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Urine Pregnancy Test – Step Wise Guide in 2022

If you are searching for Urine Pregnancy Test and want to know about it read this complete article about the test, steps to follow urine pregnancy test at home, and more, How to go with a urine pregnancy test kit, the risk involved, etc. so for proper understanding read it to the end.

A pregnancy test with urine which is done via HCG (Human chorionic gonadotropin) is a pregnancy test that detects the symptoms and conforms to whether she is pregnant or not.

Urine Pregnancy Test

Urine Pregnancy Test

The placenta of a pregnant woman produces HCG which is when detected in urine, indicates the pregnancy. A pregnant women’s urine shows the placenta in urine when the test is performed after 10 days of missed period.

The HCG level increases rapidly during the pregnancy period and when it is near the 8th and 10th week the level is very high. After that, it declines gradually until delivery.

Urine Pregnancy Test by Kit

These days on kit is sold to confirm pregnancy, which you can use at home. It is basically a digital urine pregnancy test kit, which shows a urine pregnancy positive test with its plus sign indicator or changing in red color and a urine pregnancy negative test when it is normal as before.

Preparation and Prevention Before Performing Test.

When you are going for a home Urine pregnancy test with a Urine pregnancy testing kit, some of the things you may consider to make it efficient.

  • Before using the kit, read its instructions carefully.
  • Check out the test expiration date.
  • Take your first morning urine after one to two week of your missed period.
  • Prevent drinking any large amount of drink before going for a test or minimize it before the day onwards, otherwise, it may dilute your HCG level making it difficult to recognize.
  • Apart from these steps if you have any query you have don’t just hesitate to ask the voice support department. Check out the toll free no. on the kit and call the support cell.
  • If any medications you are taking discuss with your doctor to avoid the dilution of HCG or its result.
  • The pregnancy test becomes false showing negative results due to Diuretics and Promethazine. Hypnotics and tranquilizers cause false results indicating you are pregnant when you are not. So better go to a doctor first.

Urine Pregnancy Test Procedure At Home

Tests can be performed either at the doctor’s urine pregnancy lab test or you can go with a urine pregnancy test at home and have the ability to give you the same urine pregnancy test results and detect HCG in your Urine. Only thing is, you have to collect the urine sample of the first morning urine after at least two weeks of messing period.

Follow the step-by-step process for better accurate results.

  • Take the first urine sample of morning urination in any plastic cup provided.
  • If you want to urinate directly on the test stick, follow the exact time gap of 5 seconds. Not more, not less. Use a stopwatch if necessary.
  • When urinating directly on the stick, make sure that the absorbent of the stick is towards the urine stream and the display window is upwards.
  • Secondly, if you have collected the urine sample in a cup then use a dropper to place a small amount of urine onto the absorbent of the test stick.
  • Some of the kits require dipping of absorbent end into the sample for 5 to 10 seconds, so before going for the test at home, read the instructions carefully.
  • Wait for the stated time interval. Normally it is 5 to 10 minutes of the gap before the net dip, in that case, keep patience and the result will come after that time only.
  • Some of the sticks help you with the time symbol in it, confirming you with the test process.
  • Even if it doesn’t function well then you need to change that urine pregnancy test kit.
  • Once the amount of time is spent, check the indicator of your kit. Particular signs or symbols are used to indicate your pregnancy status.
  • Sometimes urine pregnancy test results may be plus or minus signs, a particular color change, or words like Pregnant or not pregnant indicate the status of urine pregnancy test positive. Read the instructions carefully on the kit.
  • If you find urine pregnancy test positive: make an appointment with the doctor and meet him to confirm it. Pregnancy blood test results are the next step to confirm it.
  • In case you find urine pregnancy test negative: No need to worry because it happens with many. You might not have calculated your ovulation date or taken the test too soon. That is why many times two kits are given. I do am having problem, contact your doctor and take the urine pregnancy test in lab.

Urine Pregnancy Test-Are There Risk Involved?

  • The only risk with a urine pregnancy test at home is to get false-Positive and false-negative results.
  • Urine pregnancy test false positive means, indicating pregnancy when there is not. It is rare because only pregnant women perform the test.
  • Yes, there is a high risk of false-negative results, which means it indicates you are not pregnant even though you really are. But then it occurs only when you perform during the too early a period of pregnancy. Before going for it ask yourself a urine pregnancy test after how many days?
  • When your urine is too dilute having minimal or no HCG then it obviously affects your urine pregnancy test accuracy because you can trust it.
  • So, don’t get too early with the test and take necessary precautions and the result is going to go correct.

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Final Conclusion:

From the above article, we have discussed the Urine pregnancy test detailed information and a step-by-step guide to going with the test. You have gone through the Urine pregnancy test principle, urine pregnancy test procedure, preventions steps, etc. hope it has satisfied your query regarding the test and helped you with easy steps.

If you find the above article helpful to you, write your feedback to us in our comment section. If any queries, do not hesitate to contact us via email.

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