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Tekken 7 Tier List of Best Characters [Updated 2021]



Bandai Namco Entertainment released the Tekken 7 in Feb 2019. It is an arcade system fighting game. Overtime game got lots of improvements and updates. Now, it is favoring more of the new players by introducing Rage Arts and Power Crush Mechanic, simultaneously it improved the game for the pro players. If you are looking for a Tekken 7 tier list with the best character list of 2021 then you can follow this guide. 

Tekken 7 Tier List

Tekken 7 Tier List

If you are wondering which character will take the top spot of the tier in Tekken 7 tier list then you will find out here. Let’s be honest, we all have our favorite players and we frequently choose them in-game. Maybe because we became friendly with their moves and powers as well as our muscle memory work better with them. It is all about practice. It is our Tekken 7 tier list season 3. 

With every update, we see new features and make a tier list of Tekken 7 according to character strength and power. Using the right combo of moves and understanding the character is more important than knowing the character’s power. It is more of skill than knowledge. 

Constituting Tekken Character Tier List:

What are the factors which should be taken to make the Tekken tier list? How will we know which Tekken character will fit in the top or bottom tiers? There are a lot of questions and there are answers for them. For instance, a character can be very powerful but it may lack control and good fighting skills.

We cannot make the list according to the amount of power a character has or how hard it can hit. The list should be elaborative as well as justify the character’s strength and skill.

When we started, we have 20 unlocked Tekken 7 character lists and over time it goes to 36 and after the pallet swipe, it will go up to 50. Choosing the tier of all these 50 characters can be tricky if and only if we do not choose the factors which will influence the ranking of these characters.

Factors Considered to Update the Tier List

We have chosen the characters according to their user interference as well as how easy it is to handle them. It also depends upon the character fighting skill over time. If a character is very powerful but lacks skill then that character cannot be featured in the top tier. Tekken 7 character tier list will be constituted according to the fighting skill and how easy a character gets handled by the players. We indeed look upon the power of the characters but it cannot be the only factor to be considered.

What is the Highest Tier?

The characters are assigned in such a way that their tiers will tell you two things:  first how easily these characters can win against the others and how hard it will be to defeat these characters by the others. Tekken 7 tier list season 2 has been updated and here is the Tekken 7 season 3 tier list:

  • 7th tier– they are the characters that are very hard to play as well as they cannot win easily against the other tier characters. These characters are weak, slow, and can’t compete effectively against the top tier players. They can indeed give a good fight to them but it will be very hard for these players to win against the top tiers. They can instead win against 6th and 5th tier players if the player is skilled.
  • 6th tier- these characters are better than the 7th tier characters and have some control over the moves. They can win against the 5th tier characters but winning against the 4th and 3rd tier will require a god-level skill.
  • 5th tier– they are medium strength players with good command over moves and likely to be skilled easily. These characters can beat the 7th tier easily and give a good fight to the 1st tiers. They can fight amazingly against the 2nd tier characters as well as in the right condition they can even win against them. These characters have both powers and control as well as the required skill to give an amazing fight.
  • 4th tier– the characters in the 4th tiers can win against the 1st tier characters as well as they can be beaten by the 6th and 5th tier characters too. These characters are strong and powerful but lack a little skill which acts as Achilles Heel. 
  • 3rd tier– these characters are very strong and skilled to beat all the below level tiers but they equally find it difficult to win against the 1st tiers players. 
  • 2nd tier- these characters are the best in the game. They can beat the 1st tiers and win against all the tiers below them. They are amazingly skilled and powerful. 1st tiers characters can be beaten by them if the player is more skilled.
  • 1st tier- this tier is constituted of Tekken 7 best characters. They can easily beat any tiers with the minimum move. If the player is very skilled and has a great reaction time then it is almost impossible to beat these characters. 
Tiers                                    Characters 
7th Eddy, Xiaoyu, Eliza, Gigas, Lei
6th Negan, Marduk, Lars, Noctis, Yoshimitsu, Armored King 
5th Leo, Panda, Kuma, Katarina, Lucky Chloe
4th Claudio, Hwoarang, Julia, Asuka, Jack 7, Miguel, Anna, Lily, Bob, Josie, Fend 
3rd Ganryu, Dragunov, Law, Bryan, Nina, Kajuya, Heihachi, Alisa 
2nd Leroy, Steve, Geese Howard, Zafeena, Shaheen, Jin, Paul
1st Raven, King, Devil Jin, Akuma, Lee

What Would be the Result of Lowest Tier Fight Against Top Tier?

Well, it depends upon the players but one thing is sure that the top tier’s character will have the upper hand over the lowest tiers. If the top-tier character is playing by the less skilled players who do not understand the player powers and combinations then there is a higher chance of losing against a player who understands the lower-tier characters and skilled.

Does Higher Tier Mean that Characters will be Easy to Play?

No. it is not necessary that the higher tier characters can be played smoother than the lower tier characters. Devil Jin is from the top tier but it is very hard to skill him. You will need quite a patience and practice to understand the character powers and combinations of the move and use it according to your requirements. One of the most player-friendly characters is Jin and Paul. Some people even like to play with King and find it more playable. 

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Final Verdict

With every season we see new updates in the characters. These updates influence the power move combination and make an effect on the player’s moves. You can choose the right character according to your need and get the best result in the game. If you are quite a player then you may know that the player skill and understanding of the gameplay very important role. We cannot ignore the fact that some of these characters are stronger but a player’s skill plays an important role and you cannot deny the fact that a skilled player can beat a top-tier character played by a beginner. 

We had started with Tekken 4 tier list and since then we are regularly updating our readers with the information.

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