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Why Wont My HP Laptop Turn On While Plugging Also? – Fixing Guide

When your HP laptop enable to on?  This article for you, there is a number of fixes for trying on while I was also searching for an answer for “why wont my hp laptop turn on”. Through this article, you will learn why your article is not working.

Sometimes, we want to just lay down in the bed and want to enjoy the soccer game on free soccer streaming sites on our laptop, and if it won’t turn on then, it must be the most frustrating moment of the day. So, now you can follow this guide and you can enjoy your soccer game or if you want to watch movies on free movie streaming sites where no sign up required.

Why Wont My HP Laptop Turn On While Plugging Also?

Why Wont My HP Laptop Turn On

There are many reasons for your HP laptop is enable to on. When you will press the power button so, might be the light will be a blink. There many other situations, like when the laptop shows a blank screen this can be a blue screen also. These issues can be caused due to poor battery and external hardware. 

How Can We Fix These are Issues Even Plug in?

When your hp laptop won’t turn on but the charging light is on. It happens because on your Laptop multiple tasks are running in the background. You should check your battery instantly, Reset the laptop and discount the external device. Even after these methods, you will face the same issue and install or run the software and use the BIOS setting.

Method 1: – You should check the HP laptop’s Battery.

When the hp laptop won’t turn on power light flashes so, might be the laptop not work and turn on. You can do troubleshoot your HP laptop also.

  • When you found your battery is damaged so, you need to replace it immediately. After that start your laptop.  You have one alternate also, you can remove the battery and connect your charger to the HP laptop. Now, might be this issue will be fixed.
  • In case you want to know why wont my hp laptop turn on, you can use the power charger as the source of your laptop. Then you need to check your power cable as well. You should check your charger cable or AC adapter is working correctly. When you find an issue with the cable so, you can contact HP support.
  • After that you should check your laptop battery, you should find any obstacle so, you can try to use the AC adapter in the order to boot your laptop. You think “my hp laptop screen is black when I turn it on” so, you can try another method also.

Method 2: – You should disconnect all External Devices.

In this strategy, you should eliminate the outer gadgets that you have associated with the PC as this may cause the PC incapable to turn on. It happens in light of the fact that a couple of the gadgets head to equipment clashes with HP PCs. In any case, to eliminate the outer gadgets, you can follow the means referenced beneath. 

  • As a matter of first importance, you need to ensure that the PC is killed. 
  • Close to this, you can eliminate all outer gadgets associated with your PC. It very well may be a printer, USB drives, and docking station. 
  • As the last advance, you can utilize the force catch and turn your PC on. 
  • At the point when you turn on the PC subsequent to applying all the above activities, If the issue actually perseveres then you can kill your PC and associate one of the equipment gadgets and press the force catch to turn on your PC. In the event that you discover an issue subsequent to interfacing the gadget then you should refresh the drivers so your gadget can work appropriately. In the event that your HP PC will not turn on light glimmers, change to the following strategy. 

Strategy 3: Hard Reset your HP Pavilion Laptop 

In the event that your HP Pavilion PC will not turn on, you can take a stab at this technique to fix the issue. By resetting the PC, there are chances that your PC will turn on. Tell us for what reason will not my HP PC turn on. 

  • To start, ensure that your PC is killed. 
  • In the event that your PC has any sort of outside gadgets associated, you are needed to eliminate them. 
  • In the subsequent stage, you need to eliminate the force charger from your PC and reject the battery. 
  • After this, you can utilize the force button by squeezing and holding the catch for 30 seconds. 
  • Presently, you need to interface with the force connector. 
  • At that point, you can utilize the force button to turn the PC on. 
  • As the last advance, you can associate the battery with your PC. 

Method 4: Fix ‘PC Won’t Turn On’ Issue utilizing Tenorshare Windows Boot Genius 

On the off chance that your HP stream PC will not turn on, you can take help from Tenorshare Windows Boot Genius Software. With the assistance of this Windows salvage instrument, you can utilize various capacities like Password and Key Recovery, Windows Rescue, Disk Tools, and Data Recovery. Utilizing this product, you can fix a few issues including documents vanishing, PC accidents, and Windows login secret word misfortunes. To realize how to utilize this product, underneath are the accompanying advances. 

  • Since your HP Envy PC will not turn on, you should download Windows Boot Genius from the authority site with the assistance of another PC. After it gets downloaded, you can begin with the establishment on that other PC. 
  • Whenever it is introduced, you can run this product. Meanwhile, you can get ready for the clear DVD/CD/USB. 
  • At that point, you can associate any of the drives with the PC. 
  • From that point forward, you need to tap on the ‘Consume’ button to consume the bootable circle. 
  • Presently, change to your HP PC and restart it. 
  • At that point, press the F2/Delete/F10 key right away. 
  • Now, you are needed to enter the BIOS setting. You can change the setting from the evacuation drive for sure. 
  • In the wake of saving the subtleties, you can exit. 

Here, you need to sit tight for a brief timeframe until you see the data of Windows Boot Genius on your HP PC. From that point, you can choose the Windows Rescue choice situated on the left. In the Solution Center, you can choose the Crash prior to stacking bar choice. Also, at that point, you can adhere to the directions given on your screen and finish the interaction. After this, you can leave the Windows Boot Genius and eliminate the drive you associated previously. Eventually, you can give turning a shot on your PC. 

Method 5: Resolve ‘PC Won’t Turn On’ Issue with BIOS Settings 

At the point when your HP PC can’t boot after the Windows 10 update, rest mode, or some other obscure reasons then the BIOS setting is the solitary alternative to determine the issues. The means beneath will edify you on the most proficient method to BIOS setting when HP PC will not turn on in any event when connected. 

  • To start the cycle, you need to press and hold the Power button for around 5 seconds. This will close down your PC. 
  • Close to this, you can turn on your PC and utilize the F10 key right away and continue squeezing this key until the BIOS setting page shows on the screen. 
  • From that point, you can press the F9 key and pick the Yes button. 
  • Here, you can press the Enter button to recuperate the BIOS to its default settings. 
  • Now, you can leave the BIOS page and restart the HP PC. This will restart as typical and your PC will turn on effectively. 

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions on HP Laptop Issue:

How can we fix my HP laptop when it won’t turn on?

You should check the power supply or the battery. When your hp laptop not starting windows 10 so, you check the power supply.

How do you fix your HP laptop if it won’t turn on?

Firstly, you should check the proper issues with HP Laptop. 

  • Check your power supply
  • Remove the external device
  • Boost your laptop

How do I force start my HP laptop?

You have to unplugged the battery and power then press the hold the Power button for 15 seconds. It will drain any electrical charger from the capacitors. After that insert the battery or plug the AC adapter into the laptop.

Why won’t my laptop turn on even when plugged in?

When your laptop won’t power on, even its plugin. There are many reasons like – Supply of the battery, motherboard, RAM, and many more.


In the event that your HP Laptop will not turn on in any event, when connected, you can play out the previously mentioned strategies on your PC to fix the issue so you dont need to ask “why wont my hp laptop turn on”. There can be numerous reasons when a PC will not turn on HP however you can fix it at home with straightforward arrangements. If you have any questions so, you can write in the comment section.

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