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active directory domain services is currently unavailable

Most of you have been encountered the problem of the active directory domain services is currently unavailable while working in printer or working with Windows, but you have not recognized it at that time, we will tell you the symptoms of that error which make you easy to recognize. As it is saying that you should know the disease before taking cure steps.

Have you noticed while printing the documents, your printer comes with the error that your domain servicer is not available currently? Just calm down need not panic so instant. It is quite a common thing which several people are facing from time to time. I am one of those victims who suffered a lot from this error.

Active Directory Domain Services is Currently Unavailable

active directory domain services is currently unavailable

Then I pledged that I will not let anybody else suffer due to the error of the active directory domain services is currently unavailable.

Now with this article we are going to throw light on the issue of the active directory domain services is currently unavailable in printers or especially in windows, and definitely reach the solution point which will be universal acceptance.

You can face that error with windows 10, window 8, and window 7. Among those mentioned windows, window 10 is more susceptible to the bug. This bug in the active directory domain services are currently unavailable is the cause of too many issues with Windows 10.

Today, with this article we will try to discover and report to fix the problem, which is responsible for affecting many of the windows 7, windows 8, windows 8.1, and most especially the windows 10, while users are connecting the printers with it. In it, there are many issues.

But the issue enlarges when the issue is going to affect the MS word, MS power Point as well as MS Excel files. To avoid such issues and avoid the damage in our hard work, we have to take some strong measures in the right directions.

As the level of our ignorance increases the issue happen because it will enlarge with time. So let’s begin our search in digging out the solutions to the bug and make our system better.

Sometimes on the quite contrary note, this error, error does not take place while performing several programs. Surprised! The reason for this behavior is still a mystery. Nobody even technical teams are unable to get the right answer for that. That makes the printer get detected easily without any note of the error.

MS Office users are several times irritated with this bug and wandering to know why such kind of mistake is not only taking place but also proving it epidemic in MS office components only. Here we come with the only solution that makes the user permission unable to execute the command for the printer. It will help the MS office not to be affected by the bug the active directory domain services unavailable word.

Yes of course there are available some measures you can take to repair or to eliminate the problem by root. There is the problem which is also largely seen the many and nearby all the brands of printers which consist HP, Canon, and many more. It is a possibility that this is not your printer’s fault bit as we pre-mentioned that it is for the user consent only that is not suggesting your printer to get a printout from your printer of any document.

In MS office 2013, we came along to face many scenarios, where you have to print the documents, you have no choice. But as we go through the printer opening command, we found that none of the supporters of the MS office 2013 version, is detecting the printer, even it is MS Excel, MS Word, and MS Power Point.

The active directory is unavailable try again later, error is one of those most frequent problems which will irritate most, we will present a guide for a complete solution to the error.

Things should be noted that you have to shut your computer down and then start it again to finish these approaches. First, wait for the scanning process to complete the process and then go to restarting the PC procedure.

I did have my PC with window 7, and I did a successful generic fix. You should not uninstall the antivirus software. Antivirus software is a very powerful tool that will make you detect any kind of malicious bugs which are prevalent in your PC without your concern.

But if you have installed the Server Tools, you can go to the clean-up process for the Active Directory tool. Below we are providing you the steps to fix the Active Directory Domain Services which is currently not available in windows 7, 8, and window 10.

There are too many methods of getting rid of the error the Microsoft word the active directory domain services, we will count for two of those which we have experienced and successfully passed. We are discussing both of them with you. Learn More About this error here.

Method 1: To Use the Registry Editor and Give the Permission

At the opening method, we are going to introduce method 1, which is all about using registry editor and giving permissions. As the name of the method suggests, what process we are going through, but here we are proving you all complete step by step process. We recommend you should have the corrupted device in front of you in which you are going to perform the methods.

As you are reading one step, perform it at once in your corrupted system. It will not let you bring in a state of complexity. You will easily perform it. Because the process is too hard to learn. So just go with the flow of steps.

  • At the very first approach, you need to open the Run box which you will get at the menu, now you need to type the regedit. Once you have done this you are free to hit the button Enter.
  • This will let you open the registry editor. Here you have to enter the path HKEY_CURRENT_USER\ Software\ Microsoft\ Windows NT\ Current Version, now enter it and navigate through this one.
  • There are available three subkeys which are devices, printer ports, and Windows. If you want to take the permission, you can get a right-click and elect for the permission.
  • Now just have a mark on the box before the option full control. You will enter in the Apply and OK sections.
  • Now you have to close the registry editor and then you have to turn off the PC at once turn on the PC.
  • Now you have to unplug the Printer attached to the same PC and install its drivers again in the PC.

Method 2: Printer Drivers, Check and Go for Update

Once you have satisfied with the first method just stop there. Or perform our 2nd method which comes into implementation, when the above 1st mentioned method is not useful for fixing the error the active directory domain services is currently unavailable cmd in windows and printer.

Sometimes this error the active directory domain services windows 10 to take place due to either outdated or corrupted printer drivers. This will be the last resort method in the order to fix the error active directory domain services unavailable in excel.

  • First, you have to uninstall the old version of the Printer Drivers. But let in your mind that you are in need of antivirus on your PC.
  • Go to the official website of the company of your printer.
  • Now download the latest version of the Drivers for your printer.
  • Or you can use the driver tools to make them download automatically.
  • We are sure that with our last resort, you will be able to avoid the disaster.


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Final Word

The bug or error the Active Directory Domain Services Currently Unavailable, is quite irritable, you have to pay your attention if you are working frequently with printers as well as windows for avoiding the risk occurred by it. We are hopeful that the article would be impressionable and you would have found some interesting information due to the thought reading. If you feel it worth of time, please let other people know about it.

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