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Critical_Structure_Corruption – User of Windows 10, 8, and 7 might get the critical_structure_corruption windows 10 at times. Solving the error is not that hard. In this article, we will help you out to solve the said error with several simple methods and processes.

This error which is known as the Blue Screen of death can take place due to hardware, driver, and software becoming unsupported.

As you see the critical_structure_corruption on your screen you can also see error codes like 0x00000109, 0x8A287C67, 0x0B76E031, 0x3590B8E7, and 0x559F80CD.



We have listed down several ways of solving the Critical_Structure_Corruption problem go through them and see what works for your Windows.

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Event Viewer for additional Message

Even Views of any system can tell you a number of things about any existing error. If your system is logged in to you can find out many things about the occurring error.

Open your Event Viewer, open windows log > System. As you open the System page, on the right-hand side you will be able to the occurred error. Click on it to see the complete details about what has caused it.

Once you know the reason it will be easier to solve it. In cased your event viewer is of no help then try the below method.

Windows Memory Diagnostic

One of the most common reasons for the CRITICAL_STRUCTURE_CORRUPTION error can be the corrupted RAM. In this case, use your Windows Memory Diagnostic tool to get more details about the error.  Go to Start Search and type Windows Memory Diagnostic.

Open it and click on Restart now and check for problems. Doing this step will automatically restart your computer and will diagnose the problem.

If it is able to help then great if not you can try other methods mentioned below.

Install Driver updates

If you explore more about Critical_structure_corruption windows 10, 8 0r 7 then you will know that an official statement of Microsoft says that the error can also be occurred because of outdated drivers in the PC.

It further explains that the sometimes driver gets really old and hampers the functions of Hardware, this further causes problems in the system and the user sees a BSOD error. To avoid this problem you can check the authentic website of the manufactured hardware that you are using in the system.

See if any updates are available on the official, if yes then it is better to download and install it on the PC as soon as possible.

Before you download an updated version of the hardware, check the compatibility of it with the Windows version that you are using.


If your hardware is not outdated, then you can use this method also where can solve the error using Command Prompt.

A command-line tool made for Windows OS is chkdsk. Using altered limits of this tool user can fix the number of hard drive issues. Open Command Prompt via Run As Administrator. Once it is open type in the below command.


Now, wait it will take some time, the command will run the scan to tell you the problem and will resolve it as well.

If this method is of no help you can also go for Driver Verifier Manager.

Driver Verifier Manager

Driver Verifier Manager is a Windows tool that can help you resolve a number of driver-related problems. Start with searching Driver Verifier Manager Use Cortana search box of Windows 10.

As you make the search follow the below procedure.

  • Select Create custom settings.
  • The next window will open tick each and every box in it just leave out DDI compliance checking and Randomized low resources simulation.
  • Go to the list option and select driver names from a list¸ click that option.
  • Click on the next.
  • On the next box select, all the drivers form that you can see from any unauthorized
  • All the drivers which are not authentic and are not catered to by Microsoft need to be selected
  • Click on a finish to complete the task.
  • Move on to Command Prompt and access the administrator’s permission type in the below command.
  • verifier /query settings
  • The Given command will exhibit settings of Driver Verifier
  • If you see any flag in an enabled mode, then boot Windows 10 PC into safe mode quickly and type in the below command in the Command Prompt.
  • verifier /reset
  • The given command will reset Driver


Verifier. After which you can restart your Pc and use it errors free


We have detailed out a number of methods to rectify Critical_Structure_Corruption Windows  10. Use any of them to fix the occurred error.

You might see the result after one method or you might have to try a different one but it will surely rectify the error and make your Windows 10 safe again From Critical_Structure_Corruption.

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