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How to Reset Pokémon Sun or Moon?

You are playing the Pokémon Sun and Moon game on the Nintendo 3DS or do you want to scrap your save file for changing your character’s name then you must want to know How to Reset Pokémon Sun or Moon. So, You want to try a new starter Pokémon and simply just want to play through the game again. You have to know how to reset Pokémon Sun and Moon.

For the reset, your Pokémon Sun and Moon game is a simple process. There is no real direction given for how to actually do it. You will share this article with a simple process.

How to Reset Pokémon Sun or Moon?

How to Reset Pokémon Sun or Moon
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We are also going through the soft resetting process. When we have too many shiny Pokémon hunters will find it to be extremely useful as they enable you to quickly get back into your previous save. If those Pokémon are too elusive to catch in the first round.

How to Reset Pokémon Sun and Moon?

In all Pokémon games, Pokémon Sun and Moon allow you to have one save the file. It means you will have to reset the game. If you want to do any of which is mentioned above. For the reset Pokémon Sun and Moon follow the simple steps below. If you get to the end so, don’t worry about that and you don’t want to reset your game. Now, you have the option to confirm your choice. You need to follow these steps which are mentioned below.

  1. You have to Load up Pokémon Sun and Moon.
  2. You have to turn on your Nintendo 3DS and Load the Pokémon Sun and Moon.
  3. Now, Press the X, B, Up.
  4. When you get in the menu of the game, you have to press the Following: X, B, and upon the D-pad. It will bring up the option to delete your save file.
  5. After that Confirm your rest.
  6. You have to click on the yes then you will have done a reset copy of Pokémon Sun and Moon.

When do you want to reset your Pokémon Sun and Moon again, so you can repeat this process? You have endless adventures in the Aloha region. For the resetting of other 3DS Pokémon games. You can follow the simple process. When you are playing another version on the 3DS so, this method will work.

How to Soft Reset Pokémon Sun and Moon?

When you don’t want to reset Pokémon Sun and Moon Completely. You are looking for other options, so you are in the right place. When you want to soft reset and don’t want to reset the complete game. You can hunt for those ever- desired shiny Pokémon. There is no complication for hacks and workarounds for getting your best-loved shiny one time Pokémon. You can simply reset your Pokemon Sun and Moon game. After that, you will be placed back at your previous screen, where you can load the exact spot. If you have saved your last spot, you will get back on that quickly and easily.

You can follow the steps for the reset soft of Pokémon Sun and moon and after doing the reset you can catch the rare monsters.

  1. You should save your game
  2. For the currently playing your Pokemon Sun or Moon game save you game.
  3. You have to press L, R, and select it.
  4. When you want a soft reset then press L, R, and select the buttons.
  5. You have to Load your saved file
  6. Now, you will be on the main menu. there you can load up and save your game.

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Now, you will be able to reset the Pokémon Sun or Moon at your game. I have explained to you how to delete your file and how to reset it. I hope you will do the reset of Pokémon successfully. This article will help to soft reset also. Now, if you have any kind of doubt so, you can write in the comment section.

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