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Is Your Galaxy S7 keeps Restarting? Fixing Guide

Your Galaxy S7 keeps restarting frequently. This problem may be caused due to a software issue on your phone. In this case, rebooting your Galaxy S7 in recovery mode could help you a lot. Many of the users go to a service center or to a local shop to get rid of this problem. Now you do not need to go anywhere, just follow this guide and you will get all the solutions to get rid of the galaxy s7 reboot loop.

Galaxy S7 keeps Restarting

Galaxy S7 keeps Restarting

We will not only guide you to get rid of the restart problem but also how to clear the cache partition, how to reboot into, use and exit Galaxy S7 recovery mode, safe mode will also be explained. First, we will see what is actually Samsung Galaxy Recovery Mode?

What is Recovery Mode in Samsung Galaxy S7?

Every android phone has the feature of recovery mode so does the Samsung Galaxy S7. This feature is given in android phones so as to reset the device and to apply updates manually from the zip file or through the ADB. You can also wipe out the cache partition by using the recovery mode. The feature inside the recovery mode varies from vendor to vendor. There are also some third-party apps for Galaxy S7.

If you have an Android version of Android Lollipop or later and a smartphone of Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge or other phones of Samsung, then this guide is valid for these vendors also and get the answer to the question that why did my s7 restart by itself.

Basically, these three boot-up options are included in all smartphones.

  • Boot into the normal android
  • Boot into bootloader or download mode in the case of the Samsung Galaxy S7.
  • For other phones and tablets, it is fastboot.
  • Boot into Galaxy S7 system recovery.

Two Steps to Reboot Into Samsung Galaxy S7 Recovery Mode

In case you push the power button and hold it for a few seconds it will reboot the phone into the lock screen. But in order to boot the smartphone in Galaxy S7 recovery mode, you have to follow the below steps.

Step 1: Turn Off Galaxy S7

To enter into the recovery mode you have to first switch off your Galaxy S7 smartphone. Just press the power button for a few seconds until you get some power options. Tap on the Power Off button to switch off the Galaxy S7 smartphone.

Step 2: Switch On Galaxy S7 following these Steps

Now the Galaxy S7 has been switched off. To reboot into recovery mode you have to press these buttons.

  • First press the volume button.
  • Do not release the volume button and hold the home button also.
  • Without releasing the two buttons hold the power button for some seconds until the screen appears.
  • When the screen appears, release the buttons.
  • The Galaxy S7 recovery menu will reappear. The phone screen may show the applying update.
  • Wait for a few seconds and the phone will reboot into Galaxy S7 recovery mode.

How to Use Galaxy S7 Recovery Mode?

When the recovery mode will be displayed, the touch screen features will not work. You have to navigate through the volume buttons and the power button to get rid of the problem if Samsung keeps restarting.

The volume button navigates through the menus and the power button is used to select the option from the recovery mode.

In case you press the wrong button, the phone will restart and you have to do the above process again. To prevent this you have to carefully select the options.

Following options will be displayed while the phone is in recovery mode.

  • Reboot the System.
  • Reboot to Bootloader.
  • Install updates from ADB.
  • Install updates from SD card.
  • Wipe data factory reset.
  • Wipe cache partition.
  • Mount/Unmount the system.
  • View recovery logs.
  • Power off the smartphone.

How to Exit from the Samsung Galaxy Recovery Mode?

You can exit from the Galaxy S7 recovery mode in two ways. Just hold the power button for a few seconds.

In the recovery menu, you will get an option of “Samsung Reboot System Now” to exit from the recovery mode.

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Now we have understood how to get rid of the problem without going to the local vendor or the service center. Still, your Samsung Galaxy S7 keeps restarting after going through this guide? It must be another problem. You can share your issue with us through the comments section below. We will suggest you the best possible methods to get rid of the problem if the Samsung s7 keeps restarting after the update.

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