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BRCM-LVG Time Warner [Complete Guide]

BRCM-LVG Time Warner – When your Wi-Fi connection is connected to the Public Wi-Fi network then you can see various other unknown Wi-Fi networks are also available in the user’s network section. This is the way how to use shared folders.  

Sharing can be done in each Account by Default in MacOS. macOS provides very limited file sharing to the users of any other local network. It can also provide an easy and protected way of sharing your files.

BRCM-LVG Time Warner

BRCM-LVG Time Warner
BRCM-LVG Time Warner

But if you are using a public Wi-Fi network, this feature can be troublesome in the procedure of File sharing. Sometimes you can face the problem of BRCM LVG Time Warner in your Mac while sharing any file. 

What Is BRCM-LVG Time Warner?

BRCM LVG Time Warner problem arises when your network is connected to the other unknown public networks or modem or any type of wireless router for sharing any file then you can face this bug BRCM-LVG in your Mac under Section. This is also known as “Technicolor BRCM-LVG or BRCM-LVG Netgear”. The feature of File Sharing depends on the settings of the other users.

How to Disable BRCM-LVG Time Warner?

  1. To disable BRCM LVG Time Warner, you can do the first easy method to Shut-down your computer or laptop on macOS or OSX. 
  2. In the second method, you have to click and open the menu option of System Preferences.
  3. Now, you should enter the Sharing Section.
  4. You have to select the File Sharing option located in the sidebar on your screen.
  5. Press the “-” icon after selecting the shared folder option.
  6. Click on the OK button after confirming that you want to delete the shared folder.
  7. You can do the same procedure for all the folders which you want to delete from Public Network.

Things to Remember:

  • Nobody can enter the files of the user until you stored your file or folder in a Shared Folder.
  • Apparently, they can copy your files from Public Folder only after your permission.
  • By default, there is a limit on Public Folders in macOS.
  • There are also strict restrictions even when you turned on by mistake.
  • The user should be on the same network to access.
  • And you should have the permission of the user to right to access it.
  • The users generally have nothing in the Shared Folders because of the absence of any network nearby.
  • You should always check in case of any storage of files or folders in your Public Folder. 
  • You can check with the help of the General option in the Finder menu.

So It Is Worth Turning Share Off/ How to Delete BRCM-LVG Time Warner?

In the case of security, Apple has very strict security for Public Folders. Apple gives limited access to Public Folders. Users of any other local networks can only copy or view your files. You can disable your Shared Folder if you are working as a user of public networks. If your macOS is only connected to the network of any School, Company, Or to your home then you can remain it ON.

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If you want to disable Sharing option completely then you can uncheck checkboxes of Sharing Panel that are available corresponding to each other or you can disable the norms agreement for the swapping of AFP and SMB.

If you are facing this issue of BRCM LVG Time Warner in your MacOS then you can do the same procedure to fix it. Hope you can sort out this bug issue from this article. This article can be more useful and informative for all people who work frequently as a user of Public networks and found but want to delete BRCM-LVG Time Warner.

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