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How to Take Care of a Customer of Your Business? – Must Read Guide

Have you ever come across a business owner who thinks that the best way out of a business hole, is to spend spend spend or Advertise Advertise Advertise!

I sure do.

In some ways, that’s a proactive way out, but, do you know what? That’s a dangerous set of business principles to work from.


That’s because the ‘traditional way to deal with things, things that seem terminal, is to start cutting jobs, block all communication lines to creditors, and spend even more to quick-fix the impending doom.

And… they rarely work.

Isn’t it interesting, this ‘follow the mediocrity’ method?

Why a group of people, grown up adults, would leap into the same scatty business and marketing habits as those who’ve failed right before their very eyes… is one of those unexplained mysteries of the world.

How to Take Care of a Customer of Your Business?

How to Take Care of a Customer

It’s like, there’s a black hole right here in the middle of the road and for no reason, there’s a lot of people jumping in it, so, why not we? Crazy.

But that’s not all. You see I think there’s an unfulfilled void in many a business person’s hearts. It’s the one that’s been screaming at them all along. The one that tells them to reach and achieve… ‘MASSIVE SUCCESS!’.

You know what I’m talking about. It’s when one gets that inner niggling that beckons you, pleads with you that there’s huge success waiting just around the corner.

Maybe it’s telling you that one heavy-hitting sales letter will do the trick.  Or that one newspaper ad will cause so much business that dreams of retiring just from that one single marketing piece, fills your very soul.

Yes. There are many who are desperately seeking success by any, and all means necessary.

Never mind that the Titanic’s sinking, we’re going out in a blaze of panic-infested glory!

But, there’s a simple, much overlooked and much underused ‘ASSET’ that’s idling away in most people’s businesses.

And that is…

The Simple Power of Wooing a Single Customer

Who Can Help You Raise the Titanic!

I learned something magical from business philosopher Jim Rohn. What he said was that – one satisfied customer, well taken care of, will take great care of you! They’ll open doors for you that you couldn’t imagine, that you couldn’t even reach. You wouldn’t even know where to look for them.

I’ve got to tell you when I first read that, I glossed over it like it didn’t mean a thing. I mean, I got captivated by the enormity of the wisdom of JR, but, didn’t immediately heed the powerful message contained within it.

But see, time is the great equalizer. I went back into it and found its magic.

Let’s take what he said and dissect a little, shall we?

One satisfied customer, well taken care of – Now, doesn’t that presuppose that we would’ve already done something that made the customer, satisfied?

What could it be?

It could be that there was something inherently good in the quality of the product or service that the client received. Maybe it was the unique way we interacted with the customer from start to finish after learning “How to Take Care of a Customer”.

Or even the charming note of thanks the client received when they first dealt with us. What about the way they were promptly treated when they had a concern about the product or service.

Whatever it was, the customer was satisfied.

And… because of knowing that, doesn’t it make glaring sense that we try our utmost to fall head over heels in love with that client relationship?

Of course, it does, especially when we fully and totally live the marketing principle of TOTAL CUSTOMER VALUE.

The True Power of TCV

Now, I’ll tell you what; as soon as the many, well-meaning, good intentioned business owners hear that concept, they keel over, feign sanity, instantly turn themselves into blubbering wrecks.

And all because of… three little words.

See, those simple words have the sheer power to TRANSFORM the fortunes of those businesses that doggedly live that business principle, into stunning successes.

Let’s see exactly how.

Say John works in his business fixing people’s poor self-image. He charges £100 for the initial consultation, but, that amount is refunded when you upgrade to a 12-week coaching program.

The coaching program costs some £700. And, on top of that, there’s a yearly coaching newsletter that people are automatically subscribed to. There’s a backend seminar that shows people how to get into a coaching business of their own, for a cool, 4K.

Okay, from that initial consultation, people are seamlessly moved over to a course worth £700, and then, get bumped to a logical and woefully under-priced, 4K training seminar.

If we were to do a little regression analysis, on average, a prospect is worth approximately 5K to the owner, over an 18 month period.

Now here’s where people miss the whole BIG BOAT. You can, cash flow permitting, spend up to 5k to get a client, and you would’ve… broken even!


Let’s not forget the referral customer value that a single customer possesses! What that means is a satisfied customer, has the beautiful license to go forth and tell their entire world about the mesmerizing, result based service they experienced.

That in turn means that they’re going to bring into our welcoming arms, a number of qualified prospects who have already been pre-sold, pre-qualified, and ready and eager to do business with us!

Magical, isn’t it?

Tough here now here’s the beauty of it all: we can set up a systemized referral-based program that skillfully utilizes the promotional power of our satisfied client.  Now that can be worth a mint.

Especially when you realize that that particular proven process can now be rented and licensed to other non competing professionals. Wouldn’t you like a continual stream of juicy monthly income placed into the comfortable couch of your piggy bank?

So, can you now see the immense profit power of how one single customer well taken care of, can truly take… GREAT CARE OF YOU?

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