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Online Services – How To Access Valero Credit Card Online


on – For customers who spend their money on Gasoline, Valero Credit Card is a perfect option. They can earn lots of credit rewards. Customers should have legal citizenship of the United States and their age should have 18 years. If you have a good credit score only then you are eligible to apply for this Valero card.

Apply for Valero Card with Pre-Qualified Offer at

The procedure of Applying for this Valero Credit Card with Pre-Qualified Offer :

You can follow these easy simple steps if you have a pre-qualified offer for this Valero Credit Card :

  1. You have to visit the official site of Valero: Valero com offer.
  2. Fill up the customer number of pre-qualified offers.
  3. Provide your Social Security Number for the last 4-digits.
  4. Click on the Continue option to continue this procedure.
  5. You have to follow all the instructions to complete this process.

You can also apply manually for this Valero Credit Card :

You can follow these instructions to apply manually for this card:

  1. You have to visit the official site of Valero:
  2. Click on the Product & service option.
  3. Now, hit the Consumers option.
  4. Click on the Consumer Credit Cards option.
  5. Select Apply Here option.
  6. Enter your name in the required field.
  7. Enter your correct Address.
  8. Provide your appropriate contact number.
  9. Provide your associated Email Address to receive further instructions.
  10. Select the Submit Application option.
  11. To complete this procedure, follow the further instructions.

Fees and Price of Valero Consumer Credit Card :

Price :

  • Annual Percentage Rate: Your Annual Percentage Rate will be 24.99% on your first purchase.
  • Minimum Charges for Interest: you have to pay Interest Charges less than $2.00 if you have any charge of interest for a Valero consumer Credit Card in the future.

Fees :

  • Yearly Fee: You don’t have to pay any yearly fees for the Consumer Credit Card of Valero.
  • Late Fee Charges: In case of any Late Payment, you have to pay up to $38.

Profit of Applying for Valero Consumer Card Manually :

Consumers may have the following benefits of Valero Consumer Credit Card :

  1. Consumers can earn up to 8 cents on purchasing Fuel per Gallon.
  2. Valero has a bank of more than 5,000 locations which provide convenient facilities for their customers.
  3.  You can check your fuel discount as well as can manage your account online by using the Valero Self-serve option.
  4. They also provide the facility of adjustable payment from which you can select your due date.

How can you Make your Payment of the Valero Consumer Credit Card Bill :

Consumers should have a self-serve Account to pay their Valero Consumer Credit Card Bill. You can follow the following instructions to complete the procedure to pay your bill of Valero Consumer Credit Card Bill :

  1. Consumers should have to visit the official website of Valero:
  2. You can Sign in now by providing your credentials for signing up.
  3. Enter your Password in the required field.
  4. After completing the process of login into your account, you can make your payment of the Valero Consumer Credit Card Bill online.

Customer Care Service of Valero :

If you are facing any problem while applying for the Valero Credit Card then you can contact their customer care service, Valero.

Conclusions :

You are eligible to apply for Valero Credit Card if you received the pre-qualified Valero Card Offer. This card provides the offer to their consumers to save up to 8 gallons of fuel purchasing. The procedure of applying for this card is very easy. 

You can follow the full guide mentioned above to request the application for a Valero credit Card without any hustle and can enjoy the advantages of this card.

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