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[Top 15+] Best KissAnime Alternatives (100% working)

One of the ancestors of streaming websites on the Internet was With a large library, it was a valuable facility. There are very few anime streaming services available these days. Kiss anime was taken down recently. That is because of the strict enforcement by the streaming services of copyright.

In this article, I will be discussing 15+ best kissAnime Alternatives which will be 100% working in the United States especially. 

Best KissAnime Alternatives

KissAnime Alternatives

This will allow you to watch Free Movie Streaming Sites No Sign Up Required. We have an essential emphasis on the content of the library and downloading as well. To get moving, let’s take a look at some of our favorite picks.

Top Recommendations of KissAnime Alternatives

  • Crunchyroll
  • Netflix
  • 9AnimeLab
  • Anime Freak
  • 9Anime

With a huge library of top-rated series, KissAnime came. Here are some of the best websites for streaming that we use for our entertainment. We have some streaming services that are charged as well as free. If you ever watch the movie on solarmovie and if it is not working on your location then you can check out the solarmovie alternatives as well to watch movies and tv shows for free of cost. 

kissanime Alternatives Netflix

With a vast catalog of TV shows and movies, Netflix is a popular streaming site. In the Anime section, they spend heavily as well. These days, with one click, users can stream their favorite Japanese shows.

The library has been expanding each day. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, one of the 2020s most thrilling series, is available here. You can also stream some exclusive anime on Netflix, such as Devilman Crybaby.

In various countries, the platform investigates the audience. The Japanese style of art is very common in many countries. The only difference is that there was total freedom for KissAnime alternatives. Users of Netflix have to pay a subscription-free to enjoy the entertainment.

kissanime Alternatives Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll is a robust online anime streaming platform. Because of the standard library, it is trendy. On the website, countless shows from all genres are available.

For a long time, many individuals have been using their facilities. It is a reliable service with a great base of customers. On this platform, there are 25000+ episodes available.

You’ll be able to explore comics, music, and several other cultural items. With the help of advertising, the free edition of the web works.

Because of its fast uploads, everyone wants to get this service. Within a few hours of the anime broadcast, users can begin streaming. You can watch any season of anime, your favorite anime, any anime you want.

kissanime Alternatives 9Anime

9Anime is one of the best websites for streaming online, such as KissAnime, since it has many high-speed servers. Its user interface, with a sleek style, is modern and clean.

It is a well-known web-based streaming platform for anime that lets you watch and download anime recordings. It is a perfect sites like KissAnime because it makes it possible for you to watch the new animes much earlier than other websites.

It provides videos in both SD and HD quality and allows all MAL directories to be imported into the 9Anime Library. It includes different genres from which to choose: drama, action, vampire, sorcery, samurai, sports, yaoi, etc. a user can register and query or suggest a request.

kissanime Alternatives gogo anime

GoGoAnime has a large library with links to great players for streaming. Without having any difficulties, you can transmit with ease. It comes with an easy to explore, stunning interface. The site has the new episodes available. Your favorite anime season that you want in HD quality can be streamed.

Without any subscriptions, users can check out their favorite shows. For those exploring the website, it is absolutely cost-free to use. On the website, there are distinct lists and genres. It’s been a long time since we tried this site. The video player is also suitable for online use.

kissanime Alternatives anime freak

Anime Freak is yet another streaming site that you can stream anime on alternatives to KissAnime with an enormous library. Many educational episodes and programs are available here.

Viewers will begin viewing without any hassle at all right now. It has a similar user interface to the website for GoGo anime. The various genres and various servers available can be checked out by users.

When you have access to Anime Freak, you will never run out of entertainment. The platform is really user friendly. They have more than 15000 regular streaming episodes. Users can also check out the live shows.

kissanime Alternatives funimation

Funimation pays for the streaming service, which these days are becoming increasingly popular. Ensuring that you can legally stream content is important. This service is being invested in by many viewers worldwide. For all Otakus, the premium anime streaming service is fine. Every day, you can check out new shows and episodes. For certain people, the cost of a subscription is curiously manageable.

Every month, the premium plus option is available for a few dollars. At present, Funimation is only available in a few regions worldwide. The library is still growing, and nearly every day there are new shows available. Even, the user interface is quick to get around.

kissanime Alternatives animeheaven

For a few bucks, the premium plus options are available each month. Currently, Funimation is only available worldwide in a few countries. The library is still growing and there are new shows available almost every day. Also, it is easy to get around the user interface. Within a few hours of its transmission, it has all the latest episodes of anime shows available.

Then, AnimeHeave is your one-stop for viewers who prefer subbed or dubbed anime. It is also popular for anime binge-watching, as you can enjoy your favorite anime non-stop without any streaming problems.

It contains about 3500 titles and updates its database on a regular basis. To let you know more about the characters and the storyline, it also gives a brief overview of the anime. Its comment function helps you to speak to fellow viewers. Adventure, horror, action, romance, superpower, etc. are the genres that it offers.

  • JustDubs


For users who love English anime, Only Dubs is the best spot. It can be a pain to watch your favorite anime since there are so few Dub websites. We are going to take a look at the finest results on this page.

For your convenience, the usual death note suspects and other platforms are readily accessible. The new dub episodes can be explored by users with one click.

You can also try out an HD-quality video player. For your streaming needs, we suggest using it. It’s only a single click away and doesn’t need a lot of experience. The live chat function helps users to get in contact with various people.

  • Chia Anime

Chia Anime

A true alternative to KissAnime, Chia-Anime consists of several free films and anime episodes. To run its GUI, the user must be well-versed in Japanese or English. For all anime fans, Chia-Anime is a one-stop shop because it provides a huge database of all anime shows and movies on a single platform.

It is made up of many genres, including suspense, comedy, drama, horror, mystery, romance, etc. Another value is that it also presents an animated series. In addition, with thumbnails, it also offers dubbed manga movies.

  • Anime Stream Online

animestream online

The anime stream comes with a large base of users such as KissAnime. Through this website, anyone can explore their choices. For a long time, we have been using its facilities. The GUI perfectly showcases every show. In addition, there is a live chat room on the website. It is free to watch your favorite shows on this platform.


AnimeLab is another well-known KissAnime alternative. It contains a great list of internet-accessible anime series. This website can be easily accessed on various devices, such as Android, iOS, Apple TV, Chromecast, PlayStation Xbox, etc.

AnimeLab has gained a strong reputation because within one hour of its broadcast in Japan it enables them to download the new episodes. In both English and Japanese subtitles, the content is available and provides some of the best classic hits. You will watch these shows on handy mobile apps and from the comforts of your home.

  • MasterAni.Me

master anime

One of the popular anime websites that allows you to watch dubbed anime in English is, which is also free. In the HD format, it offers about 2500 recent anime movies. This website can be accessed at any time and from anywhere around the world. Its GUI is elegant and very easy to use and comprehend.

  • Anime Streams

anime streams

A very powerful alternative to KissAnime is Anime Sources. It is a streaming app for cartoons and is very user-friendly. It has very colourful and lively graphics and increases the viewer’s viewing experience. Owing to the high load of traffic on its server, you will often face website load issues.

Due to its uniqueness in this field, its user-interface is quite new. It provides users with free curated animes and comes with both light and dark features. It also provides several free links for English dubbed and subbed anime. It is a website created for all lovers of anime and does not have pop-up advertising on it.

  • Anilinkz


Anilinkz is an alternative to KissAnime and provides, free of charge, a wide database of series, movies, dramas, and much more. Its content is ordered alphabetically from A-Z and has variants of the content dubbed or subbed. Its user interface is engaging and provides the latest collection and regular updates.

All genres including suspense, fantasy, mystery, action, horror, romance, etc. are given. To watch episodes of your anime, there is no registration required. Without limits, it provides easy and unrestricted streaming. It also has search bars and categories features for the user.

  • KimCartoon


Like KissAnime on the market, KimCartoon is really trendy. This platform is loved by all animation and cartoon lovers as it offers the best-animated movies and shows from the US and Japan. Its website is very well-structured and simple to use, offering links to animated films and cartoons of great quality.

Through tv and different other devices, you can access this website. Users can easily search through the filters to find their range.

  • KissManga


KissManga is also named KissAnime’s sister and acts as one of the best KissAnime alternatives. Manga is called Japanese-based comics, and these are translated to anime; hence, the manga has also been read by many anime fans. When the film adaptation is still not made, KissManga comes into action.

As they wait for the anime to come out, anime viewers depend on manga. Along with superfast loading speed and excellent ease of reading, KissManga helps them to browse great quality manga for free. So, you can read the famous manga on KissManga for free instead of waiting forever for anime adaptations.


Mentions above are Best KissAnime Alternatives. But before streaming from these websites, we suggest you use a VPN since a VPN masks your IP address. It will stop you from having viruses by hiding your IP address. We hope that our top picks will allow you to begin streaming easily.

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