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Best 15 French Baby Names for Girls [Unique Names List]

If you still think that the French tradition doesn’t offer much variety when it comes to baby names for girls then the list you are going to read below will prove wrong to your notion. There are really so many options available apart from names ending with “Ette” or “Ella”. In fact, as you will see, there are some names besides being lovely that are quite diverse and unique.

French Baby Names for Girls

French Baby Names for Girls

So, if you are looking to bestowing your little one with a quite diverse feminine name that is stylish, sophisticated and just plain beautiful, you can consider the one given you here in addition to a name ending with “Ette” and “Ella” that is gorgeous in itself.

  • Amy Lee: The name is widely popular for the eponymous film, but it does not make it any less attractive. It is a variant of the German name Amelia, meaning “hard work”.
  • Bette: Less. Sweet. Girly, but not that much girly. What more could you ask for? It is short for Betty, which in Hebrew means “the consecration of God.”
  • Chase: Overall, the name is not feminine; In fact, if you’re on the hunt for a quiet unisex name, this could be your ticket. The name chase implies “hunter”.
  • Esme: So dear isn’t it? It is a familiar form of Esmeralda (Eve Mendes and Ryan Gosling chose for their daughter), which means “emerald.”
  • Genevieve: If you are a fan of the Arthurian legend – and, honestly, even if you are not – consider this elegant name, a variant of Guinevere which means “white wave.” The possibilities of very long sweet surnames are endless: Gena, Genie, Jenny, Eve, and University.
  • Janina: It is a variant of Zen (Hebrew for “God is grace”), but a bit fanatical.
  • Julieta: It’s such a grand name – why aren’t there more Juliet in the world? It is clearly a variant of Julia, meaning “youth” in the Latin tradition. Can you imagine calling your little Jules to eat? Aww.
  • Lizette: Lisa (Hebrew, meaning “arrogance to God”) is a solid, timeless name – and one of its more distinct-sounding forms. Plus, Lizzie as a nickname would be very cute.
  • Monique: The name indicates style and sophistication. It is a variant of Monica, which is from the Greek and Latin traditions and means “solitary” and “advisory” respectively.
  • Noella: Ella and Elle – and their various forms – are more popular than ever; the name is just as beautiful, but a bit more unique. It is a form of Noel (also beautiful), which means “Christmas.”
  • Rubi: A name is clearly a form of ruby, meaning precious stone. And since ruby ​​is growing in popularity, why not give your precious gemstone a slightly different name?
  • Serene: This brand name is a variant of Serena, which is Latin for – you guessed it – peaceful. Ah… if only all children could be peaceful.
  • Sheree: This cute and joyful name means “Beloved or dearest.”
  • Sorrel: Yes, it is a kind of lettuce green, but it has not been dismissed yet… It is a unique and beautiful name that rolls off the tongue. It means “reddish-brown or vegetative.”
  • Violetta: If you don’t have enough flower names, consider it, which is a form of violet “flora; a plant with blue flowers.” What’s not the sweetest nickname?

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Final words

All these French feminine names give you a variety from which you can choose the best suitable for your baby. All the names and it’s meaning side by side further clarify your name selection and then you can baptize your baby with the name of your choice.

Hope the above-given variants you might have liked and if any further names coming to your mind are welcomed in the comment section.

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