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Examples of Hazards That Could Hurt Your Laptop

Having a laptop is quite common nowadays. Some use it for work; others need a computer for entertainment. However, whether it is a cheap or expensive model, one needs to understand that not taking proper care of the computer will result in various problems.

Examples of Hazards That Could Hurt Your Laptop

Examples of Hazards That Could Hurt Your Laptop

A slow performance, random crashes, freezes, and even the disappearance of important files could potentially happen. And it is not just significant carelessness that could lead to these issues. No, minor inconveniences may be just as bad. 

Let’s take a look at some potential hazards that are threatening your laptop and ways to manage them properly.

Avoid Liquids and Food Around the Computer

Spilling some water on a laptop is not the end of the world, but you should still not risk it. A similar thing can be said about food. If you have to eat and watch a movie or a TV show on the computer simultaneously, make sure that you do not drop the food on the keyboard.

These things may seem obvious, but it is easy to lose concentration. And before you know it, there is ketchup stuck in the keyboard, and cleaning that is not as easy as one might think. 

Shut the Laptop Down Regularly

Even if you use your laptop a lot, you should still shut it down after you finish. Keeping the computer on all the time is not good for the hardware and battery life. Non-stop work wears the drive and puts a strain on the internal fans. If the internal fans get overworked, they will struggle to cool the laptop.

Clean the Dust

Cleaning the dust inside is another effective method to prolong a laptop’s hardware lifespan. You need to remove the filth that accumulates inside, and you need to do it regularly. However, taking a laptop apart is a bit risky, so if you are reluctant to do the work yourself, ask someone with experience to clean the dust inside a laptop for you.

Of course, it is also recommended to clean the dust on the outside, particularly the screen and the keyboard.

Do Not Leave the Charger Plugged in

Make sure you do not leave the charger plugged in when the laptop is already at 100 percent of battery life. Also, it is important to unplug the charger properly because you risk damaging it and the port. Even a small dent or particle that breaks away from the charger and gets stuck inside the port could lead to serious charging problems.

Use Antivirus Software

Antivirus software is another item on the list of things you should have. The threat of malware and viruses is there, and if you are not careful, even minor cybersecurity threats could snowball out of control and cause significant problems to your laptop.

On the other hand, if you get reliable antivirus software that checks the system for potential malware and viruses regularly and eliminates located threats, there should be very few problems with cybersecurity.

Free up Drive Space

Laptops do not have as much storage as personal computers. It is no surprise to see laptop owners investing in an external HDD or purchasing a cloud service plan and transferring their files to a different location.

Deleting useless files and using streaming platforms to consume media instead of hoarding movies or TV shows on a computer is also a great piece of advice.

If you have a MacBook, freeing up drive space might be a bit more complicated, and it is recommended to read this article to get a better idea of what you can do to solve the problem.

Deal With Cables

Laptops may not have as many cables as personal computers, but neglecting to take proper care of them would be a bad idea. Avoid twisting cables at odd angles, and do not wrap them around sharp edges. Also, if a cable is plugged in, do not strain it.

Move the Laptop With Care

Whether it is you or another person holding a laptop, be sure to handle it with care. Some laptops may be more durable, and dropping them on a surface may not be enough to cause significant damage. However, it could land on the screen rather than one of the edges. Replacing or repairing a laptop’s screen could cost quite a lot.

Investing in a case cover is worth it because it prevents potential damages. And since a cover costs between 10 to 20 dollars, buying one should not be a problem.

Keep Pets Away

If you have pets, keep them away from the laptop. Your cat may fancy lying on the laptop because it radiates warmth, but the pet may decide to suddenly jump and push the laptop off the table. Not to mention all the cat hair that gets inside the laptop.

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