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USPayserv Login 2022

If you want to try USVerify Electronic Payroll Services then access USPayServ Account at USPayserv Login with the full steps mentioned here.



USPayserv Login – You need to know that the employees of the company can able to use the USPayserv as the provider of their payroll and they can be able to access their pay stub onion which is available at for USPayserv Login.

You need to know that this website is available 24*7 for people and all the employees can simply be able to access or view their pay stub details related to their present pay cycle or also about their previous pay cycles as well. 

USPayserv Login

USPayserv Login

The USPayserv users are able to simply make a login into their account by just simply using their smart device like their laptop, or smartphone, or by their computer, or mobile device. Also, this platform will allow the users to simply view the details of their payroll anytime whenever they want to view the details of their pay.

If you are here to get to know the details about how to make a login to view paystub as then you have to keep reading this article till the end. This article will be helpful for you to get the complete details about it in a simple and proper manner. 

How to Login at [USPayserv Login] Login

As you know that the employees can simply b able to make a login into their pay stub account by simply making a visit to USPayserv Login where they have to enter their login details in a proper manner. In terms of making a login into their account successfully, all the costumes are required to enter their username, PIN, and also their employer code as well. You will get all this information from your employer at the time of your joining. 

If you forgot your PIN then you can simply be able to use the troubleshoot feature which is available on the homepage by making a click on the Forget Your PIN link. When you make click on this link then you will automatically get redirected to the screen where you have to enter your username and employer code and also you have to enter your default PIN and then you have to select and click on the Save button. By following this process, you can be able to reset your PIN easily and quickly. 

After making a login into your account, you can simply be able to view your USPayserv paystub in electronic form which is one of the identical copies of your paper pay stub. Also, it will show you your working hours, deductions, wage details and also your name and address and also the hours of your overtime, and much more. 

USPayserv Login Benefits

There are lots of benefits given by the USpayserv to the employers which get associated with the USPayserv Payroll services. One of the biggest benefits is the savings of money on the checks printing and also having mail to them to all the employees. Also, the postage, envelope, and also the cost of the paper will also get saved as the paystub will get sent in an electronic manner which is really easy and also cost-efficient as well. 

The employees are not dependent on their payroll or HR department for their payroll details like they can simply make a visit to the USPayserv and make a sign-in to their account by which they can be able to review all their details of the account. Also, they will get the proper answer to all their queries related ott their working hours, tax info, or also about all their deductions by simply making a login into their account. 

The users of this website can also be able to retrieve their USPayserv W2 which is available at the time of filing their taxes. Also, the employers can simply be able to view and also be able to download their W2 form from the website and also for the use of the taxes as well. 

USPayserv Website Features

If the users are having any questions or queries related to the service then they will get answers by simply making a call to their customer support center by using their contact number which is 1-866-612-8471 or also by simply submitting their question by email to their support mail which is [email protected]. At the time of submitting their question by email, they will usually take 24 hours or more to respond properly. 

Also, there are some other features as well which are mainly available for the users on the website like the interactive voice response to simply accept the payment details and also the fax back service the text messaging or the payment details or also about email distribution. You are required to simply check out the employer for more details related to these services provided on for all the queries related to your paystub details. 

USPayserv Contact Information

If you are one of the users of USPayserv and facing any issues for the first time or trying to make a login but facing some technical bugs or other issues then you can immediately connect with their customer support number which we are going to share in this section. You will simply be guided by the USPayserv for the USVerify secure login. 

  • Official Website:
  • Email Customer Service: [email protected]
  • Contact Customer Service: 866-612-8476
  • Timing Customer Service: 8 AM to 5 PM

If you are having any technical issues then you can be able to use the below-given contact numbers. 

  • Email Technical Help: [email protected]
  • Call: 866-612-8476 for any technical problem. 
  • Call: 901-260-4594 for local support. 
  • The timing of store: 8 AM to 5 PM

You may also be able to use the below-given address for the correspondence. 

  • US Payserve, 5521-Murray Avenue
  • Memphis, TN – 38119


  • What Kind of Information I Can Access On a USPayserv Website?

The employees can be able to check out their personal details and also be able to update them. They can be able to check out their payment-related details such as USverify pay stub, payrolls, and much more and the most important thing is that they can check out their work related information such as schedule, leave, and updates. 

  • Is USPayServe Secure to Access?

Yes, it is completely safe and secure to access by all the employees. 

  • Help me. I Can’t Open the Website?

You need to use the latest updated version of your web browser and check that your internet is working properly. If nothing will work then you need to contact the US pay serv portal to get help.

  • How to Sign Up for Uspayserv?

The employees can’t be able to register or create an account themself. The HR manager of the company is allowed to create an account for all the employees and also provide their login details for them. If you don’t get it then you can be able to ask your HR to simply provide you with the details. 

  • Can I View My Pay Stubs Details on USPayserv Online Portal?

Yes. All the employees of the organization who use the uspayserv can be able to view their paystubs anytime by using the account. Also, they can be able to view and also print their previous pay stubs summary. 

  • Is USPayserv Secure?

Yes, Uspayserv is one of the safe, secure and convenient online payroll management portals. 

  • Why Is My USPayserv Account Locked Out?

If you enter the wrong login details in a continuous manner then your account will get locked. In terms of unlocking your account, you have to make a call to the helpdesk center of USPayserv at 866-612-8476. 

How to Resolve the Issues of USPayserv?

If you are facing any issue at the time of logging into the USPayserv then you have to simply read and follow the steps which we are sharing below. 

  • You have to check out your login Id and password. 
  • The device which you are using needs to connect with the internet. 
  • Ensure that the CAPS lock is off. 
  • You  need to clear the cache and cookies from the browser and then reload the browser. 
  • Update the browser if needed. 
  • You can simply try to use a different web browser. 
  • Simply avoid the copy pasting of your user Id and password. 
  • If you forgot your password then you need to reset it simply. 
  • You have to close your web browser and then restart the system.

If none of the above methods are helpful for you then make a call at 1-866-612-8471 or send an email at [email protected]. Also, the customer support team will call you in a quick manner. You can also make a visit to the USPauserv client trip from 8Am to 5PM.

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Final Verdict:

So, finally, we have shared mostly all the details related to the uspayserv login which is available at If this article is helpful for you and helps you to gather all the useful details properly and share this article with other people, then they also get benefited from this article.

Also, if you have any issues or queries related to this article then feel free to connect with us by simply dropping your comment in the below-given comment section.

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