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Purple Lion Cassandra Dunn

If you are willing to get an idea about purple lion Cassandra Dunn then you are reading a perfect article.

This article helps you to simply heal your thoughts and also your soul to simply generate the constructive vibes and solu to generate the constructive vibe which mainly builds the interior power of the physique and also it retains the well being regular and sturdy. This initiative mainly starts in the year 2014 in the United States. 

Purple Lion

Purple Lion

These days, almost everyone is conscious of their psychological well which is one of the major issues to simply keeping your bodily well-being.

These days, the persons are mainly providing the identical significance of the bodily wellness to their psychological well-being and their wellness as well. There may also be the extra thrilling data that is completely ready for you in different sections. 

Who is Cassandra Dunn?

Cassandra Dunn is one of the registered and licensed nurses of Federal medical investigator and healthcare surveyor and the entity accredited details on the Casa De Dom Inacio Therapeutic heart of Brazil. She started this extraordinary initiative in the year 2014 and it is mainly specializing in therapeutic energy.

It also heals your coronary heart and also gives you the best power of your thinking and it also generates constructive ideas to simply enhance your psychological well-being as well. 

What is The Purple Lion Undertaking?

You need to know that the purple lion undertaking mainly focuses on the purple lion and this program simply gear up the assistance of Cassandra Dun in the year 2014. The major options for this purple lion undertaking are:

  • Training on psychological well-being and wellness. 
  • It gives the pure treatment-dependent idea. 
  • It makes use of the vitality of therapeutic applied sciences. 

This purple lion Cassandra Dunn program mainly enhances your psychological well-being and also it means generating good vitality for all the individual thoughts, physique, and well-being.

This course also helps the folks to simply keep up the stability in these three parts and it simply constructs higher well-being to simply remain calm, wholesome, and constructive as well. 

Specs of The Website Of The Purple Lion Undertaking

  • Contact quantity particulars: There is no data on the market at the second on their website. 
  • Email Deal With Particulars: There is no data on the market on the website about it. 
  • Contact addresses particulars: it is mainly based in the United States and the precise location will not talk about anyplace. 
  • Class: The companies which are mainly associated with Holistic well-being. 
  • Cose Methodology: There is no particular data available on the market at the second. 
  • Service Pricing: They charge their companies on an hourly foundation and our price is nearly $56. 
  • Mode of Service: They mainly serve their companies over the mobile or by the skype video calls as well. 
  • Service bookings: You simply need to request the reservation on their official website. 


  • Cassandra is one of the proprietors of this website and is also a registered nurse. 
  • She is having sufficient skills on the explicit subject to simply provide the correct details. 
  • She engages with the viewers on FB and YouTube with different types of posts and movies. 
  • In terms of the website, all these companies are mainly based upon donations and no one can be turned away. 
  • They also have recurrent blogs on their website which simply assists with the thoughts, soul, and also the physique therapeutic. 
  • They mainly supply the well-researched data which is concerning the therapeutic treatments and also their advantages. 


  • There is no contact data available in the market on their official website. 
  • There are no fee details available on the website as well. 

Purple Lion Cassandra Dunn Undertaking Legit?

In terms of the analysis, we will take into account a legit website. We also talk about some of the factors as the strong proof of the examination. 

  • The legitimate SSL certificate and also the HTTPS certificate are available. 
  • The real-time media handle is also available with several followers and well-maintained content material shows as well. 
  • There are hundreds of viewers available who are watching their video content material. 
  • The website is six years outdated which simply means that it has been providing their companies for some years. 

We simply take it into account as it is one of the legit websites along with the 65% of belief rating. 

Buyer’s and Person’s Opinion About This It?

We find out lots of constructive responses on their social media handles and lots of individuals who have benefited from their companies and also share their experiences with the remark part of their posts. There are lots of people who are following them on YouTube and finding out their content. Purple lion Cassandra Dunnprohectis is one of the most reliable ones for everyone. 

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