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on – EMS commonly known as Emergency Medical Services. It provides Medical Care in Emergencies. When any patient meets an accident or any serious illness then this system will be focus only on the patient’s medical care.

Patients can make the online payment by using the My EMS Account website in case you will receive any bill from Emergency Medical Services or EMS. Online services of EMS are available 24/7 to make any payment safe and securely without any charge.

Services of My EMS Account Service

If you want to pay the bills of EMS online by using their EMS bill Paysite then you can follow the following steps to pay:

  1. You have to visit the online website of EMS:
  2. Provide the Trip Number.
  3. Enter Your Date of Birth for verifying your ID.
  4. Enter 4-digits of your Social Security Number.
  5. Click the blue-colored Submit Button.

Note about

  1. Trip Numbers are located on the top of your billing statement. You can also check your Trip Number by clicking on the option “Where do I find my Trip Number” link available on the Homepage of My EMS Account.
  2. Patients can pay their bills online through their credit card or electronic Bank Drift.

You can also make the Payment through your Phone of My EMS Account:

You can also pay your bills of EMS by your Phone by following these simple steps :

if you don’t want to pay your payment online then you can also pay the bill by contacting their Customer Service of EMS through your phone. You can find their Customer Care Number on the billing statement.

Please check the call timings of the customer care number when you will contact on their Customer Service Number.

You can also Make your Payment through Mail of My EMS Account:

You can check the Mail Address available on the billing statement if you want to make their payment by sending a check to their Mailing Address.

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