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Steak ‘N Shake Menu Prices – List of Steak ‘N Shake Price, Menu, and Near Me 2022

Steak ‘N Shake Menu Prices



Steak ‘N Shake Menu Prices – This is a good day to avoid your diet routine and the Steak and Shake Restaurant should be the best place for you. Of course, you can start enjoying the menu independently because you can fully trust Steak and Shake menu nutrition. Even more, you can try to get Steak and Shake Milkshakes half price. Anyway, talking about prices, do you get an idea about the price list? Don’t worry.

Steak ‘N Shake Menu Prices

Steak ‘N Shake Menu Prices

Here in this article, we are going to provide you with the list of Steak ‘N Shake Menu Prices, Steak, and Shake Near Me. Not to mention, you are going to get all the details about the menu including all the Steak and Shake Kids menu. So, now are you ready to get informed about it.

About: Steak ‘N Shake Restaurant Profile

First, before going on Steak ‘N Shake Menu Prices, it will be interesting to know a brief about the company. Yes, Steak and Shake is an American casual restaurant chain that serves Steak and Shakes as the main menus. In the first place, Gus Belt opened the first restaurant in February 1934, in Normal, Illinois. Yes, you can now start receiving Steak and Shake headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana.

You have to know, the Steak ‘N Shake restaurants are reachable in:

  • Southern United States
  • Midwest
  • Mid-Atlantic
  • Europe
  • Western United States
  • Middle East

And, Biglari Holdings Steak and Shake are the original organization. Meanwhile, there are some subsidiary companies in the restaurant. Not to mention, they are Steak ‘N Shake which is completed with Steak ‘N Shake Enterprises, Inc.

Steak and Shake Wiki

In fact, you can also try to check the summary of the restaurant profile. And, you can check the following table mentioned below.

Type Subsidiary
Industry Food
Founded February 1934; 84 years ago
Normal, Illinois, U.S.
Founder Gus Belt[1]
Headquarters Indianapolis, Indiana
Area served United States
Saudi Arabia
Key people Sardar Biglari (Chairmanand CEO)
Phillip Cooley
Products Steakburgers, milk shakes
Services Restaurants
Number of employees 20,732 [2]
Parent Biglari Holdings

About: Steak ‘N Shake Menu Prices

Friends! You do not have to hesitate to enjoy Steak menu completed with the Shake. If you see, the restaurant should serve you with the best quality premium Steak. Still, Shake is going to boost your mood. That’s why you get to see the list of Steak ‘N Shake Menu Price. Here, the price list should be useful to help you control your budget. Also, when you ask the cashier what you are going to order, you will not have to confuse.

Talking about Steak and Shake menu pricing, you are going to get information about steak and shake kids menu, and so on. In addition, you can also see Steak and Shake menu nutrition. And, some restaurant locations can also provide Steak and Shake Milkshake half price. Here, you just have to go to the Steak and Shake Near me locations and start ordering the menu that you want. So, let’s have fun!

List of Steak ‘N Shake Menu Prices which You Must Try

Here in this section, we are going to mention the list of Steak ‘N Shake menu prices which you must try. So, let’s take a look below to know more about it.

  • Menu Prices #1: Salads and Sandwiches

First of all, you can try ordering salad n sandwiches menu. As you all can see, the cheapest menu is going to be a Steak Burger shooter which is $0.89 at the price. For the next, you can get the same burger with cheese at the same price.

If you like to enjoy the most expensive people, you can start trying out the combo menu. Yes, you are going to be able to order a spicy chicken sandwich combo which is $5.99. Now, you can try to enjoy the following Steak and Shake salads and sandwiches menu prices.

  • Menu Prices #2: Kids’ Meals

Second, you are happy, because you can start giving your children some menus. In this case, restaurants provide food to kids to you. Of course, they should be different from the original menu. As you can see, the cheapest menu is going to be a soft drink for children, which costs you $1.19.

Next, you can also try a hot dog with a price of $3.99. Or, if your kids like macaroni and cheese, you can try to order an independently. You have to know, the price of Mac N Cheese is going to be $3.99. Do you have any interest in checking the menu prices of Steak and Shake children’s food? Then here you go!

  • Menu Prices #3: Breakfast

If you want to enjoy the best breakfast menu, you can start order fresh order, which is worth $0.89. Also, you can start ordering hot chocolate, taco, egg yolk, biscuits, sausages, pancakes, and even bacon. Of course, there are other breakfast menus that are going to make your day. In this case, the most expensive breakfast menu is the Breakfast Skillet menu. Yes, the menu here will cost you $5.99. Of course, you can independently check the table of steak and shake breakfast menu prices!

  • Menu Prices #4: Meals

And now, you can point directly to the food menu. As you look at, there are more than ten menu options for you. First of all, it is priced at $4.29 and it falls under the Steak Frank, a single steak Berger with cheese, as well as Chicago style steak francs. For the more expensive ones, you can start getting bacon lovers steak burgers which is worth $6.49. No doubt, you will be happy to check the prices of the following steak and shake meals menu:

  • Menu Prices #5: Meals under $4

For those who have limited your budget, but you want to enjoy good food, you do not need to worry. Well, this restaurant also offers you to enjoy food under $4. You know, all the menus are going to be at $3.99. The menu starts with double steak Berger with cheese, chicken fingers and fries, and others. Of course, you can also try to order dancer cheese with steak burgers. See the list of steak and shake meals here under $4 menu prices!

  • Menu Prices #6: Sides

Friends! To accompany your food menu, you can also give an effort to order the parties. No doubt, they are like apple, onion rings, vegetable soup, chili cheese fries with baked beans. Talking about the price list, the cheapest one is going to be $0.99 to $4.79. If you are ready, you can start checking the following steak and shake side menu prices:

Get Steak and Shake Restaurants Locations in the United States of America

Now, if you are looking for the Steak and Shake Restaurants Locations in the United States of America. Then you need to worry. Because here in this section we are going to share the complete information regarding Steak and Shake restaurants locations in the United States of America including with the restaurant phone numbers, location, complete with the hours. So, let’s take a look below to know more about it.

Steak and Shake Hours Open/Close

Here in this section, we are going to share the complete information regarding Steak and Shake Hours Open/Close and with the help of this section, you will be able to make your perfect visit at Steak and Shake restaurants. So, let’s take a look below to know more about it.

But, you know that there can be different policies about hours at different places. If you see, the closing time may be 12:00 AM, 10:00 PM, 11:00 PM and so on. As you have got a list of phone numbers, you can try calling the numbers freely to confirm the hours.

How to Order the Steak and Shake Menu?

Here in this section, we are going to share some ways for you to order the Steak and Shake Menus. So, let’s take a look below.

  • Steak and Shake Delivery

First of all, you can try to use the delivery service. Yes, you just have to call the restaurant phone number and order the menu you want. Well, it should be perfect for you to start using the locator available at For the next, you just have to fill in your location details.

  • Steak and Shake Stores

Next, you can freely locate steak and shake on Yes, Google Maps here is going to help you complete the list of restaurant locations with telephone numbers.

  • Steak and Shake Application

And the last one, you can try to use the steak and shake app freely. For your information, you can start using the available features. For example, they are like Steak and Shake online orders, menu prices, delivery, locator, and others.

Steak and Shake Customer Care Service

So, now if you are looking for Steak and Shake Customer care service, then you are at the right place. Here in this section, we are going to share the complete information regarding Steak and Shake customer care service and to follow the instructions listed below, you will be able to make your direct contact with them and to make your contact with Steak and Shake staff members, you will be able to resolve your all issues or queries regarding it. So, let’s take a look below to know more about it.

  • Steak and Shake Headquarters Office Address: 107 S. Pennsylvania St., Indianapolis
  • Steak and Shake Phone Number: 877-785-6745

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Final Words

With this article, we had tried to share the complete information regarding Steak ‘N Shake Menu Prices. Now, if you have any queries or any suggestions regarding this article, then you can comment below in the given comment section and share your experience with us, we will get back as soon as possible.

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