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How to Become a Papa Murphy Franchise Business Owner [2022 Guide]

Papa Murphy is a business based in Vancouver of Washington, United States of America, and deals in the sector of Taking and Bake Pizza. The company started first in the year 1995 by the combination and merger of two companies they are Papa Aldo’s Pizza (founding date 1981) and Murphy’s Pizza (founding date 1984). The company and Papa Murphy Franchise Business operate with more than 1300 outlets in the United States of Canada. Papa Murphy is one of the 5th largest chains in the United States of America.

Papa Murphy Franchise Business

Papa Murphy Franchise Business

By today the company has a total revenue of $800 million and is especially known for its product is Pizza even though it handles all the fast-food restaurants.

The business has expanded in more than 1500 locations. Presently the business is executed by CEO Weldon Spangler If you want to visit its official site then you can simply visit its official site that it

Papa Murphy Business Operations

Orders are available by walk-in, order online, or call-in. Some stores have a drive-through window where customers can take call-in orders. Unlike regular pizza establishments, pizza is made in the store, but there is no baking. Instead, consumers eat pizza in their homes. According to Nation’s Restaurant News, take-and-back pizzeria typically has lower costs because they require less restaurant space and equipment.

Consequently, they are often able to reduce national pizza veterans. Papa Murphy’s salad, chocolate chip cookie flour, cheese roti, cinnamon wheels, dessert pizzas in different sizes, and soft drinks are also provided.

Papa Murphy Survey at

To crosscheck the customer satisfaction and better delivery of its product and service to its customer and their valuable feedback for the betterment of its various product and survey, Papa Murphy conducts its customer satisfaction survey for its consumer with the name of Papa Survey.

and also reward them with various reward points and also various gifts as well. Hence it is a better opportunity for every consumer that he take advantage of this ‘Papa Survey’ and get his share of reward by just participating in the survey by merely giving an answer to some of the questions related to the experience with Papa Murphy on his or her last visit.

And even if you are completely unknown or known but not clear about how to participate in Papa Survey, then you can visit the complete step by step process, requirement, etc. at the clear guide of ‘Papa Survey’ and this not only clarifies all the issues that are related to the survey but also gives you handholding steps right on the same place. You are also given customer support no. as well for the direct contact and information step by step.

Papa Murphy Franchise Business

If you want to become the business profit earner with Papa Murphy then you can opt for its Franchisee offering. You can also become a part of America’s Favorite Pizza Chain with Papa Murphy.

Why Should you Join a Franchise of Papa Murphy?

Papa murphy has been successfully able to cover the market base for more than 37 years now and has been completed its journey from just one store establishment till now of becoming the 5th largest chain in the nation and has been given the positive ranking of #1 by its consumers. And hence it can be your big deal as well.

Process for Papa Murphy Franchise:

Getting a franchise with Papa Murphy is not a big deal but it has been simplified under 5 simple steps for everyone.

  • Introduce Yourself
  • Get to know Papa Survey well
  • Signing Day & Training
  • Finding and Building
  • Grand Opening

On average you can find the franchisee of Papa Murphy is none other than its own employees who have fallen in love with its product to achieve business success.

To get a franchise at Papa Murphy, you should be complemented with the following skillsets and alphabetic steps:

  • Solid Business Acumen, learn how to develop a business, support a brand and take care of customers.
  • The experience of leading a team with different backgrounds.
  • A service mindset that extends to helping customers and mentions your crew.
  • Understand the value of a proven system and appreciate it.
  • Commitment towards full-time operational management.
  • Outgoing personality who likes to build relationships in the entire community.
  • A passion for pizza that leads to the top-level store-level performance of our product and promotion.

Financial Requirements of Papa Murphy’s

Additional to the skillset for papa murphy, there is another requirement as well. Here are the financial criteria for Papa murphy requirements:

  1. Minimum liquid assets: $ 80,000
  2. Minimum Net Price: $ 275,000
  3. Good credit history with a minimum 650 score
  4. Ability to get financing for initial investment: $ 279,070 – $ 518,780 (new stores open to limit)
  5. The initial investment for the opening of a new store varies depending on several factors, such as the condition of the premises, the landlord’s construction cost, and the geographical area.

Rest if you want more clarification on it, then either you can directly go via the official site, directly via the URL that is or you can choose the contact no. available on the site.

Papa Murphy on Social Media

If you are the regular service utilizer of Murphy or take the maximum advantage of it especially of pizza or other fast food, you want to stay connected with the time to time offers, recommendations, and sales, then you can simply subscribe to the social media page of the business which helps you in staying connected with the papa Murphy and its notifications. Below is the social media platform of it which you can subscribe to further.

  • Facebook:
  • Twitter:
  • Instagram:
  • Pinterest:

More Useful Guides:

Final Words

The above information about Papa Murphy’s right in front of you gives you all the details that are a required thing for the access of Papa Murphy, you might have been clear about it. You have seen its marketing approach, operations, Steps that help you to become is a franchisee, and also the papa survey that helps you get a reward free of cost simply by participating in its survey.

The social media links you can use for subscription and this way you stay connected with the social media and various notifications posted on it time to time.

Did you enjoy the article on Papa Murphy Franchise Business? Was it informative for you? if yet then drop your experience as feedback in our remark section below and in case you have any related queries about Papa Murphy or Papa survey, you can directly reach us in the comment section below.

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