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Sites Like Autotrader | Best AutoTrader Alternatives in 2021



If you ever want to sell or purchase a second-hand car then you might consider Auto Trader for sure, because they work as an online car classified platform where millions of buyers and sellers like to sell and buy used cars online by checking all the specifications and conditions via classified platforms like auto trader.

What if, someone wants to try something new and found similar services like auto trader, here comes this type of informative guide where we share the list of sites like auto trader where users who want to sell used cars and buy used cars on different platforms like auto trader.

Sites Like Autotrader

Sites Like Autotrader alternatives provide ultimate options, where users can register an account and start checking out the used cars stock to buy instantly via bidding options or instant buy options.  

About Autotrader

Are you having trouble finding a car on Autotrader? Then you should try these awesome sites like Autotrader to find that vehicle that you want today. The team has used several of the sites below and I personally just found my car on Edmunds, we can tell you that they work.

Autotrader is a website built back in 1997 that provides an online marketplace to car buyers. With Autotrader, you can find new, used, and certified second-hand vehicles both from dealers and private sellers. Not only can you find the car you want on Autotrader but you can also list your own car on the website for a small fee until it sells. 

The website also has a unique comparison feature so you can compare cars side by side to see which one fits you better. Though Autotrader has a great concept behind them, it may not work for everyone, and if you have found this page then that means it hasn’t really worked for you. Not to worry though, because we have found some of the best sites like Autotrader that you can try to find your new car.

Best Autotrader Alternatives 2021

Edmunds is one of the best sites like Autotrader for finding the right car for you. I have personally found my car by using this website and I know all of you can too. The Edmunds website is very easy to use and navigate through to find your new car. The unique search feature allows you to easily select your model, make, year, and more. They also have different categories including the most popular cars, safest cars, top-rated, etc. Find your car with Edmunds today!

  • Easy Search Functionality
  • Top-Rated & Most Popular Categories
  • Buying Advice & Reviews is the second-largest online marketplace for buying and selling new, used, and certified used cars which means it has thousands of cars listed for you to search through. The advanced search feature allows you to quickly search through over 4.5 million vehicles. offers many unique features including a built-in auto loan payment calculator, find actual car’s value, receive service estimates, and more which is why this website made the list of the top sites like AutoTrader.

  • Advanced Search Feature
  • Second largest Auto Marketplace
  • Built-In Calculator

CarGurus is another great place where you can search through millions of vehicles to find the right one for you. The great thing about CarGurus that makes it stand out from other sites like AutoTrader is that it’s built around unbiased reviews from customers and opinions from other people. This helps give you, the visitor a better understanding of what vehicle is best for you. You may like something at first but after you have read a dozen reviews on it you may change your mind to something else. If you are looking for helpful advice while searching for a car then we recommend trying CarGurus.

  • Unbiased Reviews & Opinions
  • Millions of Listings
  • Great Used Car Deals

Though you can’t buy or sell cars directly on Truecar like you can with other sites like AutoTrader it is still a great place to search for your car. This website works by providing competitive pricing and information for buyers and sellers. 

Car dealers will pay money to this site for a chance to reach potential buyers who come to the site and fill out the information. If you see a car you like, you can click on the “details button to get more information about that car and the dealership it’s being sold at.

  • Automotive Pricing & Information
  • See What Others Have Paid
  • Guaranteed Savings On Cars

AutoTempest is a cool website because you can actually search all the car listings from other popular car websites like AutoTrader,, Craigslist, eBay, and more. If the other websites didn’t work, then try using this website to find your next car. AutoTempest offers onsite car reviews, price comparison, advanced search capabilities, and more. You really can’t go wrong with this website; just be ready to search through millions of different car listings from different websites.

  • Listings From Popular Car Sites
  • Car Price Comparison
  • Online Auto Reviews

You now have 5 car listing sites like AutoTrader to find your next car. Are there other sites like AutoTrader that you have enjoyed using? Tell us by contacting us today so we can add them to the list.

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Final Verdict:

So guys, now you have more than 5 options as sites like auto trader where you can buy and sell used cars online without having any issue because all of them are trusted sellers of used cars. If you can share this post with your friends and family who are looking for a second-hand car to buy in 2021 then this post will help them to choose the seller instantly.

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