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Music Websites Not Blocked by School – Top Unblocked Music Sites 2021

We all are addicted to Music. Listen to the songs according to your mood and situation. Music also has healing properties, you can relate any song to your feelings as per your mood. There are so many online apps and sites on which you can listen to any music for any entertainment purpose and students also looking for music websites not blocked by school so these websites also help you in this situation where Unblocked Music Sites to Listen to Music Anywhere can help to listen free music unblocked at school.

But some websites are blocked by schools and colleges because of any violent or unwanted content. So, you can follow this guide where we share Best Unblocked Music Sites To Listen Music At School. 

Music Websites Not Blocked by School

Music Websites Not Blocked by School

But there are some best unblocked music sites to listen to any music anywhere on which you can enjoy your favorite songs for free without signing up on the website.

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Top 15 Best Music Websites Not Blocked by School:

  • GROOVESHARK:- GrooveShark is one of the most popular Unblocked Music Sites to Listen to Music Anywhere that provides the facility to listen to any type of music anywhere without registration or sign up. It is like a free vast music library. GrooveShark also offers many features like you can search for any music by the name of the Artist. Internet is the only thing that is necessary to access this site. You can download any music from this site and enjoy your music offline also. You just don’t need any internet connection after downloading your favorite song. You can easily access this site. Also, you can find any trending song or upcoming song, albums, videos by access this site without any charge.
  • Slacker:- Slacker is like a free Radio available online and comes under Best Music Websites That Arent Blocked at School. You can stream any Radio station by visiting the Homepage of this site. You can enjoy an interesting and huge collection of songs without any charge. You can enjoy unlimited songs on this Radio after getting your paid subscription. But if you’re not interested in spending your money then you can also enjoy their free limited music. You can also find your song by their Genre type. Full details of a song are also available there. To stream any Radio station, you have to start by clicking on the Start button.
  • SOUNDZABOUND:- Soundzabound offers free unlimited music and a huge collection of music and this is why it comes under unblocked music sites for school 2021. This site doesn’t have any violent content to be sure because earlier this website was organized for educational purposes. For those students who want to use this site for their education or any entertainment purpose then free Royalty music is also available for them.
  • TuneIn:- TuneIn has a huge library of all types of songs. TuneIn offers both Paid and free versions of this website to their consumers. By buying a paid subscription you can unlock some more features of this site. You can also enjoy a Free account instead of buying a paid subscription. TuneIn also offers a Radio service. You can find any songs according to your language and region. TuneIn App is also available, you can find a huge collection of songs. You can listen to your favorite music for free without any download because it is one of the best & free mp3 music unblocked at school. You can easily access this site without signing up. A good collection of songs and Radio services is also available on their site.
  • SAAVN:- Saavn is an Indian site and owned by Reliance Industries worldwide as JioSaavn. Saavn provides all songs of any language or region. Radio Station service is also available on this site for their users. Saavn also has its own App on which you can search your songs by their Genres, Artist, Band.
  • AccuRadio:- AccuRadio has a huge collection of 3D songs or albums. There is no need to sign up to listen to any song or album on AccuRadio. They also offer a Radio station, you can also check out all the radio channels to listen to your favorite collection of songs available on AccuRadio.
  • PureVolume:- There are huge collections of some best old forever songs and of different Genres are available on PureVolume. Their site is always updated with collections of popular or upcoming songs. You can also find any album, song by genre, artist.
  • Spotify: Spotify is one of the eBay and also one of highly streamed music platforms all over the world. This website will provide more than 50 million songs and also you can simply be able to listen to them online from anywhere by just using your internet connection. Also, the best part about this website is that all its content is available free of cost and also it will allow all its users to simply play the music on their smartphones, laptops, tablets, and much more. This website also has its own app which you can use on your iOS device and android devices as well. 
  • Gaana: If you are still looking for the best unblocked music sites then gaana is one of the music streaming sites or a platform where you can play any of the songs by making a single click on it. Also, it is one of the best sites for you as it has more than 40 million songs and also it will allow the users to simply play all the songs on this platform by just using your smartphone, laptop, desktop, or any other smart device. Also, the latest songs will get added on this platform on the same day when it gets released and you can simply be able to add that song to your playlist and they also deliver the demands of the users as well. This app also has an option to play the videos of your favorite songs. 
  • LiveXLive: If we talk about LiveXLive then it is also one of the best websites in terms of music streaming. This website is created for the places such as schools, offices, and also either platform people prefer for decent music. You will be amazed to get to know that earlier this website was known as Slacker radio. It is one of the highly popular unblocked music websites on this list. 
  • Song Area: As you may be clear by the name of this website at the very first moment. This website has millions of songs along with a huge number of genres and singers. Also, this website has lots of amazing features where you can simply be able to search for the songs, albums, and also for the artist as well. You can also be able to line up the songs in an alphabetic manner so that you can easily be able to find out your favorite song in a quick manner. Also, it is one of the best and oldest and also one of the best unblocked music websites in the world of music streaming. 
  • Pandora: If we talk about another best unblocked music streaming site then Pandora is something which you can’t miss. It is one of the sites which will mainly get introduced at a time when only a few of the music sites are available on the internet. Also, it is one of the music streaming websites that has been providing its services for the last 21 years and also having more than 63 million user bases. Also, you can simply be able to listen to royalty free music on Pandora as it has a vast music collection. 
  • Hype Machine: Mostly everyone loves to listen to rock music and if you are also a rock music lover then you must need to know about the hype machine. It is one of the best unblocked music sites which has the best collection of rock music. Also, you can simply be able to listen to the latest music by just making a single click. Also, this app is famous for its huge collection of databases of love songs and this website was introduced in the year 2005 and introduced by Anthony Volodkin. 
  • YouTube Music: As you already heard about this wonderful platform which is YouTube. It is one of the highly popular and highly used platforms for music videos and also here you can watch lots of other videos like funny videos and much more. This website is having mostly all the songs and there are very few chances that a song which you search is not available on YouTube. This website has mostly all the stuff which you are looking for. It has a huge range of content on the internet and if in case, you didn’t find your song on any of the different music sites then you must have to make a search for that particular song on this website as there are very high chances that you will find it out on this platform. It is the one that is available as music streaming not blocked at work.


There are lots of unblocked music sites at school 2021. There is no need to sign up on some of these sites. You can easily be accessible for free without any charge and enjoy your music according to your language or region. Some of these sites have both paid subscriptions as wells as a free version from which you can enjoy other advanced features.

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