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Top 7 Ways to Promote Micro Jobs to Make Money Online

Promote Micro Jobs to Make Money Online – You are a seller. You want to login to the money-earning online field. You just started in the fiverr world. You don’t have too much money to spend, your hope is only your talent(s).

And you are like me, not so talented to amaze an entire world. If you are a genius or an extraordinarily talented human being, well,  this post is not for you.  You don’t need my advice as your extraordinary talents are very well known and people are all around you and beg you to work for them.

But if you’re like me – not so talented – you need to compensate by learning and working.

You cannot claim that success to make money online if you’re not talented, nor want to learn and apply what you learn. It is that simple.

Best Ways to Promote Micro Jobs to Make Money Online

Promote Micro Jobs to Make Money Online

When it comes to promotion techniques there is too much to say, let’s hope in one day I will finally write down inside a book all my failures and successes… until then let’s share with you some of the methods that I used successfully for my own micro-jobs.

Top 7 Ways to Promote Micro Jobs to Make Money Online

1. Sharing on Social Networking Sites:

This is very simple –  you only need to register in major social sites, then use and use only a click of your mouse. 5 minutes per day, every day, 2 and a half hours per month. You’ll be amazed how soon you’ll find your micro job on google. FREE.

2. Start a FREE Blog:

More elegant and more effective way since you do two at once –  decrease the risk of spam and generate sales. Generating content around the subject – micro your job and so you stand on another level than if you spread only simple links. You can use:

  • WIX
  • WEBS

….and 100 other very good rank free sites. Every post, every micro job and every time you indirect promote this way it will be a nice chance for one more sale. FREE.

3. Your Own site – A WordPress Blog:

It is very elegant, very effective and is my favourite way because I do more things at once: decrease the risk of spam, increase Alexa (Even I can sell it to and make more money. Not to mention I use the most powerful tool out there – a WordPress blog – google love fresh content from WP blogs.

So use a simple WordPress blog and a simple combination between GoDaddy (domain) and BlueHost (hosting) by simply follow this detailed step by step guide “How to Start WordPress Blog“. NOT FREE – $10/year “.com” domain and $10/month hosting.

If you do a simple mathematical calculation you will see that it is a small amount. Especially if you think you can have 100 sites paying the same amount.

Or if you think you do not pay the first hosting month so you can pull hard and pay both domain and hosting for one year in advance.

4. High-Rank Dedicated Internet Marketing Sites:

You can do basic reviews of the mother site then you can insert it into a final call to action and link directly to your micro job. A very, very powerful way to help the entire community and make sales at the same time.

5. High rank dedicated internet marketing forums:

This belongs to old techniques but when it comes to the following forums you must love to be there

  • WARRIOR FORUM: The oldest internet marketing forum in the world will give you the best chances to talk about your micro job – just do so in an original and useful way for the rest of the forum community members. Share your thoughts or doubts or success and do not have in mind ” publish link and go away”.
  • DIGITAL POINT: The same as the above forum.

Keep in your mind some forums allow you to use links in posts and some forums allow you to use links only in the signature, some allows both, so take care of the forum rules. And don’t spam forums with your links, just create some topics in the forums from time to time and you can build one-way links to your website or increase exposure to your micro-jobs.

You can find more forums using the phrases ” best IM forums in the world”, ” high-rank forums” or you can relate to your niche plus the word ”forum”

6. Blog comments on Authority Sites:

You can use this simple way:  Download Firefox and the SEO Quake Plug-in. Type into Google the following phrases

  • inurl:blog “post a comment” -” comments closed” -” you must be logged in” “your keyword” (ie. “-”) actions to be excluded from search results.

SEO Quake addon displays a lot of information about the sites. Then you can sort your results by page rank- simply click on the small down arrow in the PR section.

You’ll find some blogs that will allow comments, then leave a valuable comment. Use your keyword in the name section. Give an opinion and don’t use spam phrases. Leave your website or micro-jobs URL in the space provided.

You can use this new site I found not long ago FINDBLOGPOSTS. Or you can find specific related Fiverr clone pages, Fiverr included – using RapidSearchMetrics  ==> SEO TOOLS ==> DOMAIN POPULARITY or other 100 FREE methods to find Fiverr niche related pages.

7. Major Video Sites:

Will be very interesting to upload 2 different videos per week on major video sites. Here some video promotion samples:

You can see all the sites above are ranked higher. 10 videos per month mean half a day of simple work using free resources like Adobe Premiere Pro, Camtasia, iMovie, Filmora, DaVinci Resolve, Final Cut Pro X, Lightworks, OpenShot Video Editor.


So, now you have ready to start 7 Best Ways to Promote Micro Jobs to Make Money Online and you can simply follow them start your earning within few days. If you still have any queries or any suggestions then share them in the comment section below and we would love to add them to the article to help our readers in more genuine ways.

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