure that the leaves are completely immersed in the urine.
  6. Now wait, waiting can last from 10 minutes to an hour depending on how fast Dandelion leaves reacts with urine.
  7. If you start seeing the appearance of red blisters on Dandelion leaves then you are pregnant
  8. If it shows no reaction after an hour also then it is negative and you are not pregnant.

In case you doubt the reliability you can repeat the test the next day as well. Make sure all the containers used for the test should be clean leaves that you use should be cleaned properly. Maintaining cleanliness will help you get a more accurate result.

What to keep in mind while taking Dandelion Pregnancy test?

  • Complete submerging of leaves in the urine is the important part of the test or else it will not provide any reaction.
  • Always sterilize all the containers or cups used for taking Dandelion pregnancy test. You can use bleach or other cleaning liquid to sterilize the containers.
  • Make sure the Dandelion leaves that you pluck for the test should be fresh, it should not be sprayed with chemicals. Such leaves will end up spoiling your test.
  • Do pee directly on the leaves. It is not a very hygienic option and might contaminate the mixture.
  • Wait for at least an hour to get the result and don’t leave the mixture unattended.

How accurate is Dandelion Pregnancy test?

After taking this test their will always be two groups of women, one who is satisfied with it and others who will criticize it. The accuracy of the test depends on how carefully and clearly you have conducted the test.

If you will keep all the above points in mind while taking Dandelion Pregnancy test you will surely get an accurate result.

How to Read the Test Result?

A dandelion pregnancy test is one of the few results which clearly shows negative or positive through color change.

A positive result- If after waiting for an hour you start seeing red blisters on the leaves, it means that you are pregnant. If there is any color change instead of red then also the result is positive.

You can get a false result in the case leave or container used are not sterilized properly. Any other foreign particle present in the mixture can also indicate a false result. That is why it is essential to clean the container and leaves to prevent false results.

Negative result- if there is no change in the color of the mixture the result is negative. You can get a false negative result if you have conducted the test 2 early wait at least for a week after a missed or delayed period.

Advantage and Disadvantage of Dandelion Pregnancy Result


  • It is one of the safest homemade pregnancy tests.
  • It is inexpensive and affordable
  • Colour reaction makes it easy read the result


  • Waiting time is too long for the test result
  • Availability of the leaves can be a problem at times

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We suggest that even after the Dandelion pregnancy test you should always visit the doctor.  Visiting a gynecologist should not be avoided on the basis of a homemade pregnancy test.

Note: Only doctor and lab tests can confirm 100 percent pregnancy so please make sure that you take professional help before deciding anything.

You can comment below for any queries or for sharing your experience of this “Dandelion pregnancy test“.

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