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Best Casino Games You Can’t Miss in 2021

Despite the pandemic, online casinos have been filled up with innovation in 2021. New and best casino games have been introduced, that’s been introducing innovations in the gaming experience. Let’s take a look at some of the most interesting new games that have been introduced this year.

Best Casino Games You Can’t Miss in 2021

Best Casino Games

As always, the innovation is high, when new games are rolled out that will increase your options for boosting your wins with bonuses, free spins, or have even more control over your machines, as you are playing. So gone are the days, where you just had to push a button at a slot machine and hope for the best.

Now you can more actively control the game, as you sit with your cell phone in your hand and have a cozy time by playing the casino games.

  • More spins

Happy 8’s is changing the setup of the classic slot machine games. As the name implies, this is about doing eight spins and seeing how much luck you can accumulate over this little cycle. It’s about building a good starting point with gaining wilds during the first seven spins, which will be released at your eighth spin. This means that you have the possibility of building up a big series of bonuses and progressive awards.

  • Included free spins

When players are looking for places to play online slot machines, they often look for the options for free spins. That desire has been taken into Super Lit and Captain’s Quest, where you can have free spins launched in the game. The game is set up in a series of spins, where you can build up awards to your final wild spin.

  • Coming from TV

Jeopardy has moved away from the tv screens and into the slot machines. It’s a progressive slot that is based on the classic TV quiz show. You have multiple options to control the playing and activate different bonuses, pay lines, and free spins. And just like the final round in Jeopardy, you can make a bet to double your winnings or lose them all.

  • Poker

Online video poker games are also undergoing big innovations these years with multiple bonus options as you are playing along. In Stack ‘Em High from IGT, different card combinations can boost extra credits or give you more options of drawing the right card. In this way, your chances of getting a hand that will generate your big wins have increased.

  • Follow the latest news

If you want to follow the latest developments in the online best casino games, you can visit the American Casino Guide for updates and guidance on casinos. Here you will find a list of some of the best, licensed casinos in the US. They are all ranked, individually rated, and you can find information about bonuses, free spins, and other benefits.

The American Casino Guide also guides you towards the most popular slot games such as Imperial Riches, Monopoly, and Wheel of Fortune.

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