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The Girl in The Basement Real Story – Where is Elisabeth Fritzl Now?

The Girl in The Basement Real Story – People still looking for answers to “Girl in the Basement True Story” You need to know that Elisabeth Fritzl is one of the victims who is a 24-year-long rape case from the hand of her own father. Her story came into the spotlight in 2008.

But, now, the question is where is Elisabeth Fritzl now? Lots of people who follow up on her case really want to know about her and about her life after this incident. If you are also one of them who wants to know all these things then you have to read this article till the end. 

One of the new feature films which is “The Girl in the Basement real person” will tell you the real story of the rape and also the abuse which happens to Elisabeth Fritzl by her own real father. Also, the devastating truth comes into the headlines at the time when she tries to escape from the basement where she was locked.

The Girl in The Basement Real Story

The Girl in The Basement Real Story
Picture Credit: The Sun

The shocking case of Elisabeth helps uncover a series of other similar cases. Where is Elisabeth Fritzl Now? If you also want to know The Girl in The Basement Real Story then keep reading this article till the end.

The Girl in The Basement Real Story

What Happened to Elisabeth Fritzl? 

On 28th August 1984, the 18 years old waitress Elisabeth was living with her father Joseph and Mother Rosemarie. At that time, she was called by her father in the basement to help him in the process of placing a door.

Josef is a 49 years old engineer and property developer who also spent many years on a project of basement conversion. Elisabeth is a little bit aware that it is a trick to imprison her.

At the time of holding the door, Josef held a soaked rag on her face until she passed out. Then, he handcuffed her and locked her inside the basement. Keep reading this article to know the complete girl in the basement story.

Her mother Rosemarie will get a handwritten note from her daughter which was postmarked from the town of Braunau in Upper Austria where she said that she left the house and town and asked her parents to not look after her as she is fleeing the country. 

Where is Elisabeth Fritzl Now?

When Elisabeth was imprisoned, she was 18 years old and when she escaped in the year 2008, she was 42 years old. The eldest of her six children whom she gave birth to because her father required to be admitted to the hospital.

As a result, Elisabeth’s father allowed her to take the child to the hospital. Also, it happens for the first time in the last 24 years when she comes into the sunlight.

After that, she quickly left into the basement but some of the suspicious notes got left behind by the perked Josef who is one of the staff members of the hospital which led the police to visit the house. 

After that note, she was discovered and rescued from imprisonment. As per the Meaww, she along with her children were shifted to state care immediately and then to the village located in Northern Austria where she started getting therapy.

In starting, psychologists suggest for the life long therapy as she is filled with the trauma. Elisabeth will get a new name and a new identity from the Government. 

She starts living with her children in the light and in a small home so that she doesn’t find any past pieces. Also, her children are now between 17 years to 35 years. In between her 6 children, two of them start facing anxiety and panic issues. In the process of recovery, they start taking mood-altering drugs, exercising, and also dieting plans to start living a former lifestyle. 

As to the Independent, Elisabeth and her mother Resemarie Fritzl are having a strained relationship in starting and now they grow closer and repairing their relationship. Josef Fritzl gets sentenced to life imprisonment in the Garsten Abbey and he starts suffering from dementia. Later, he changed his last name to Meyerhoff and in his final days, he lived in anonymity. 

The two-story family house of Elisabeth is constantly kept under CCTV surveillance and also gets patrolled by the security guards and if they find any stranger lurking nearby her house then they keep that person to the police in a quick manner.

Also, the village’s resident also helps Elizabeth to protect her family and one of the photographers sent to the village X recalled: “There are only a few villagers and also they all are with the police. I also get surrounded by people who said that they don’t want to talk with me and they even don’t want to see me. 

As per the report in 2019, Elisabeth found love with the bodyguard. Elisabeth surprised the people when she started against the odds and also she kept her sanity and cared for her kids in such terrifying situations.

Also, Elisabeth surprised lots of people by overcoming her ordeal and starting looking for happiness.

The family is fine now, said one of the restaurant owners. He also said that they generally make a visit to his place and they treat them like their guests.

Mostly every villager knows well about The Girl in The Basement Real Story and one of the villagers said that apart from what they have been through, they are so polite, and happy and start smiling now.

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