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Sites Like ABC Mouse – Best Alternatives in 2021

Sites Like ABC Mouse are quite popular in kids and their parents because it helps kids to learn education via games. ABC mouse games are educational games that give an exciting touch to kids for learning new things.

If you’re looking for sites similar to ABC mouse free games, then you can follow this guide to check out the list of ABC mouse alternatives in 2021. As users already know that ABC mouse free trial lasts for 30 days, and you need to find more choice if you don’t want to spend anything on services like this.

Sites Like ABC Mouse

Sites Like ABC Mouse

We highly recommend parents to pay for these kinds of services because they work very hard to provide the best educational games online for kids that help them to grow their mind power with games.  

About ABC Mouse

Check out this great list of sites like ABC Mouse for early learning. ABC Mouse is an early learning education tool targeted for kids anywhere from 2 years to 7 years old.

This website was launched back in 2010 and has quickly become one of the more popular early learning websites out there today. ABC Mouse has over 8500 activities that help generate real results for kids for all subjects including math, science, reading, art, and more. This learning tool has won several awards over the years because it has shown to be successful. With ABC Mouse you get over 800 lesson plans spanned across 10 levels. 

If you feel that your child is behind or just want them to learn more at a younger age to be ready for elementary school then ABC Mouse could be a good choice for you. ABC Mouse does run specials for its memberships throughout the year, but a full membership will run you around $8.00 a month. 

We know some people may not want to pay that which is why we have other sites that offer many of the same features. If you don’t feel like paying a monthly subscription then try some of these other sites like ABC Mouse for your kids today.

To give us an idea of what sites work best for early learning, please let us know which ones you like most. We will then add them to the list so other people can try your recommendations as well.

5 Best Sites Like ABC Mouse

PBS Kids is one of those sites like ABC Mouse where your kids can learn by playing fun games or by watching educational videos provided on the website. PBS Kids has been around since 1994 and isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. The great thing about this website is that it’s completely free to use at all times. If you want a great kids website to help with your child’s learning then we recommend trying PBS Kids today.

  • Learn From Videos & Games
  • Completely Free
  • Cartoon Focused

Starfall is one of the best sites like ABC Mouse for teaching your children English reading and writing skills. This website works best with children who are in preschool or kindergarten. Starfall was developed in 2002 to help increase reading skills by integrating games and phonics. This learning tool offers multiple membership packages starting at $35 a year. If you don’t mind paying for your children to learn then Starfall may be a good option for you.

  • Help Reading & English Skills
  • For Preschool & Kindergarten
  • Multiple Membership Options

  • Sprout

Sprout is a website that was developed back in 2005 targeted at young children who enjoy learning by playing fun games. Sprout has actually become so popular that it has replaced the PBS Kids channel on some cable networks. Sprout is so easily laid out that any child who wishes to navigate on his or her own can do so without a parent having to help them. A cool thing about Sprout is that your child can do activities that may later be featured on television. Sprout has quickly become a great choice for sites like ABC Mouse.

  • Play Exciting Games
  • Do Activities Featured On TV
  • Different Levels Of Difficulty

Funbrain is a great website where your child can have a lot of fun while learning his or her basic skills in math and reading. This website has hundreds of different games, comics and online books for children ranging from preschool to grade 8. One of the perks for using Funbrain for child learning is that it’s free to use which helps make this one of the best choices for sites like ABC Mouse. All you do is visit the Funbrain website and click on a game within a certain subject that you want to study.

  • For Preschool To Grade 8
  • Games, Online Books & Comics
  • Free For Everyone

Curious World is one of the top sites like ABC Mouse to get children ready for Kindergarten. Not only can the children learn math and reading skills with Curious World but they can also practice their social skills which are also very important before Kindergarten. With Curious World you can easily customize your child’s learning by selecting his or her age and subject area you want him or her to learn. You can also keep track of your child’s progress through the website to ensure he or she is getting a good learning balance. This is a paid monthly subscription but if you don’t mind paying then we highly recommend giving Curious World a try.

  • Customize Child’s Learning
  • Prepare Your Child For Kindergarten
  • Monthly / Yearly Subscription

Well, now that you are aware of some sites like ABC Mouse you can continue your child’s learning. Have you used some other sites like ABC Mouse that work? Let us know by contacting us today.

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Final Verdict:

So, here you get the complete information on Sites Like ABC Mouse where you don’t need to find pay for services like abc mouse. We are constantly adding new sites that you can try both for free. If you have some sites that you would like featured on our website please contact us today.

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