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Optical Character Recognition: Tools to convert image to text file?

Tools to Convert Image to Text File – Today people are more invested in their digital gadgets instead of relying on pens and papers. You should know that still, the paper industry hasn’t gone out of business as many industries are still using paper. 

Tools to Convert Image to Text File

Tools to Convert Image to Text File


These include newspapers, books, invoices, receipts, and billings. Now the question is, in this digital era where all of us are getting more inclined and comfortable with technology, where would these paper-based documents be saved? The answer to this question will be given in this article in somewhat detail.

Optical Character Recognition

As the name tells us, the optical character recognition system is the technique that helps extract all visible content from an image. The OCR allows you to convert all kinds of hard paper documents to text, Word, or even PDF format. In the past, the only way you could have converted a hard copy document to a digital one was by typing the content manually from it. But today, with the help of modern tech and tools, you can do it in less than seconds. 

OCR is considered very important today because it saves a lot of time, money, effort, and productivity wasted in the manual conversion process. Also, know that today there are dozens of free image to text converter tools found on the web that can help you change your images to text for free. 

Some of the best ones have been discussed in the next section.

The best image to text converter tools for everyone!

Here are some of the best image-to-text converters that can transform all image formats into editable text. 

  • Image to Text – SmallSEOTools

The image to text converter is among the most reliable tools on the internet. This free tool can be used to serve two purposes. The first one is converting pictures to text, and the second one is working as a photo text editor. The use of this image to text converter is quite simple and elegant. You can use this photo text editor like a pro, even if you have no prior experience. Just open up the tool on your browser from the interface of smallseotools and upload the picture having text in it. After inserting the image, you have to click on the ‘convert’ option. In less than ten seconds, you would get your image file converted to text. You can also make a grammar check on the converted text with this OCR converter.

  • Image to Text – SearchEngineReports

This OCR converter is another powerful option that you can use to change an image into text. If you are looking for a free and sophisticated converter, then you should probably try this one. With this free image to text converter, you can transform thousands of images into text in a day without any restrictions. This tool is also based on the cloud so that you won’t worry about any installations. Just open the tool on chrome and enter the images that you need to convert. You can not only convert images to text, but you can also use image URLs as input. 

  • Image to Text – Duplichecker

The picture to text converter is also a famous option that you can consider for accurate conversions. This image to text converter can only cater to jpg image inputs, so you can only take help from it if you have jpg images having text on them. The working of this converter is also very simple. You need to enter the image or URL in the tool and hit the convert image button. The best thing about this OCR converter is that it also allows you to set the language you want to convert the text in.

  • Microsoft One Note

Microsoft one note is another fabulous tool cum application that can help you change an image to text or word format. One note is usually considered as a note-keeping resource. Still, you must know that this application has plenty of features that make it reliable for an image to text conversions. One note also uses the optical character recognition system to analyze an image format and extract text. You have to insert an image in the app, right-click on it and select the ‘copy text from picture’ option. In a matter of seconds, you would get a text/word file.

  • Simple OCR

As the name tells us, Simple OCR is a very straightforward and clean tool that can convert all kinds of images to text. This is a paid scanner cum converter tool, but you can easily enjoy its free version for two weeks. You can add images in the tool and convert them to text and use multiple features of the tool to check the text for grammar, spelling, and other human errors. You can save the extracted and modified text in Word or also in TXT format. This tool is considered to be best for converting confidential files to editable formats!

These are some of the top-notch Tools to Convert Image to Text converters that can help you change an image to editable text!

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