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Unhandled Exception HBO Max Can’t Login

If you are experiencing Unhandled Exception HBO Max Can’t Login issue then you must follow this guide and know more about it.



Unhandled Exception HBO Max Can’t Login – Could it be said that you are getting an “Unhandled Exception” while attempting to log in to HBO Max on any gadget, whether it be your cell phone, smart television, Fire TV, or application you are getting “can’t sign in Unhandled Exception”?

Unhandled Exception HBO Max Can’t Login

Unhandled Exception HBO Max

  • It is extremely irritating when we enter the right login certifications yet can’t sign and continue to get an “Unhandled Exception Error”.
  • Regardless of the way that these errors shouldn’t happen by any stretch of the imagination, there is a lamentable reality that these errors are very normal in membership-based streaming applications and can be effortlessly fixed.
  • At the point when the HBO Max server and client (Your gadget) can’t approve the credentials on a safe laid-out association, HBO Max tosses an Unhandled Exception Error.
  • We encountered it when we took a membership from Youtube television (YTTV) on the grounds that we used to watch HBO Max shows straightforwardly on YouTube television.
  • We reached HBO Max support yet they couldn’t tackle it, so that is the point at which we explored how to settle it and why this is working out.
  • Notwithstanding clients with YouTube television memberships detailing the HBO Max sign-in issue, there were numerous clients with ATT, Verizon, FIOS, and different providers who remembered HBO Max for their packages disclosing a similar issue.
  • You will realize the reason why this happens and how to determine it. We have furnished you with different choices, every one of which can work, so make certain to intently follow them all.

Why Are You Getting an Unhandled Exception case While Attempting To Login To HBO Max?

Because of the HBO Max Unhandled Exception error, you can’t sign in on your telephone, tablet, WiFi, or LTE information.

We talked with HBO Max support, however, they knew nothing about it and just advised me to attempt to sign in again sooner or later.

Since we had past experience recognizing the main reason, we solved the issue decently fast as we found that the verification subtleties were not getting approved by the HBO Max server and that the Unhandled Exception case didn’t happen due to erroneous login data. Utilizing the right login certifications will preclude the mistaken credentials, so either the unethical cache or cookies information or a brief error prompts this error.

Potential Reasons for HBO Max Unhandled Exception Error:

  • Impermanent Error
  • Corrupt Cookies
  • Outsider Sign-In Struggle
  • Provider Login Struggle

The provider’s finish of the issue is genuinely uncommon, and it seldom occurs for however long you are utilizing the right accreditations.

Since now we are familiar with the likely reasons for this, as well as experiencing difficulty signing into our HBO Max accounts, how about we push ahead to the handy solutions to return us once again to streaming?

How to Fix HBO Max Unhandled Exception Error?

To fix this error, we simply have to ensure our gadgets are associated with the web, have the right login certifications, and don’t have HBO Max application information put away on them.

Essentially, clearing the cache, cookies and other data on our gadget can fix the HBO Max Handled Exception error during login.

So how would it be advisable for you to respond when the HBO Max application gives an “Unhandled Exception Error” while login in?

  • Switch Off Gadget and Login Once more
  • Clear Cookies and Cache
  • Change Login Email Address
  • Reinstall HBO Max
  • Reset Gadget

Switch Off Gadget and Login Once more

  • Now and again, when we experience web dropout issues, the information that gets transferred, downloaded, and put away on our gadgets doesn’t get completely saved, bringing about validation errors and keeping us from signing in.
  • Subsequently, we want to play out a delicate reset of our gadget by doing a legitimate power cycle, since that will clear any brief information that could have been put away on it unintentionally.
  1. Switch Off the Gadget.
  2. Hang tight for 4-5 minutes prior to powering up.
  3. Turn on once more and attempt to sign in once more.
  • In the event that it’s happening because of the reasons over, a power cycle can determine it. Assuming the error actually perseveres, go on with the means beneath.

Clear Cookies and Cache

  • Doing a delicate reset will not necessarily in every case take care of the issue, as a power cycle just clears the transitory information on the gadget, not the introduced applications.
  • Since tainted cache and cookies are the essential reason for this Unhandled Exception error on our gadgets when we attempt to sign in, clearing cache, cookies, and other put-away information of HBO Max or gadget can tackle the issue.
  • Contingent upon whether you are having this issue on your device (android or iOS), shrewd television, Amazon Fire television, and so forth, your cookie and cache-clearing steps will vary.

Moves toward Clear HBO Max or Gadget Cache and Cookies:

  1. Explore to settings
  2. Select (Privacy, stored data, data management, and so forth) contingent upon your gadget.
  3. Pick “Clear Stored Data”
  4. Speedy Tip: Assuming you are confronting this on your iOS gadgets, explore Settings>Safari>Clear History or safari settings > advanced > site information > delete and information.
  • After you have cleared your cache and cookies, you can restart your gadget and afterward take a stab at signing into HBO Max once more.
  • While more often than not following these means will determine the issue on the off chance that you actually get this error subsequent to following the means above continue with the subsequent stages.

Change Login Email Address

  • In the event that you get an “Unhandled Exception Error” while signing into HBO Max on specific gadgets, yet can sign in on different gadgets, this step will fix the issue.
  • To determine the issue, you first need to have a go at signing in on different gadgets like a cell phone, PC, work area, or smart television whichever is accessible.
  • Ensure you likewise have a go at signing in involving your Wireless connection as well as your mobile data association.
  • Then, at that point, when you’ve effectively signed in, explore your HBO Max profile segment and update your email address and password.
  • Whenever that is finished, you will actually want to log in to the gadget that you were encountering this error on with the new email address and password you recently different.

Reinstall HBO Max

  • In the event that the error continues regardless of following every one of the above advances, you might have to reinstall the application.
  • By reinstalling the HBO Max application, all its stored data are cleared that could be clashing while you are endeavoring to sign in, and it is conceivable that it will straighten out and you will actually want to sign in.

Reset Gadget

  • If reinstalling the application doesn’t fix it and you are getting the issue on a particular gadget, then, at that point, you want to reset the gadget to its default settings. This will restore it like new and you will actually want to sign in by and by.
  • This is exceptionally interesting and there is an extremely high possibility that you won’t have to choose this step, yet on the off chance that every one of the above advances is followed accurately and nothing is missed, the factory default settings are the main choice left.

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Final Verdict:

We understand that experiencing the Unhandled Exception HBO Max blunder while attempting to sign in to the HBO Max application continually is disturbing, however, we trust that with the assistance of the above advances, you can sort this out on your gadget.

Basically, the HBO Max unhandled exception error while signing in happens because of a validation struggle between your gadget and HBO Max servers. To determine this, you ought to follow the means underneath.

  • Power Cycle your Gadget
  • Remove Cache, Cookies, and other stored data.
  • Attempt to sign in on another gadget and change your email address.
  • Reinstall the HBO Max Application
  • Hard Reset the gadget.

Please share your queries related to the above article in the comment section below and also share this informative article with your companions as well so they can also take help from our above guide.

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