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How Free Internet Advertising Works for YOUR Business?

Free internet advertising can be great for your business!

However, you can have some instances where it just won’t pan out. Before you panic, let me say, your job, to make sure they ALWAYS pan out, is to know the downfalls of free internet advertising before you ever dive in and start putting your time and effort into them in order to make use of a much better marketing plan and schedule using these free internet advertising methods.

How to Absolutely Guarantee Free Internet Advertising Works for YOUR Business

Free Internet Advertising

The good news is some of the methods I’ve discussed here in other posts, will start working to bring you immediate positive results, while others are long-term — once you set them up you can ignore them forever – will take longer to produce results.

Before we get into the downfalls of each of these free methods of internet advertising and how to use their disadvantages as your advantages here are two ways to make sure free internet advertising WILL work for you.

  • #1 Make A Targeted Offer

Many of the free methods of marketing are only going to attract other advertisers to see your offers. So you must be offering some sort of money-making product to this market. If you aren’t, many of the free advertising methods will not work for you.

I made my first $300 online with these methods, but I promoted real deal money-making offers to my target market of marketers, webmasters, internet business owners, work-at-home enthusiasts, and stay-at-home moms and dads.

That’s what it takes to make money with these methods. You must promote money making offers to the money making a niche in order to make any money yourself.

So, to those niche marketers out there in non-money-related niches, these methods won’t work for you.

You must have a targeted offer. However, if you DO have a money-making offer, or you are at least willing to promote high-quality money-making offers as an affiliate, then you can definitely move on to…

  • #2 Invest Time Consistently

Usually, people fail with these free methods of internet advertising because they try it for a day and then don’t see any positive results. Truth is, you can see results rather quickly, but only if you invest time consistently in utilizing the methods.

Notice I didn’t say LOTS of time, I just said time consistently.

An hour per day will work fine. As long as you do it an hour every day. Consistent investment of time produces a consistent return of results when it comes to free methods of Internet advertising.

Your next question should be…

What Are the Downfalls of Free Internet Advertising?

That’s great! I’m glad you asked!

I was already going to share them with you.

  • #3 The Downfall of All Free Traffic Exchanges

Traffic exchanges are great! They can produce some pretty amazing results. However, they can take a big toll on your time. It can take a lot of time to generate and tap into a large number of qualified leads for your business using these traffic exchanges. You will have to frequently use this method in order to see any positive results.

Although, I made my first few hundred dollars online using free traffic exchanges. I’m just saying, they can be very time-consuming and repetitive. You are doing the same task over and over. However, if you decide to still use them, and I recommend you do, do so by setting aside one hour each day for doing so. Do this for 28 days and see what happens. You’ll be amazed.

Best Traffic Exchange Sites 2021

Here is the list of best traffic exchange websites that still work in 2021 and 2022.

  • HitLeap – Free Traffic Exchange.
  • Otohits – Best Traffic Exchange.
  • SmileyTraffic – Traffic Exchange Program.
  • FeelingSurf – Traffic exchange service.
  • eBesucher – Best Traffic Exchange Network.
  • EasyHits4U – Traffic Exchanger
  • StuartXchange – Traffic Exchange Tool.
  • Tezak Traffic Power – Traffic Exchange Platform.
  • Legacyhits – Traffic Exchange Website.
  • Legacy Hits – Online Traffic Exchange.
  • 10KHits – Free Exchange Traffic.
  • #4 The Downfalls of Banner Exchanges

Banner exchanges are great because once you slap them on your website, you’re done! You don’t have to do anything else! All you do is wait for the traffic to come. The not-so-great news is you have to wait quite a while before you get any real high-quality clicks. Heck, it takes a while to get low-quality clicks — lol.

Banner clickthrough rates are extremely low. So you need to be tapping into a rich traffic source in order for them to work. If the sites your banners appear on receive no traffic, your banner ads will do you no good in those free banner exchanges (because the sites within them get no traffic therefore you get no traffic).

Best Banner Exchange Sites 2021

Here is the list of best banner exchange websites that still work in 2021 and 2022.

  • #5 The Downfalls of Safelist Advertising

These can be extremely time consuming. You have to join dozens and dozens of free safelists just to send to them every day to see positive results. It can get out of hand after a while.

Keeping track of usernames, passwords, login screens, marketing messages, etc. Here you can try LastPass to save usernames and passwords.

They are, however, extremely effective if used right. In fact, it’s been said that master marketer Mike Filsaime and some others still use them in their business even though they’ve far surpassed the six-figure per year mark into seven.

The difference is I believe Mike outsources the work of blasting ads to these free safelists now. So he actually has a staff that does this for him reaching thousands of potential new leads and prospects on a daily basis.

  • #6 The Downfalls of Free Advertising Forums & Discussion Boards

These free advertising forums are sort of a hit and miss strategy. Okay, you don’t necessarily miss them, but they don’t always produce measurable results. Sometimes you don’t make a dime from these forums. You do, however, tap into the link popularity of that forum.

This will help to boost your ranking in the search engines if you’re not there already. If you are, it will help to keep you there.

The key is to treat these free advertising forums as safelists. You want to blast your ad to them every day (if the forum rules allow).

In my experience, these forums work best with making money at home offers where you offer some sort of work at home opportunity (like network marketing or MLM).

These are the absolute best free advertising forums to join:

Using these methods to advertise your products, services, and other goods is something that is quite easy to do. You sign up for free, click a few buttons, and over a short amount of time will see great results. Just remember your downfalls.

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