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Soap Water Homemade Pregnancy Test – Complete Steps Here

Soap Water Homemade Pregnancy Test is the traditional way of testing pregnancy at home. Soap is the most common thing that is present in the home. You can even you a plain body wash in the place of soap.

The chemical agents in the soap water help in indicating if you are pregnant or not.  The component of soaps gets mixed with the urine to provide you the exact result of the test.

The level of the hCG present in your body depends on how many weeks you have passed in pregnancy. The hCG level is the only hormone that will indicate the pregnancy in the women’s body.

Soap Water Homemade Pregnancy Test

Soap Water Homemade Pregnancy Test

Taking Soap Water Homemade Pregnancy Test is very easy and simple. The test can be taken easily at home. In the cases where you just need to calm your anxiety or don’t want to spend any money on the commercial test kit. You simply pick up any kind of soap to conduct the test.

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Sometimes you just want to keep the result to yourself so you take the Soap Water Homemade Pregnancy Test to know the status of if you are expecting or not.

Soap Water Homemade Pregnancy Test – How does it Work

The quantity of hCG hormone increases every week in a pregnant female, once the woman conceived, the placenta creates hCG which gets mixed into your urine. This process thus helps in identifying the pregnancy with the help of urine.

The hCG can also be tested with the help of a blood test. But sometimes women prefer conducting the test at home before going to the doctor. Let see all the details of the test.

We will tell you what all you need and how you can conduct the Soap Water Homemade Pregnancy Test in the comfort of your home. And also how to read the result of the test.

Things You Need to Conduct Soap Water Pregnancy Test

  1. A small piece of Soap-

You will require a small piece of them. Just use any old soap which is about to finish or just cut the small piece with the help of a knife.

Make sure you use plain soap to create plain white water so that you can read the results easily.

Avoid soaps with strong colors or fragrances it might hamper your test result.

  1. Two transparent containers

Take 2 plastic containers, wash and sterilize them properly and make sure there is no foreign particle left.

Preferably take the transparent cups so that you can read the result correctly.

  1. The half cup of water

Use clean filtered water to create the soap water. You can use clear tab water.

  1. Morning urine Sample

The morning urine sample is the most important thing. It is only in the morning urine that the hCG level is high and clear.

Using a urine sample after the morning urine sample will not give you accurate results

How to Perform Soap Water Homemade Pregnancy Test

When you have everything required you can simply follow the below steps to conduct the Soap Water Homemade Pregnancy Test at home in the right manner.

  1. Firstly collect some amount of morning urine sample in a clean container and set it aside.
  2. In another container take a piece of soap and mix it with water to create the mixture let it dissolve and wait for some time.
  3. Once you see the soap dissolved in the water to some extent you will see soap foam.
  4. Now add the urine into the container with soapy water and wait to see the test result.
  5. Wait for about 2-3 minutes to see the accurate result of the test.

How to Read Soap Water Homemade Pregnancy Test?

The mixture of soap water and urine indicates the result with help of color change.  Be vigilant while you see the change the change might not stay for a long time.

  • Positive Result- if the mixture of soapy water and urine changes its color into greenish or light bluish then the result is positive and you are pregnant.
  • Negative Result- If even after 5-7 minutes there is absolutely no change in the mixture of urine then the result is negative and you are not pregnant.
  • Invalid result- Neither color change but if your mixture changes into frothing or any other weird change this means the test is invalid.

When to take Soap Water Pregnancy Test?

Any Soap Water Homemade Pregnancy Test including Soap Homemade Pregnancy Test can be conducted when you see signs of early pregnancy.  These indications can help you decide if you require any pregnancy tests.

The primary reason to take conduct a homemade test is when you have had unprotected sex and furthermore have missed your period. In such a situation, if you can’t go out to buy commercial pregnancy kits due to social or intellectual agendas, Homemade Pregnancy Test can be used to get the result.

Early Symptoms of Pregnancy:

  • Delayed or missed period cycle.
  • Sore and heavy abdomen cramps
  • Regular headaches
  • Early morning sickness or nausea
  • Feeling bloated, heavy, or constipated.

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Final verdict

Soap Water Homemade Pregnancy Test is totally safe to be conducted at home. Make sure you use plain white soap which does not leave any color of its own in the soap water.

After you are done with the pregnancy test repeat it the next day to see if you get the same result or not.

Then before deciding anything further we strongly suggest you see the doctor, meet the gynecologist in the case of a positive result.  Go for a lab test and see if the result matches with Homemade Soap Water Pregnancy Test.

Never avoid taking expert advice on the matter. For us, your health is first.

Stay Healthy and Stay Safe. Share your questions about the above test.

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