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Top Male Infertility Causes, Every Male Should Be Aware

Today we will be talking about another topic that is important on ImaginationHunt. Our Website will provide you with the best content for the Top Male Infertility Causes We will be discussing all the common causes and symptoms that are prevalent and all the causes that are important. We will be giving you the Pre-existing genetic conditions and what are the rare conditions and all the difficult conditions that men face in the area of infertility.

Male Infertility Causes

Male Infertility Causes

Day by Day the issue of male infertility is rising. Many couples are facing the issue and a huge amount of couples are knocking the doors of the clinics related to fertility and the search for baby. So, what are the Male Infertility Causes?

We have gathered a report from a team of experts that will tell you all the related data on this issue. From the data provided by them, they have given the main 15 reasons that cause infertility in men.

Male Infertility Causes – Explained

  • Inflammation of Testis related Blood vessels

A big reason can be the problem is the veins that are around the area of the testis. The problem lies when the semen can’t reach the urethra when there is ejaculation. This condition is called as “Varicocele”. This issue makes the sex painful as the blood vessels stop the production of semen.

  • The condition of Impotence

The loss of erection even before orgasm. In some of the worst cases, the penis is not at all erect. Under this condition, some drugs like Levitra, Viagra etc. helps to relax blood vessels. And provide the possibility of multiple erections. Many drugs like Nicotine etc. can be a reason for impotence. Smoking cigarettes can also decrease the sperm count of zero which can be an irreversible cause of male infertility.

  • The condition of Erectile Dysfunction

Under this condition, the male does not have the capacity for holding the erection for a longer time.  There can be the issue of premature ejaculation or the issue of zero ejaculation or no ejaculation and the semen just drips. The semen needs to ejaculate extreme deep in the Vagina as the fertilization is happening in a fallopian tube. This can be a big reason for infertility in men.

  • Incapability for Ejaculation

Under this condition either there is no production of semen or not able to be ejaculated from the urethra. The issue is not that the male has a good sperm count but the tendency of sperm to go back and in opposite direction. This is called retrograde ejaculation. The main causes of Ejaculation Incapability can be operations related to bladder or spinal injuries and these can be big consequences. For treatment of this cure, the sperm is collected from the testis and directly sprayed into Vagina.

  • STDs or Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Many infections are transmitted sexually that can be Sexually Transmitted Diseases that make the man infertile. The main viruses or pathogens can make the vas differences to block also called as sperm canal or the degeneration of the penis for genital herpes. These rashes make the experience of sex painful.

  • Unbalanced Hormones

The main issue for infertility in Men can be the imbalance of hormones and these can affect the whole body. The hormones for sex are made of Peptides (made from proteins) and steroidal (cholesterol rings in them) as the main nature. Even a minute or a change in the Nanogram can have a huge and devastating effect on the rate of gamete cells. The male hormone that is responsible for sexual activities and libido is Androgen. If the main issue of problems related to the testicular cells can cause the main, then it can be a big cause of infertility.

  • Psychological Causes

The defining temperature for scrotal sacs has to be 2 degrees lower than the temperature of the human body. The reason for the sacs for low temperature is that the sperms require a low temperature for storage needs. If scrotal sacs are close to the body extremely then the temperature can rise to make the sperms dysfunctional in that condition.

  • Disorders that are Auto-immune:

The problem is that antibodies can be created that are against our own sperm. Here the meaning of Auto-immune is that the body starts creating defences from its own self. It can be caused by the carcinogenic as cancer causing agents and creates defences against the body’s own sperm and this can be a big cause for male infertility as a big factor for male infertility.

  • Psychological issues

The problem of homosexuality, asexuality can harbour men away from sex and make men abhor sex. The male under this issue will not able to penetrate the female partner’s vagina.  The brain in this condition will create a situation of disgust and eventually the brain will not be able to continue to have sex and thus the person will stop having sex.

  • Sexual Abuse or Treatment

The main cause of the issue can be varied by multiple factors relating to that issue is that the man has the incapability for the process of procreation. There can be many issues relating to this condition for the importance like childhood sexual abuse or treating as a boy as a girl. These factors can cause huge and extreme detrimental issues with Male Infertility Causes.

  • Infertility due to prescriptions:

Many therapies like hormonal therapy, antifungal drugs, chemotherapy and antifungal drugs and different medicines like antipsychotic drugs and ulcer medicine can cause infertility in men. These measures can also reduce the sperm count and other issues that lead to infertility in males.

  • Infertility due to Metabolic Disorders:

The issue that can be the cause of Infertility in males can be celiac diseases. Celiac disease is generally a syndrome under that the person has the sensitivity towards gluten. The option of gluten free food and diet can reverse the cause of infertility in males.

  • Infertility for Genetic causes:

The main issue also for male infertility can be due to chromosomal aberration and the defect in the main structure and this causes infertility from sex chromosomes. They are mainly responsible for gender role deterring and other characteristics that are sexual.

The main chromosomes inside these cells are the sole main for each action. The main chromosomes that have gone defective will not provide the basic function. There can be the same and same solution for this under which the tubes get cut and repaired or tied in the mode of vasectomy.

  • Sperm Transport Blocked:

The sperm has to go through different ducts through which the different parts until it comes through the main track of the urine duct. If one of the tubes get blocked and the normal sperms will not be able to pass through the different canals then the semen cannot pass through the urine track and will not be able to go through the urethra. Under the cure for this method, the main motive that you have to carry out is the main method of vasectomy.

  • Cancers and Tumours in Reproductive System:

The tumour under the prostate gland or in any other area of the reproductive system can make the problem of infertility. These tumours can make the different reproductive organs stop functioning and may hamper the function of the organ. In the end removal of the affected organ is the only cure left.

Main risk factors for Male Infertility:

There can be many different reasons for male infertility and these factors can lead to infertility in males.

Alcoholism and Smoking can be a big cause of lower sperm count or infertility in Males. Nicotine is the big cause of infertility. The process of taking drugs and other these roles can also cause infertility plus environmental factors and exposure to radiation do play a role in decreasing sperm count and Male Infertility.

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Today we learnt about the Top Male Infertility Causes and what the main reasons are and how Top Causes for Infertility in Men can be cured and what are the main reasons.

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