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Mustard Powder Pregnancy Test at Home [Reliable Test for Everyone]

Mustard powder pregnancy test is explained by our parental expert in detail go through the article and ask your questions in the end. Mustard pregnancy test can be taken by any woman who is doubting if she is pregnant or not.

If you are feeling early symptoms like, delayed period, bloating, abdominal cramps, frequent headache, morning sickness, urge to pee frequently and likewise, it is best to take a homemade pregnancy test. Mustard seeds and powder are considered to be warm in nature. Traditionally mustard powder and seeds were used by women to get periods. It is still used as a homemade recipe for getting the period in case it is delayed.

Mustard Powder Pregnancy Test

Mustard Powder Pregnancy Test

This test is a little different from all other test and requires time and patience. You don’t need a urine sample, you don’t need a mixture of ingredients and wait for any observation. The Only thing you require is mustard seeds.

This test is taken by women who have missed their period or if their period is getting delayed.

Things you need for Mustard Powder Pregnancy Test

Unlike another testing requirement of things are quite different in this one make sure you conduct it carefully after going through instructions and have all the things required

  1. You need a good quality mustard powder– Use fresh and branded mustard powder preferably natural. One small bowl of mustard powder is enough.
  2. Bathtub filled with warm water. Keep water temperature just warm, not too hot, not lukewarm.
  3. You also require patience and little time.

How to conduct Mustard Powder Pregnancy Test

  1. Chose a time of day when you can take this day patiently.
  2. Fill your bathtub with warmth, check the temperature it should not be too hot.
  3. Mix a bowl of mustard seeds powder in the bathtub.
  4. Mix it thoroughly with hand until all the particle dissolves in water.
  5. Now get in the bathtub and soak yourself for at least 20 minutes.
  6. In this time relax and enjoy a warm tub of warm water, you can listen to music or read something, just don’t think too much and stress yourself.
  7. After 20 minutes get out of the tub and take shower to rinse yourself clean using warm water preferably.

How will you know the result of the Mustard Powder Pregnancy Test?

The result of the Mustard pregnancy test takes time. After taking the test you will have to wait for at least 2 days. You might even get a result in 24 hours.

This test works on the mechanism of heating your body constantly after the mustard pregnancy test. As we have mentioned earlier mustard powder initiates your period. This test helps you in triggering your period.

The result of Mustard Powder Pregnancy test

  1. Positive Result – After that test and waiting for at least two days if you still don’t get your period it indicates that the result is positive and you are pregnant.
  2. Negative Result- If after 24 hours or after 2 days you get your period then it was just the problem of the delayed period and you are not pregnant.

Pro and cons of Mustard Pregnancy Test


  • Delay and irregular periods can also take place due to hormonal If you face this problem frequently it is advisable to visit the doctor.
  • This test does not cost anything. Since mustard powder can be found in any household this test becomes free of cost.
  • In case you can find it at home it is easily available at any supermarket or local grocery store.
  • The best thing about this test is you can do it any time of the day. It does not have to be performed at any specific time.
  • There is no urine sample involved. Thus, no tension in collecting a morning urine sample.
  • You don’t have to sit and wait for the result. It will take at least two days for the result to show.


  • It is not a quick test. The result comes at least after 2 days’ time.
  • You might not have a bathtub to conduct this test. Hence, you will have to look for other means, a large tub maybe.
  • You need to stay in the water for at least 20 minutes. Sometimes this wait can be too long.

Can you rely on the Mustard Pregnancy test?

Married or Single most women still prefer to test their pregnancy on their own before taking any further steps. Women who can even access the commercial pregnancy kit prefer trying a homemade test first.

Reliability of Mustard Powder Pregnancy Test Depends on Several Things:

  • How well have you conducted the test?- be careful in following all the instructions.
  • What kind of mustard powder you are using- preferably take this test with natural mustard powder.
  • Other added ingredient might end up indicating falls result.
  • Don’t soak yourself for too long in the mustard powder mix water.
  • It can cause skin problems
  • Make sure you take a proper shower after the test.
  • Be careful about the quantity of the mustard powder it should not be too much or too little.
  • The water level should be sufficient to immerse your whole body.
  • All this will give you accurate results after you are done with the test.

More Useful Pregnancy Tests:

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Even after taking all the measures, you don’t get the desired result please consult your doctor. Don’t just be dependent on the Mustard Powder Pregnancy Test for final status.

We hope that the above information will help you out of your dilemma. Always make sure you get the doctor’s advice in such cases. Your health and if you are pregnant your baby‘s health is of utmost importance.

You can always ask your doubts in the comment section below and we try out best to help you

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