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Sherlock Season 5- Trailer, Date, Cast, and Release

Sherlock is a show that keeps the audience at the edge of the seat. It is indeed a good show and that makes it hard for the fans to wait. It is hundred percent true that it is having a very large fan following and maybe you are also a fan of this show. 

If we talk about the last season then it was premiered on 1 January 2017. It was the 4th season of this show and till then we are still waiting for the next season. A high-quality plot and very good character development helped this show to make a place in the heart of the audience. 

Sherlock Season 5 – Trailer, Cast, and Release Date

Sherlock Season 5 - Trailer, Cast, and Release Date

Some say that there will not be season 5 but if we look upon the ending of season 4 then there is really a lot of things kept empty to add a season. If we take a look at the decision of the makers then this show was not canceled by its makers as well as they also not said anything about renewing it.  

In this article, we collected the relevant information and tried to work upon it. 

What Was Happened in Sherlock Season 4?

In the fourth season, we have witnessed that Sherlock’s sister is coming for revenge because all her life she was ignored by the family. This was indeed a great twist but in the end, we understood that it was just a cry from Eurus. It was just a timid try of help. No matter what has been revealed but it indeed gave us some insight into the backstory and more plot construction for the future seasons.

On the other hand, we came to know that John Watson was going to leave working with Sherlock but then in a shocking video revelation it came us to know that Watson’s wife Mary was a detective and she was working on a secret mission.  

It gave a plot for the next season in which Watson and Sherlock will unfold the mystery behind the Watson wife’s secret missions. It made the fans think that season 5 will be created on the fact that both Watson and Sherlock will try to know the reasons and works of Mary. But the season’s last episode was named The Final Problem which is a swift hint that season 4 was the last season and there is not going to be another season. 

What are fans expecting from Sherlock Season 5?   

We understand that there are many ups and downs for the fans in the last 4 seasons. If you look upon the whole show then it was indeed a roller coaster. We knew from the beginning that Sherlock will lead the show and Watson will be his sidekick but one thing which will change in season 5 is that we will see Watson in the driving seat and Sherlock on the side for unearthing the mysteries of Mary and Watson. 

Fans were anticipating to see whether Sherlock will be there for Watson as much as Watson was there for Sherlock in the new season.  The roles of the two lead characters are indeed assumed to be reversed and let’s time tells the tales.

Who will be in the Main Cast of  Sherlock Season 5?

As of now, there is no official statement about continuing the show and there is nothing solid for her to assume that season 5 will definitely happen. It is hard to predict whether the show is coming back with season 5 or not. As we talked about it already that the 4th season was ended with an open plot it is speculation that season 5 might get happen. If the new season will happen then it is almost sure that some of the characters who will recur are as follows:

  • Benedict Cumberbatch will be Sherlock Holmes.
  • Martin Freeman will be Dr. John Watson. 
  • Sian Brooke as Eurus.
  • Amanda Abbington as Mary in flashback.

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Sherlock Season 5 – Trailer 2021


We are already hoping for season 5 but there are no statements from the makers which is a real setback for the fans. If the show will start in the future then there are chances that it will resume after a long time and this is because there is nothing from the maker’s side. 

If you got something new about this show or there any news about it then please comment it down.

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