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Best Notepad++ Alternatives for Coders – Top 10 Programe

Notepad++ is known as an open-source code editor. It is also known as a free source code editor. This means you it is available free on the internet. Very few people know the best notepad++ alternatives that are used by millions of coders worldwide.

It is a notepad replacement and also used for many languages. It uses the powerful component Scintilla. And is written in C++. It also uses Win32, STL, and API. These are responsible for the small program size, and higher speed of execution.

Best Notepad++ Alternatives for Web Developer/Software Geeks

Best Notepad++ Alternatives

It is also playing an important role in reducing the carbon footprints and saving trees by reducing the use of paper. Notepad++ is better and easy to run but many users have their own taste. So we are providing you with alternatives. There are many alternatives to Notepad++. Some are given below in a coherent manner. So that user can choose the source code editor of his own choice.

Apps Like Notepad++ for Coders

Some of the Best Notepad++ Alternatives are given below. These are given in a detailed manner. You are free to select any of them of your choice.

  • Sublime Text – one of the best alternatives of the Notepad++ is Sublime text. It is a text editor which is mainly used for code, prose (text file), and has extraordinary features and a slick interface for a user. It is also downloaded free without any expiry date.

Download Click Here

  • Atom-it is known as the text editor for 21 century hackable. It is created by Git Hub. It is able to customize to anything. It does not touch config file still gives is hackable, modern, and approachable.

Download Click Here

  • Visual Studio Code– it is a free IDE. It is available on the electron/Atom framework. Microsoft is responsible to create it.

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  • Vim– it stands for VI Improved. It is an advanced text editor. It is for syntax is created by Bram Moolenaar. It is an advanced text editor which is used for syntax highlighting, the huge amount of contributed content, and word completion. Vim has many modes of editing with efficiency. So it is not a user-friendly application but a very strong one.

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  • Brackets-it is useful to understand the web design. It is the modern and freely available source, text editor. Web technologies such as HTML, JavaScript, and CSS are used in the Brackets. This project of making it is created and maintained by Adobe under MIT license.

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  • Geany– it is Integrated Development Environment. That is small and lightweight. Created by Dominic Hopf, Nick Treleaven, Frank Luntz, and Enrico.

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  • Eclipse– it is known as the extensible development platform which is used for managing software, building, and deploying.

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  • Gedit– it is an official text editor. It belongs to the GNOME desktop which is created by GNOME.

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  • GNU Emacs– it is created by Free Software Foundation. It is a customizable but extensible text editor.

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  • Kate-it is created by Christoph Cullmann. It is a text editor for the environment of desktop KDE. It is used in many languages.

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So, if you are a coder of web development or you create software for yourself or anyone. Notepad++ will surely help you, but if you want to try something new or more features, then above mentioned, Notepad++ alternatives will help you to fix it.

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