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If you want to know how to claim your smartphone insurance via the AT&T Document upload service at then check here.


on – Hello everyone! Today we will tell you about the insurance claim for your phone in case of your phone is stolen, lost, or any kind of damaged to your phone.

You can also read about Phone claim AT&T Document Upload Service at

If you want an insurance claim for your phone for the world’s largest telecommunications company; AT&T device without facing any issue while insurance claim for your lost or damaged phone.

About Asurion: 

Asurion was introduced in 1994. It provided insurance claims services for different electronic devices, homes, jewelry, tablets, smartphones, appliances, and many more. 

About 15,000 employees are working in the Asurion Company. They have 50 offices in the world and operate in 14 countries. About 300 million customers are attached to this company every year.

Phone Claim AT&T Document Uploader Service at

  1. Customers should file a claim of the insurance of Asurion phone for AT&T devices in case of their phone is lost or stolen or damaged.
  2. You can file your insurance claim on your phone through Asurion.
  3. You have to submit your original Government ID to approve your request.
  4. Also, you have to submit the purchase proof of your phone to submit your request.
  5. You have to file an insurance claim through Asurion in a period of 60 days from the date of losing your phone.
  6. Asurion coverage can be chargeable or require some deductible amount to file an insurance claim like other insurance companies’ plans.

Required Documents to Claim Insurance for an AT&T Device at

You have to need some necessary documents mentioned below to file an insurance claim for your phone for an AT&T Device through Asurion:

  1. Customers of AT&T devices have to attach a copy of the “sworn affidavit claim”.
  2. You also need to attach a copy of the “statement of loss” to complete the procedure of the insurance claim for your phone.
  3. You have to need a valid Government ID like a driving license, or passport of the user to continue this process.
  4. You have to require a copy of your current wireless on which your contact number should be mentioned.
  5. To claim your device, you also need to attach a copy of purchasing proof of your phone.
  6. You will require a copy of the police report of missing your phone to complete the requested application for an insurance claim for your device.
  7. You have to file an insurance claim through Asurion in a period of 60 days from the date of losing your phone.
  8. To avoid delay fees or penalties, you should return your old device within 10 to 15 days to Asurion.
  9. The service plan of Asurion can be changed or canceled anytime.
  10. There is no waiting period for filing a claim after enlisting in an Asurion phone Insurance program.

Filing An AT&T Phone Insurance Claim at

Mobile provider AT&T is in partnership with the insurance giant Asurion to simply create a highly efficiently web portal so that the customers can be able to claim their phone if damaged, lost, or stolen and then need to make a visit at and then they have to simply follow the given steps. Also, this tool allows the users to simply file an Asurion claim and also to check out the status of their previously filed claim. 

Replace Mobile Device

AT&T and also its partner insurance company will replace a phone if they meet up with their conditions. You need to know that a replacement device will be a refurbished unit and not exactly match up with the make and model of your present phone. 

Lost Phone

AT&T and Asurion will simply replace a mobile phone in an event that it is not lost by the customers. It is one of their major reasons to buy a phone insurance plan. Before the shipment of the replacement unit, Asurion suggests you try to locate your phone by simply using the GPS app like Find My iPhone and Device Manager. The companies also want the customers to simply lock their phones remotely and suspend the service temporarily. These steps will simply prevent anyone from stumbling across the phone and having access to your data. There is also a fee involved in it and this fee will vary on the make and model of your device. 

Stolen Phone

At&T and Asurion will also replace a phone if it gets stolen and it eases the worries of lots of customers. The process behind filing an Asurion claim for the stolen phone is so similar to filing a claim for the lost phone. Just like the lost phone, the companies also suggest you to simply try to locate the phone with the help of the GPS app, lock the phone remotely and also suspend the service temporarily. 

Severe Malfunction

If your phone gets broken and falls beyond repair then AT&T and Asurion will simply issue a replacement of your device. A replacement device will be sent if you drop the phone and it doesn’t work or gets destroyed by being left in the large body of water. You need to know that a replacement fee will also be levied and vary on the make and model of the phone. 

FAQs of

  • Does AT&T Phone Insurance Cover Cracked Screens?

Yes, AT&T phone insurance will also provide coverage of the cracked screen by a small fee for the repairs which may be levied. 

  • How Do I Get My Exact Deductible Cost?

The deductible will depend upon the insurance plan and the make and model of your device as well. You can simply be able to create an estimate of the deductible by simply making a visit to 

  • Does AT&T Insurance Cover Accidental Water Damage Phones or Water Damaged Phones Period?

Yes, AT&T insurance will mainly cover the damage which is related to the water and other liquids easily.

Important Notes:

  • The accidental Damage from Handling plan is also covered by some Asurion plans.
  • It covers only accidental damage to your phone like dropping, spilling any liquid on your phone, or broken screens.
  • If you have any query related to Phone Claim AT&T Document Uploader Service then you can directly contact the agent of their customer service at 1-888-562-8662 anytime.
  • You can contact this contact number from Monday-Friday in timings between 7 am – 9 am CST.
  • Also, contact them on Saturday and Sunday at timings between 8 am and 8 pm CST.

Contact Information of Asurion:

  • You can call at (615) 837-3000
  • Address: 648 Grassmere Park Ste 300, Nashville, TN 37211-3667



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Final Verdict: 

If you want to file an insurance claim on your phone for AT&T devices and don’t know the procedure to file the insurance then you can read our complete article. This article on “” is a complete guide about the phone claim AT&T Document upload serviceYou can also use the online portal to claim insurance for your phone and upload the required documents necessary to file a claim at

Carefully, read all the important notes while claiming your insurance for your phone. You should always file your claim within 60 days of the date of your phone being stolen or damaged. If you found this article helpful then share this article with your friends and relatives. Also, share your queries related to this article in the comment section. Stay connected with our website to know and read more informative articles.

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