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Sugar Pregnancy Test – Test Your Pregnancy at Home

Today we are going to explain everything about the Sugar pregnancy test in detail. A sugar Pregnancy test is one the simplest and easy test which can be taken at the home.

When it comes to the homemade pregnancy test then most women fear the harm it can do, as in the case of the bleach pregnancy test. Or some ingredients might be too hard to get like pine or the right wine to conduct the pregnancy test.

So here we going to talk about the most easily available ingredient, sugar. It can be easily found in every household.

Sugar Pregnancy Test

Sugar Pregnancy Test

The sugar Pregnancy test is a natural test that does not involve any harmful chemicals and gives the result quickly.  But we also advise you to visit a doctor before getting the full confirmation about your pregnancy test.

Homemade pregnancy test just calms down your anxiety are made to be used in the urgency when you can’t avail any other way to test your pregnancy.

When to Take Homemade Sugar Pregnancy Test

Any homemade pregnancy test including Sugar Pregnancy Test should be conducted as soon as you see and feel the early signs of pregnancy.  If not signs then most importantly if you have had unprotected sex and have missed your period after that it is inevitable to take a pregnancy test.

Early Signs of Pregnancy:

  • Delayed mensuration cycle
  • Painful abdomen cramps
  • A frequent headache
  • Early morning sickness or nausea
  • Feeling bloated, heavy, or constipated

Things You Need to Conduct Vinegar Pregnancy Test

  1. Basic plain white fine sugar – avoid using brown sugar or tinted sugar as it might twist the result of your test
  2. fine white sugar will provide the accurate result of the test
  3. Two plastic containers- make sure they are washed and sterilized properly. Transparent bowls for the test are preferable as it will clearly show you any changes that will take place.
  4. A white base- it can be a white paper sheet, plastic sheet, or a white cloth. All this white background will help you read the text clearly
  5. A clean and sterilized stirrer.
  6. Most importantly morning urine sample– In case you are pregnant, the first urine of the day has an increased amount of hCG in it, which makes it easy to get the accurate result from the test.

Steps To Take Sugar Pregnancy Test

After you have everything required to take the test. Go through the below instructions carefully and conduct your test accordingly.

  1. Collect the morning urine sample in a clean container and put it aside.
  2. In another container pour one spoon of sugar.
  3. Now add urine in the bowl with sugar, don’t splatter it pour it gently.
  4. You also have the option of directly peeing in the bowl with sugar
  5. Stir the mixture with a clean stirrer
  6. Leave the mixture still and don’t leave it unattended.
  7. Place your mixture on the plain white sheet
  8. Now observe it for any changes

How to Interpreted Homemade Sugar Pregnancy Test?

The sugar pregnancy test result depends on the solubility of sugar in the urine. There can be 3 scenarios of your result. Read below to find out.

  • Positive result – If the ratio of hCG is high in the early morning urine then the sugar will not dissolve. Not dissolving means that you are pregnant.  It will rather form the sugar clumps indicating that you are pregnant.
  • Negative – If the sugar dissolves in the urine then you are not pregnant. No hCG in the urine will make the sugar dissolve indicating a negative result.
  • Invalid or false result – In the case where the sugar sample is really old or dirty, the test might give you the twisted result of a false-positive result. If taken top early then also it might give you a false result.

Always repeat your test within 2 days to see if the result is the same as before. And in any doubt visit your doctor at the earliest.

Now, let us talk about the pros and cons of Sugar Pregnancy test


  • A homemade Sugar pregnancy test is convenient to conduct.
  • It is free of cost until you especially have to go and have to buy plain fine white sugar.
  • It can be repeated multiple times in case you are not sure about the result.
  • You are the only person who knows the result till the time you want to share it with anybody.
  • It can be conducted anytime in urgency.
  • It does not involve any harmful chemicals or fumes.


  • It can only be conducted with fine white sugar.
  • It might give you a false result and you might have to repeat it again.

How Accurate Is the Sugar Pregnancy Test

Any commercial test shows you a 99% effective result after the delayed period same. But same is not the case with the sugar pregnancy test. It can you a false result depending on how you have conducted it and what kind of sugar you have used to conduct it.

Sometimes even repeating the test might not give you any satisfactory result. It can give you false-negative and false-positive results. Even if you take the test try and be surer by checking the result on any good commercial pregnancy kit.

The same result on both tests should only satisfy. Commercial test kits and lab tests will always be more reliable than any pregnancy test.

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A sugar pregnancy test, no matter what result it shows, can never confirm your pregnancy status. It is just the primary result test to calm down your excitement.

In case of doubt and constant symptoms, We advise you to visit a doctor. You can also go for the lab test to determine your pregnancy.

Don’t just depend on the homemade pregnancy test alone. Take care of your health and stay safe.

In case you have ever experience taking this test you can share your experience helping other women around the world in the same situation.

You can always ask us queries related to the test in the comment section below.

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