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RTO Computer Test Online Exam

RTO exam is necessary for getting a learning license. In this article, we will look upon the RTO exam process and the steps which are followed which helps you to apply for driving license. According to the rules, you must have to pass the exam before getting a learning license.

RTO Computer Test Online Exam

RTO Computer Test Online Exam

For the passing exam, you will need to answer 13 questions correctly from 15 RTO learning license test questions. If you will be failed to do so, you cannot get the learning license, and again you have to fill the application form to sit in the online exam. You should have complete knowledge of the questions and the techniques to answer them.

What Kind of Questions are Asked?

In the RTO examination, you will have to answer the questions related to the traffic rules. Every question is there to test the knowledge of the applicant on road safety and transportation. It is indeed formatted in such a way that they can test your ability and knowledge about the traffic and road rules. RTO online exam questions are not as much as hard, if you are learning with a little focus; you will be able to crack it. 

How to Book an Appointment for the Learner License? 

You will have to take an appointment for the test for which you will have to visit the official website of the Ministry of road transport and highways. You will get the date and time of the test. 

Online Exam Test Procedure

  • Click on the official website
  • Select your state.
  • Navigate over the Learner License.
  • Click on the Mock Test for All. 
  • Fill in your personal details such as name, date of birth, and select your preferred language.
  • Now, you have to submit these data.
  • You are eligible to give the test. 

What is the fee for the learning license test in Delhi? 

The fee of learning license in Delhi is Rs.50

What are the eligibility criteria for a driving license in India? 

You should be a citizen of India as well as your age should be 18 or above. If you are applying for a Driving license then you must have a learning license. So, you should first apply for the learning license and after that, you will be eligible for the application for a driving license. 

What are the different kinds of learning licenses? 

They are many different types of learning license depending upon the vehicles. 

  1. for non-geared motorcycle
  2. for geared motorcycle
  3. for LMV or Light Motor Vehicle
  4. for Medium Goods Vehicle
  5. for HGV or Heavy Goods Vehicle
  6. for HPV or Heavy Passenger Vehicle
  7. for MPV or Medium Passenger Vehicle
  8. for Invalid Carriage Vehicle
  9. for Road Roller

What are the documents required to apply for Driving License?

The documents that are required while applying for the driving license are passport-sized photographs, age proof, fees, address proof as well as completely filled form no. 2, form 1 as well as form 1a. 

What is the process of applying for a learning license offline?

  1. Go to the RTO office closest to you.
  2. Request for the learner license application form.
  3. Fill the form and attach the documents.
  4. Now, pay the fees.
  5.  Now, choose a slot for the learner license driving test.
  6. Now, give your test on the selected date. 
  7. If you clear the test successfully, you will get the learner license at your registered address. 

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