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How to Get Affordable Education in Abroad?

Affordable Education in Abroad – It is generally a dream of every student to pursue studies abroad at least once in their lives. It is because of the better exposure, cultural amalgamation and practical learning provided there. The only thing which stops us is the money that we have to spend on such courses.

How to Get Affordable Education in Abroad?

Affordable Education in Abroad

Here are some tricks that will help you to save some thousands or even more.

  • Scholarships

There are scholarships other than those offered by the universities. If you are planning to study in the UK then there is a list of scholarships on the British Council website and if you are planning to apply in the US then there is always USIEF. Apart from these, there is Tata Nirula, Narotam, Rhodes, Tata Birla, Inlaks, etc.

  • Live In Private Student Halls Instead Of University Accommodation

Parents usually prefer university accommodation because they feel it is equivalent to the hostels in India. But these university accommodations are more costly. So, while abroad you should live in private student halls that offer security and are comparatively more affordable.

  • Take Up An Education Loan

When you apply for a student visa, the visa people need to see some amount of cash in your account or a loan letter from your bank. So, it is better to take loans. But you should note that the loan is in Indian Rupees not in dollars or pounds. This can also increase your expenses by 6% so you should take this extra expense into account while planning.

  • Use FxKart to Remit Your Tuition Fee

You should always keep in mind that your loan is sanctioned in INR. So the exchange rate to remit the tuition fee will also be very heavy. Now, in such a condition the best solution is to use FxKart to remit your fee and living expenses. This will save you from paying the extra 6% by fetching you the best exchange rates.

  • Eat In The Canteen Instead Of Ordering Home Deliveries

Food turns out to be the major concern when you are abroad. You should have a healthy diet instead of having junk meals. Try to eat from your canteen as the rates are subsidized and the food is not bad either. If not, then you can always pick up the food from ready-made grocery stores which won’t cost you very much.

  • Use a Lycra Sim Card

You should definitely get a Lycra sim to make your calls to India cheaper. You can get these at the consulate when you apply for the visa. It gets really cheap to call home and you can Whatsapp or use Facetime Audio as well because they provide the internet also. You will end up spending less money calling home than on local calls.

  • Shop From Student Portals

Almost every college has a student portal where they put up ads from second-hand stuff. So, if you need a lot of scales and stationary then you can buy them from. You can also find household stuff on these student portals and that too for a really good deal. For dresses, there is always Primark or 10 dollar shops.

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  • Use Indian Courier Service To Send And Receive Parcels

You should always use an Indian courier service to send and receive parcels from home rather than going for big brands or public courier services. These Indian couriers are cheaper and they even come home and pack things for you so that the things do not get damaged on the way.

With these hacks in your mind while going to study abroad you can save a lot more than thousands and stop worrying about the money. Enjoy your Affordable Education in Abroad.

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