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SDFCU Login Account at [2021 Guide]



In this login article, we will describe to you all the processes related to the SDFCU Login. We will also give you the sdfcu login help so that you can successfully log in to the account. After the login topic is over we will also provide you with the process if your sdfcu login not working. In this case, we will help you to recover the password.

SDFCU Login at


SDFCU Login is a company that provides the services like issue of a credit cards, home equity, and personal loans. It also provides loans on used cars and if you want to buy a new vehicle then also you can contact SDFCU for loans with low APR rates. Below is the section about the SDFCU and we will also help you in case if you are forgetting your username or the password.

About: SDFCU

SDFCU is an abbreviation for State Department Federal Credit UnionIt was started in 1935 which was earlier called as U.S. Department of State Employees Federal Credit Union. Since its 83 years in service, it has increased its members to 84000 spread across the world.

They have a dedicated team that is constantly supporting their customers. Headed by its chairman Marlene E. Schwartz and vice chairman Robert B. Petersen, the company has been working with values like support care for their employees and members throughout their lives.

They use creativity in their business and innovation-driven techniques to satisfy their customers and employees as well. They have international travel services to exchange the currencies and prevent their customers from the long queues they have to wait for the currency exchange. They have a team that is in constant support to the members. They have provided the helpline numbers on their website.

SDFCU Login – Easy Steps For Login

SDFCU Account Login

SDFCU Login is providing webinars to their customers so that they may be aware of the current happenings and the news related to their services. In this section, we will have the detailed steps for login into the account so that you may access the website without any problem. Below are the detailed steps at your service:

  • The basic requirement is to be fulfilled as you need to have an internet-enabled device and a working internet connection.
  • Open the web browser and enter the following website into the address bar:
  • The official homepage of the website will open.
  • When you will scroll down a bit, On the left-hand side you will see a login box.
  • Enter the username and the password in the blanks.
  • After entering the login details click on the red button Sign In.
  • You have successfully signed in and you can start using the services now.

SDFCU Login – Easy Steps to Recover The Password

Sometimes it can happen that you forget the password. no need to worry now as we are providing you with the steps to recover the password.  Follow the below steps and successfully reset your password:

  1. Open the web browser and enter the following website or you can directly click on the link:
  2. On the homepage of the website scroll down a bit
  3. In the sign in box, you will find a Question Mark. That is the mark of “Forgot password”
  4. Click on the forgot password mark
  5. A new box will open written “forgot password or username”
  6. A new window will open of “Can’t access your account”
  7. You have to enter the phone number and the username.
  8. In case you have forgotten the username click on the forgot username link
  9. Click on the Send me a new password tab or in the case of username click on the send me on my email
  10. The credentials will be sent to your registered email id
  11. You can change the password afterward
  12. You have successfully reset the password

State Department Federal Credit Union Customer Service

In case you are still having doubts and queries on your services you can take the help of the customer service numbers given below:

  • SDFCU Main Number: 703.706.5000
  • 800.296.8882 U.S. call number
  • Fax: 703.706.5121
  • Lending and Home Equity Center: 800.296.8882

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In the above article, we get to know about a few services provided by SDFCU and the steps for SDFCU Login. We also discussed how you can recover the password in case you forget the username or the password. How did you like this article, please rate this article in the comments section. If you have any queries or feedback and suggestion you can use the comment section below.

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