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8 Reasons Every College Student Should Have a Bike

It is the time every college student considered owning a bike. For most people, owning a bike is a lifestyle. Some students have never considered owning a bike because it is not within the spectrum of their lifestyle. offers homework help online to give you room to enjoy the outdoors with your bike or engage in other more interesting activities while in college. 

8 Reasons Every College Student Should Have a Bike

Every College Student Should Have a Bike

Life in college is very friendly to bike owners. You can ride conveniently along the pavements all the way to your hostel. Which other reasons should compel you to own a bike in college? 

  • Convenient to move around

A bike makes it easier to move around campus. Whether you are coming from the hostel to class or the library, it will be easier and faster. Since you spend less time on the road, you can accomplish more. 

Short distances will never bother you whenever you are in college. You can rent a hostel room outside the college and still live as though lecture halls and the library are next doors. In case you live in two, you are safe from traffic jams that could delay your arrival to the next destination. 

Luckily, institutions and governments have provided the necessary infrastructure to accommodate riders. You avoid squeezing on the road with vehicles or having to ring the bell to get pedestrians out of the way. Above all, it is fun to ride conveniently through college. 

  • Good for exercise 

The bike requires a lot of energy to ride around. In the course of propelling it to motion, you will be exercising your muscles. The terrain will also cause you to use extra stamina to ride through college or to any destination. It will leave your body feeling flexible and the muscles toned.

The bike is used extensively in gyms. The same concept applies when you are riding a bike for fun. You end up exercising your muscles, leaving you healthier. 

The bike will get you to leave the room more often. Since it is fun and easy to move around, you will be motivated to take rides and enjoy sceneries around campus. Such tours do not eat into your resources. They are, therefore, easier to plan. By avoiding a sedentary lifestyle, you will be fit. 

  • To take to picnics and excursions 

Do you enjoy life outdoors? Invest in a bike and you will take your outdoor life to another level. Picnic sites are usually a distance away from colleges and hostels. You need a taxi or a personal vehicle to visit these places. A bike will get you to picnic sites tens of kilometers within minutes. To make the deal better, riding to these sites is an excursion on its own. A bike, therefore, becomes a source of double fun. 

  • It is green mobile

The world is looking for environmentally conscious individuals. It is a personal responsibility to reduce your carbon footprints on earth with every activity you engage in. Moving around in a bike will help you to play a part in building a greener global community. 

Bikes do not use fossil fuel to get from one point to the other. It means that your movements will not result in environmental pollution. An added advantage when riding a bike is the opportunity to exercise. You will be fit without the use of any electronic gadget. It feels like you are recycling your energy for application in multiple activities. 

  • Cost-effective 

Are you looking for ways to save money while in college? Invest in a bike. A bike costs significantly less than a car yet it will cover most of your transportation needs. In fact, it will get you further than a car while in college and the neighborhood. 

The added advantages of owning a bike mean that you save more money in other areas. For instance, you do not have to pay a gym subscription since you are exercising every moment you are riding the bike. As you ride outdoors and exercise, you enjoy free mental health therapy. On all levels, it will cost less to live life on the pedals of a bike. 

  • Help in socializing 

Bike lovers enjoy the company of other bike lovers. As a result, they constantly meet for rides and excursions. Riding, therefore, becomes a chance to meet new people and enjoy the wonderful company. 

The bike also invites you to a lot of outdoor activities. Whether it is a stroll on the road or an expedition along bike tracks in the forest, you will be in good company. Since riding the bike comes at zero cost, you are likely to go for more picnics and excursions compared to students using vehicles. 

  • It will get you outdoors 

It is healthy to be outdoors for any student. A bike is a perfect motivation to get out of your room. Riding on any terrain is a gym session, lifting your mood and rewarding you for getting out of the hostel.

  • See the global local

The idea of tourism appears to target visitors from far. Unknown to many, there is a lot of potential in local tourism. You are yet to discover what your neighborhood has to offer. The convenience that comes with owning a bike pushes you to explore your neighborhood more. It amounts to cheap yet rewarding relaxation. 


A bike will change the life of any college student by offering convenient transport. It helps you to exercise, and especially go outdoors, leaving you healthier and rejuvenated for college chores. It is also your way of contributing to a greener planet.

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