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Pine Sol Pregnancy Test – Full Steps for Right Steps

We are back again to talk about yet another Home Pregnancy Test. Pine-sol is one of the traditional ways to test the pregnancy at home. This article will discuss each and every detail related to the Pine sol Pregnancy Test.

Pine-Sol is a cleaning product that can be easily found in any household. It is liquid detergent cleaner used for removing grease and heavy soil stains from any base. Earlier the product used to have pine oil in the mixture but due to the increasing cost of the pine oil, pin-sol does not have pine oil any longer.

According to Wikipedia, the Cleaning agent Pine-sol is made of 8–12% pine oil, 3-7% alkyl alcohol ethoxylates, 1-5% sodium petroleum sulfonate, and 1-5% isopropyl alcohol. This formulation enables this product to clean heavy stains.

The Same formula enables the product to deduct the pregnancy if it comes in contact with the urine of pregnant women.

Pine Sol Pregnancy Test

Pine Sol Pregnancy Test

We will tell you exactly how pine-sol pregnancy works best for you. Many women still relied on the traditional way of testing the pregnancy. For them, the natural test is the initial way of knowing about the pregnancy state after which they decide their next step.

Pine-sol test is easy to conduct and shows you result in the span of a few minutes. This test is not harmful and is safe to conduct in the home.

The increased hCG level in the urine reacts with the agent of Pine Sol indicating the result is negative or positive.

When to Take Pine Sol Pregnancy Test

A homemade Pine Sol Pregnancy Test can be conducted if you start feeling the early symptoms of pregnancy. You can conduct this test to know the initial result of what feels like pregnancy to you.

Early Symptoms of Pregnancy:

  • Missed or delayed period, make sure you keep a record of your monthly mensuration cycle date
  • Spotting and abdomen cramps
  • Feeling nausea and having a headache
  • The nonstop period which has extended your date and happened frequently
  • Morning sickness
  • Feeling bloated or constipated
  • Urge to pee frequently
  • Swelling in vaginal area or abdomen
  • Feeling exhausted all the time
  • Feeling tenderness in the breast
  • Feeling irritated and moody all the time

These signs are enough for you to indicate that something is wrong with your body and you should attend to it.

The major reason of all is if you have had unprotected sex and have missed a period after it, immediately take a homemade pregnancy test to know what is going on.

What do you need for Taking Pine Sol Pregnancy Test

Taking this test is very simple all you need is:

  1. Quality proof Pine sol-buy it from a reliable store and check the date of
  2. 2 clean plastic cups- make sure are washed properly.
  3. Morning urine sample- it is the most essential part of the whole test, only your morning urine has the higher amount of hCG if you are pregnant. A first urine sample of the day will provide you with the most accurate result.
  4. Keep calm while doing the test and don’t get too excited.

Steps to take Pine Sol Pregnancy Test

  1. Carefully read the below instruction to conduct this test accurately at home.
  2. Collect your morning urine sample in a clean container and keep it aside
  3. Pour the quantity of Pine Sol into another plastic cup.
  4. Now pour the Pine Sol into the urine and leave it aside to observe the changes.
  5. Pine Sol indicates result by indicating some or other changes in the mixture.

How to read the Pine Sol Pregnancy Test Result?

Pine Sol mixed with urine changes the color to indicate the pregnancy status. Sometimes even a frothing indicates the test result.

Positive Test Result

The result of the Pine-sol pregnancy test has varied differently in various cases. Lots of the women who have taken this test have shared their experiences.

  • Some say that the mixture turns bluish-green.
  • Some women have noticed frothing which has indicated that they are pregnant.
  • It is safe to assume that any kind of change in the Pinesol mixture indicates a positive
  • Mixture turning Bluish-green indicates that you are pregnant.
  • The mixture shows frothing then also your result is positive and you are pregnant.

Negative test Result

The assumption of negative test results also came into existence from the experience of various women who have shared it.

  • No change in the mixture indicated the negative test result.
  • Not even a slight change in color, it remains golden all through indicates that you are not pregnant
  • No frothing also means that the result is negative.
  • Sometimes it can give you a false result if you have taken a test too early.
  • It can so be false in case you are not using a clean.

Accuracy and conclusion

  • The accuracy of the Pine Sol pregnancy test depends on how well and neatly you have conducted it.
  • You should always repeat the test the next day to see if you are getting the same
  • No matter whatever result in you get it is not going to ensure 100% accuracy.
  • You should consider going for a medical test or visiting a doctor if you want to confirm the status of your pregnancy.

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IH has indicated every important thing that women need to know about the Pine Sol Pregnancy test.

We hope that is useful for you and you can share your experience with other women in the same situation around the world.

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