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The Most Common Muted Emotions In The Love And Relationship

“Emotions,” I think we listen to this word a lot of time in our lives, but what do you think about it. According to me, it’s not only a word, but it’s also a feeling, it’s the world, it is LOVE. Then as a human being, we have a kind heart that is full of feelings and love and our words are the way to express those feelings and emotions, but I saw some relationships ends due to the most “Most Common Muted Emotions” Then what are these muted emotions, do you know? If I want to talk about myself, then I saw some relationships in which I saw some most muted emotions.

The Most Common Muted Emotions In The Love And Relationship

Most Common Muted Emotions

So my dear readers today I am sharing the most muted emotions of a relationship or love.

1 – How Much I Love You, You May Never Know

This is one of the most common muted emotions in any relationship because sometimes we are unable to show or express our love to our love bird. But I think that we have to share, and we have to tell him/her everything that what we feel about her/him, that what we want from her and how much we love her/him.

2 – Is It A Serious Relationship Or Just Like A Time Pass Only

Sometimes I saw in many relationships that one person thinks that he or she is not serious for me as serious as I am, then in this situation, we have to clarify everything as soon as possible. Because if our partner is not serious for us then our life going to become like bloody hell. Then it is the most common muted feeling and most common mistake a lot of teenagers are doing, they never asked or clarify to their partner that is he/she is serious for them or not? Because the time pass is not good for any relationship. You have your own charming personality then why you are becoming a time pass for him/her.

3 – I Can’t Express Myself To Her/Him

This is the Most Common Muted Emotions, I can’t say her, I can’t show her, I can’t, I can’t, I think it’s not right. Are you in love? If your answer is YES then I think you have to go and tell her everything otherwise how she can take any step, I am not saying that you will get the success to get her but maybe she also loves you and waiting for you. Then folks you have to go and tell her everything that what do you feel about her, and how much you love her. Because if you really love her, then she has no idea how much you love her.

4 – I Need My Liberty, Can You Give Me

This one is the biggest mistake or Most Common Muted Emotions in a relationship sometimes I saw some couples, in which one person lost her/his liberty, why? Because his/her partner asks him/her for everything, where are you, where are you going, who’s with you, don’t wear this color or dress, don’t eat this, WTF! are you getting mad. You are in a relationship, or you are a prisoner? I don’t want to judge you and your relationship but, I want to ask you that, where are you, where is your personality, where is your identity, my friend’s love is about feelings and trust, not obeying anyone’s decisions or orders.

5 – I Have Some Issues, Have You Ever Said This To Your Partner?

Many relationships end due to some nonsense reasons, because if they have any issue they never try to remove those issues, and the result that small problems will become a reason for the end of their relationship, then I want to say that if you have any issue or problem then you have to say that to your partner and make them fixed. I am damn sure your relationship will run smoothly, and you will be happy with each other.

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