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TellBostonPizza – Hello Friends! Want to get a free gift? Yes, we have a way by which you will get a pizza on your next visit to a famous food chain retail store i.e. Boston Pizza. Depending upon the current gifts you can also Win A $200 Gift Card Survey. With the survey, the companies get a better understanding of the interests of the various people and by knowing the likes and dislikes of the people the companies can make changes to their products and make it better than ever before.

TellBostonPizza at [Win A $200 Gift Card Survey]


www tellbostonpizza com is keenly interested in the likes and dislikes of the people so that it can provide the best services and products to the customers. This is the only main aim of the companies to host these kinds of surveys. It doesn’t matter which branch you visit the restaurant. As the company is one then this code which you will get after completing the survey can be redeemed at any of the retail chains.

The feedback of the customer is collected and the positive and negative points are concluded and the concerned points are noted. Certain changes are made in the policy and discounts according to the feedback given by the people. The company makes direct communication with the customers by the survey as we know the survey is the only means of communication. The companies who do not have the survey policy will be in danger to be collapsed as they do not know the interests of the people.

About: Boston Pizza

Boston Pizza better is known as BP or Bo Pi was initially started in Edmonton, Canada by Gus Agioritis. Gus was a Greek settler who opened the stores Boston Pizza and The Spaghetti House. Boston Pizza establishments are presently spread crosswise over Canada, the USA, and Mexico rapidly turning into an extremely celebrated Gourmet Pizza and Sports Bar organization. Boston Pizza prides itself on its remarkable nature of flavorful pizzas and drinks and wishes to hear once more from its clients on how it’s doing.

How To Get A Free Sandwich In The Survey

You need the following requirements to start the survey:

  • The receipt from the store which you had a purchase.
  • You need an internet-enabled device with an internet connection that is fast enough so that you can proceed with the survey.
  • You need to have a knowledge of English.
  • Recall your last experience of what you had in the store.
  • Your age should be above 18 for accessing the survey.

Instructions for Tellbostonpizza

Below are the instructions by which you will be able to complete the survey with ease:

Boston Pizza Survey

  • Open the browser of the device and enter the following link in the address bar of the browser:
  • Enter the serial number of the store with some details.
  • After entering the number click on the start button.
  • You have to answer a few of the questions and try to answer as many questions as possible.
  • When the survey will be completed then you have to enter a few of your personal details like email address, mobile number, and.
  • When you have completed the survey then you will get a special code which will be used to redeem the prize of $200.
  • The code will expire in 30 days so take care that you use the code within 30 days.

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TellBostonPizza is the official website of the company to take the survey. So just hit the website and easily get your reward. If you have any problem or doubts regarding the survey then you may contact us by commenting in the comment section below. Your feedback is valuable to us.

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