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Annoying Girlfriend Habits that Boyfriends Hate – #2 Can’t Be Ignored

I know girls are so sweet, and we should respect them, they deserve our respect and love. They are lovable but at the same time, they have some habits that every guy really hates. But the truth is, being a boy, girls we can’t show our emotions that please change our habits, and if we want to say something, then we will get into trouble. Today I am just listing some of the girl’s most common Annoying Girlfriend Habits that every guy really hates, I know you really love your lovebird, but I can bet that you also don’t like these habits that I am going to tell you.

Annoying Girlfriend Habits that Boyfriends Hate

Annoying Girlfriend Habits

So are you getting excited, then let’s get the start. Girls, please forgive me but being a girl it’s my responsibility, that I have to aware the boys about our bad habits. So let’s have a look.

  • Always Late, Due To Makeup And All

Ohh the most common habit of every girl. I want to ask you why you need too much time to get ready to go anywhere. Just the boys we just need only 10 minutes to get ready and after that, we may go anywhere, wherever you want, but at the same time, you need 2-3 hours to get ready to go for a party, marriage, and all. Can you make your timeless to get ready?

Instead, Girls Can Follow This Quick Makeup Look for Date Night

  • Attitude Mode “ON” When A Guy Start Watching You

Sometimes I saw that when girls were looking at a guy, and when he pay attention then their attitude mode ON, and they started avoiding him, just like you are nothing, who are you, why are you staring at us. Then what we have to do is, if we are not paying attention to you, then you will get angry, and if we are looking at you, then why are you staring at us. Then please tell us what we have to do?

  • Emotional Blackmail By Tears And Sweetness

Sometimes I think that the mistakes are made by us that we melt by your tears. I saw one of my friends trying to stop his irritating girlfriend to go somewhere, and then I bet with his annoying gf that he doesn’t let you go because that is a dangerous place, she said let’s see. Then she asked him, and he refused, then she starts crying and flowing tears just like a kid, and after some minutes my friend said, okay baby, you can go but promise me, you will call me in every 30 minutes. I was like OMG what a style to blackmail and this is why my girlfriend is annoying. I was shocked, I said girls you are great, you have a lot of techniques to blackmail us. But have you ever asked your BF, he hates this habit, but the truth is he can’t tell you? Because he never wants to get into trouble.

  • Girls Always Think That I am Always Right

OMG, this one is a big bomb, when a girl gets into this mode, we will get into the silent mode. Because that we have only one choice that we have to listen to her, and if you will go to stop her, then the real drama will start, you don’t want to listen to me, and you don’t love me, and all.

So in this situation, we have nothing to do because an annoying girlfriend is like, only we have to listen to her and say yes to every point. Just like she is saying her dress is bad, what do you think, then we have no option, we have to ya you are right.

  • Boys Always Have To Say Sorry First

Being a boy, I know always we have to say sorry first, is it our duty? No, but if we don’t, then we will get into the danger zone. So I never want to get into this zone, then I am ready to say sorry first, and I am damn sure all the boys have some complaints, but my friends the truth is, we have no options, then we have to tolerate all these habits because we love our love birds, then we may tolerate everything just for her only.

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So, folks, I hope you agreed with me about these common Annoying Girlfriend Habits, and if you are not, then please share your opinion with us. So if you want to give any feedback about our work then, you can comment down in the comment box below. Guys if you want to join the ImaginationHunt family then you can, I mean you can write for us. If you have any story or self-made article then you can share it with us, we will review it first, and if your article is good, then we will publish that on IH with your name.

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