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Wine Pregnancy Test – Detailed Guide on how to conduct the test

Today we are going to explain about Wine Pregnancy Test. Wine Pregnancy Test is considered as the homemade pregnancy test that women have been using since the middle ages to know the status of their pregnancy in early stages.

Wine Pregnancy Test is being used by women since medieval ages, the test is quite traditional and gives clear results. Earlier when there was not much concept of detecting pregnancy at home women used wine to check if they are pregnant or not.

Wine Pregnancy Test

Wine Pregnancy Test

Alcohol in the mixture of wine components helps in indicating the positive and negative results of the homemade pregnancy test.

Wine Pregnancy Test is the natural method to check for pregnancy in the early stages. The test is safe and does not have any side effects, all you need to do is get the right kind of win and follow the precise steps in the order to get the test result.

The hCG level in the urine of pregnant women reacts with the alcohol component of the wine and gives the result. The protein in the hCG combines with the alcohol present in the wine and indicates positive or negative.

When to Take Wine Pregnancy Test

A homemade Wine Pregnancy Test can be conducted by a woman who sees the early signs of being pregnant. You can conduct this test to calm down your anxiety about the early stages of pregnancy.

You can take this test as an emergency measure, where you need to know the result quickly and don’t have access to the commercial test kit. In other cases where you live in such a society where you can’t share the news or take anybody’s help, Wine Pregnancy Test will be beneficial.

Early Symptoms of Pregnancy:

  • Missed or late period, keep a check mensuration cycle date on the monthly date this will help in your detecting how late your periods are
  • Abdomen pain and spotting
  • Headache and Feeling nausea
  • Frequent period with too much flow extended beyond your period date.
  • The feeling of morning sickness
  • Feeling bloated or constipated
  • Urge to pee frequently
  • Swelling in vaginal area or abdomen
  • Feeling exhausted all the time
  • Feeling tenderness in the breast
  • Feeling irritated and moody all the time

These signs are enough for you to indicate that something is wrong with your body and you should attend to it.

The major reason of all is if you have had unprotected sex and have missed a period after it, immediately take a homemade pregnancy test to know what is going on.

What do you need for Taking the Wine Pregnancy Test?

  1. Wine of good quality make sure you use white wine since using red wine will not give an accurate result. Noting any changes in the red wine will get difficult because of its color.
  2. Wine being too old or new does not matter.
  3. 2 clean and sterilized plastic cups- sterilize preferably using the transparent cup to see the result clearly.
  4. Morning urine sample- use the morning urine sample to get the exact result. The amount of hCG is highest in your body in the morning sample when you are pregnant. The morning sample is the best sample to get an accurate test.
  5. Keep calm while doing the test and don’t get too excited.

Steps to take Wine Pregnancy Test

  1. Carefully read the below instruction to conduct this test accurately at home and follow all the steps as given.
  2. Collect your morning urine sample in a clean container and keep it aside
  3. Pour some quantity of wine into another plastic cup.
  4. Now pour the wine into the urine and leave it aside to observe the changes.
  5. The wine test indicates the result by indicating some or other changes in the mixture.

How to interpret the Wine Pregnancy Test Result?

Pine-Sol mixed with urine changes the color or indicates some other changes on the urine to indicate the results.

Positive Test Result

The result of the Wine Pregnancy test has varied differently in various cases. Negative test Result.

If after mixing the urine with wine. The mixture stays clean which means the result is negative and you are not pregnant.

Positive test result

If after mixing the urine with wine. If you see any sort of changes like red patches in the mixture or change in color then the result is positive and you are pregnant

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Wine Pregnancy Test can give you any result but it is not going to ensure 100% accuracy. Always consider going for a medical test or visiting a doctor if you want to confirm the status of your pregnancy.

We hope that is useful for you and you can share your experience with other women in the same situation around the world.

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