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How Many 3S in the Image – Puzzle with Riddle Answer

If we talk about the How Many 3S in the Image puzzle is currently on trend on Whatsapp and also on social media. You need to know that this simple puzzle needs the skills of observation and also concentration to solve this puzzle simply. Lots of people from all over the world are mostly self-isolated due to the lockdown and coronavirus and also they don’t have anything to do at home in their free time. So, people start sharing puzzles and riddles online in order to help other people be sharp during their free time. 

How Many 3S in the Image – Puzzle with Riddle Answer

How Many 3S in the Image

Eye test puzzles are also becoming popular on Whatsapp. Here we are going to talk about an eye test of How Many 3S in the Image is recently trending on Whatsapp and also on some of the other social media platforms as well. 

Eye Test How Many 3s In The Images Given Below

In this eye test puzzle, you are required to find out the exact number of threes in the, particularly given image. Also, this is not like a proper eye test and it is one of the observation texts. People who have great observation skills will find it easy to solve this puzzle. Also, their puzzle will also help the people to be occupied and to keep busy at the time of lockdown. Also, there is no trick hidden or there is no special answer to this puzzle as well. These are really simple puzzles and you only need to observe and simply count How Many 3S in the Image. 

How Many 3s In The Image?

One of the pictures of an iPhone screen along with a series of threes on it gets viral on the internet and on social media platforms. Lots of people start looking for the answer and discuss with each other about that image which circulates a question which is “How many three’s can you see in the picture?” All thanks to the coronavirus lockdown that a huge number of countries are in self-isolation. Some of the people start working from home and some of the people find themselves doing it in their free time. People start posting puzzles and riddles on the internet in order to keep themselves busy and to sharpen their minds during their free time. On Whatsapp, eye test puzzles have become so popular. 

If your answer for this puzzle is 15, 19, and 21 then it means that you have reached a conclusion as the huge majority of the social media users. In this image, there are a total 19 number of threes but they may be 21 which will completely depend upon the query. 

The button of number eight gets replaced which means that there is a total number of the keypad along with the eighth threes in the given phone number. Three number threes which take place at 3:33 PM and two also appear on the power of the battery which is 33%. The signal of wifi and bar also has three bars which appear at the top left side of the image. Also, some people think that two signals are also a part of the puzzle which will bring a total number of 3s to 21. So, it will depend upon how you understand this question, and also the correct answer will be 19 or 21. Simply check out the image in a proper manner to understand the answer properly. 

Answer to “Eye Test How Many 3s” Puzzle

If you are looking for the answer to an eye test how many 3s puzzle then it will range from 15 to 21. Also, lots of people at first glance notice that there are 15 threes in the image. You are required to notice that there are two threes that are available on the number pad as the eighth number gets replaced by the three. After this, there are eight 3’s in the phone number. Lots of people find out that the charge percentage of the battery is also 33% and the time is also 3:33 PM. 

If you look more closely at the name under the phone number then you will also find more 3s. So, it means that you will get a total number of 18 3s in the image but there is one more hidden 3s that most people fail to observe. Under the number four on the keypad, the T letter gets replaced by the number 3. So, the total number of 3s in the image is 19. 

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Final Verdict:

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