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If you are eager to participate in the Indigo Customer Satisfaction Survey at and become the Indigo Customer Satisfaction Survey Winners to access your gift card and get rewarded, then read the article here till the end and you will be guided with complete information about the Indigo Feedback Survey and step by step procedure to go for it. So, go through the article until the end to know more.

Indigo Customer Satisfaction Survey at

This article will produce you with all the useful information which you can use to complete the IndigoFeedback survey which you can do on by which you are able to win $500. Also, this survey helps the company to understand the problem of their customer and also the needs and wants of their customer. With the help of this, you can simply express your feelings and views towards Indigo. Simply read it out and understand it.

What is Indigo Customer Satisfaction Survey?

You must need to know about the Indigo Customer Satisfaction Survey which is completely an official Indigo Customer Satisfaction Survey Program that was started by the Indigo Customer Service for all their Indigo customer. In this term, you are required to make a visit to Indigo Customer Satisfaction Survey Website. Also, for more information, if you are a citizen of the United States and then you simply make a visit at or either you can make a visit at

Also, if you are a citizen or resident of the United Kingdom then you can simply make a visit at or also you can use On the other side, if you make a visit at, then you are landed on the official website of Indigo Customer Satisfaction Survey Website. Also, here you can simply see different-different countries where every country is having different Indigo Customer Satisfaction Survey Websites.

The Indigo Customer Satisfaction Survey is one of the places where you are able to drop your Indigo Customer Satisfaction Survey Feedback without any worry. Also, here you can drop your Indigo comments, Indigo complaints, Indigo suggestions, and much more. You know, IndigoFeedback is having some of the questions. All of the questions are completely related to Indigo and its services as well. For this, you are required to have a valid Indigo number which was written on the receipt.

But the reward name of this survey is completely the same which is name as Indigo Customer Satisfaction Survey – Win $500. Also, it is in the form of Indigo coupons which you can use anytime when you make your next visit to Indigo. So, are you ready for the Indigo Customer Satisfaction Survey from receipt? Now, simply enjoy the guides to get the Indigo Customer Satisfaction Survey.

Who is Eligible in Indigo Customer Satisfaction Survey Contest?

Now, it is the best chance for you to get to know that you are eligible to take part in the Indigo Feedback Survey Contest or not. Yes, to take part in the contest, the Indigo company make sure criteria which you must need to fulfill to take part in the survey. So, simply have a look and then simply understand the complete details about the survey eligibility.

  • Firstly, you need to make sure that you are having a legal resident of Canada, and also you need to make sure that your age is 18 years or more than that to enter into the Portal.
  • Now, you need to ensure that you have recently visited the Indigo Books and Music Locations and also you need to make a purchase a product from there.
  • Also, you need to understand that the Indigo Employees and their family members or relatives are not allowed to take part in the Indigo Customer Satisfaction Survey and Sweepstakes.
  • In the last, you need to complete and attempt all the Indigo Books and Music Survey Questionnaires without leaving any single question or step.

The Other Indigo Customer Satisfaction Survey Rules

In the process to look for the eligibility of the Indigo Guest Opinion Survey you need to get to know that the Indigo Feedback Survey and Sweepstakes is having some of the rules which you must need to follow. It is the process that helps you to protect this survey from fraud and also it helps to provide an opportunity to all the survey participants so that they can be a winner of a $500 Indigo Gift Card.

So, you need to worry that it is so complicated or difficult to attempt the survey. So, here below I am sharing a list and a guide of the survey rules which you need to read.

  • The Entry Procedure

First of all, every Indigo Books and Music Customer are required to have a chance to take part in the Indigo Survey and Sweepstakes each and every month. Also, every customer who is taking part in the survey must limit one entrance for one household.

  • The Reward’s Draw

After this, you need to know to understand that your amount of purchasing doesn’t impact on eth possibility to be the winner of the Indigo Customer Opinion Survey Sweepstakes Contest. In this case, the Indigo Feedback teams will apply a random filter of drawing selection to select a potential winner of the month.

  • Winner’s Responsibility

When you become the winner of the Indigo Feedback Guest Survey and Sweepstakes contest then you will get a message notification on your email address or also on your mobile as well. In this, you just need to give a proper response, and also you need to confirm and also you need to resend the Prize Notification Form within 10 days. Also, if you miss the date or also if you ignore this message then you will get disqualified from the Indigo Feedback Guest Survey and Sweepstakes and also it will automatically select the other winner as well.

  • Reward Distribution

When your reward gets confirmed then you will receive and enjoy a $500 Indigo Gift Card. Also, you are required to be patient to wait for this reward. Also, customer service will send your reward to your registered email address within 6 to 8 business days when they verify the winners.

What do You Need to Prepare to Access Indigo Customer Satisfaction Site?

You are required to prepare some instruments which will be helpful for you to get into the Indigo Feedback Guest Satisfaction Survey Official Site. So, now without wasting time, just simply go through with the list of devices which you need to prepare. The list is as follows:

  • Electronic devices such as the laptop, tablet, or smartphone.
  • The internet browser.
  • The stable and secure internet connection.
  • And, your latest Indigo Books and Music Receipt.

Step by Step in Indigo Sweepstakes at

So as you have completed all the requirements of the devices and also you get to ensure that you meet the qualifications of the survey. Now, it is the best time for you to begin the survey and also to get a chance to win a CDN$500 Gift Card. If you are already having experience with the online survey and sweepstakes program then you can easily complete this survey in your own method. But if you are a fresher and doesn’t know how to complete the survey then simply follow the below-given steps which are as follows:

  • Step One:

First of all, you need to have an electronic device on which you want to access the website and also you need to have a properly working internet connection along with an updated version. Also, here you can directly access the official website of Indigo Customer Satisfaction Survey by making a visit at site.

  • Step Two:

Before completing the Indigo Feedback Survey Questions, you are required to go through with the survey privacy and policy details. You can simply find these menus at the bottom side of the homepage of the website.

  • Step Three:

After completing the previous step, you will get a couple of languages. The first language and English and second language is French. So, in this term, you are required to select a language to continue the “Indigo Customer Satisfaction Survey” process.

  • Step Four:

If you select your preferred language then simply continue the process by making a click on the “next” button.

  • Step Five:

For the next, you need to agree with the Indigo Survey page asks you to fill out a piece of detailed information about your visit to Indigo. Also, you are required to enter your date of visit. Now, you need to make a click on the logo of the calendar and then you need to select the date. Yes, the date which you need to enter is your purchasing date.

  • Step Six:

After doing the previous step, it is really important for you to try to fill out the Indigo Store number. As you can see, the store number was written on the receipt which you have.

  • Step Seven:

Now, you need to continue to the next step. Here the Indigo survey portal also asks you to enter your Indigo transaction number. Also, make sure to enter a valid transaction number that was written on your receipt.

  • Step Eight:

On the Indigo Survey page, you are required to enter your age as well. In this case, you just need to enter your age. Yes, it is possible that you get selected on the basis of your age. Also, if your age is below 18 years then you are not able to continue the survey process.

  • Step Nine

Now, you can simply type the captcha which appears on the page. Also, the captcha has been appearing due to make sure that you are not a robot. Here, you are required to enter the accurate captcha which is completely based upon the sample. If you enter the wrong captcha then you will get a new captcha till you didn’t enter is correct.

  • Step Ten

If you have completed all the steps and details which were asked in the Indigo Survey portal then you are required to make a click on the “Survey” button.

  • Step Eleven:

Here, now you need to continue to the next step. Here, you are required to answer all the Indigo survey questions, and also you are required to make a click on the best response which describes your last visit. Here, you will see some scaled which starts from 1 to 9. It is ok for you to give high or low ratings because you need to give ratings on the basis of the experience which you had. Also, your response must need to describe your experience that it is good or bad.

  • Step Twelve

If you think the survey question is not enough, then you need to be calm. It is all because the Indigo survey page provides a section where you can simply leave your Indigo Customer Satisfaction Survey feedback. Then, in this case, it is really good for you to leave the Indigo suggestions, Indigo comments, and also Indigo complaints as well. There is no doubt that the Indigo official team will definitely appreciate your feedback. Also, the Indigo customer service team will help you to fix the issues which you face when you make a visit to the store in terms of proper Indigo customer satisfaction with

  • Step Thirteen

In the last, as you have completed the Indigo feedback survey form for then you must be happy. In this case, you can simply take part in the sweepstakes to be an Indigo survey winner. Also, the Indigo sweepstakes program is helpful for you to be the winner of sweepstakes.

  • Step Fourteen

So now this is the final step of the Indigo Survey Sweepstakes @ Yes, we are sure that you have filled in all the details of the Indigo survey sweepstakes. He we don’t need to say that here you are required to complete all the details like you need to enter your name and also your contact details as well. Also, here you can simply start filling out your email address, your phone number, and also your home address as well. Here you can say that your contacts are going to be very helpful. If you become the winner of the Indigo sweepstakes then the official team must try to make a contact with you to notify you.

How to Find Indigo Books and Music Locations?

We know that you need to get some more details related to the steps to get the nearest Indigo Books and Music locations near your location. Yes, it is very important for you to do before you take part in the Indigo Sweepstakes Contest at Before talking about it more, you are required to get to know that Indigo operated more than 86 superstores and also 123 small-format stores which were located all over Canada.

Also, the Indigo Books and Music corporate office is located in Toronto and cooperated with the multiples of subsidiaries like Chapters, Pegasus Wholesale Inc.,, and also eth Coles and Calendar Club of Canada Limited Partnership. Then to make a visit to the nearest stores, you are required to go through with below-given methods:

  • Access

Yes, the first thing which you can use is to access the website which is portal, or also you can use its official app as well. When you click into the search bar, then you are required to type “Indigo Books and Music Locations in Toronto” or also you can simply type the specific city or locations as well. Within less than two seconds, the website will start showing you the indigo business hours, indigo store address and also it will show you the Indigo local store customer support.

  • Use Indigo Books and Music Store Locator

Now, you can simply access your Indigo official website which is available at Portal. Also, when you reach the homepage, then you can simply select the menu and then make a click on “Find a location” and then simply type your city and zip codes. Generally, this feature will automatically locate your positions, and then it will show you the official detail of hours, address, and also the services as well. We will provide you a list of the Indigo locations in Canada. So, we hope that some of these locations located near you which are as follows:

  • Install Indigo Books and Music App

It is better for you to get closer to the Indigo Books and Music Teams by simply installing the mobile application which was available on the Google Play Store and also on the App Store as well. Basically, you can simply use this app on the Apple, PC, and also on your Android devices. As similar to other app, this app also provides multiple features which as like online product catalog, Indigo Price lists, Indigo Store locator, and also online order services as well.

So, finally, we had completely discussed the Indigo Customer Satisfaction Survey which is also having other names as well. Its other names are like IndigoFeedback survey. Also, it is completely required to have a valid receipt and Subway store number. In this case, the Indigo Customer Satissfaction Survey portal is required to have the code.

You Must Check These Guides:

You know that there are some of the official websites which were completely available for the customers such as and much more. Here, you need to select any of the Indigo Survey Website [] which is based upon your country or your living. If you see, the Indigo Customer Satisfaction Survey at completion process is really similar and also it doesn’t take more than 5 minutes. So, simply enjoy the and then simply enjoy redeeming the Indigo Customer Satisfaction Survey.

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