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Moen vs InSinkErator

Both Moen vs InSinkErator is really famous companies that mainly deal in garbage disposals. InSinkErator is really popular as compared to Moen and they are having more and more garbage disposals designs.

But, did you ever know that the Waste King which is one of the companies is really good and also as popular as the InSinkErator is also owned by Moen.

So, generally, it will make moen one of the highly-rated garbage disposal brands all over the world. 

Moen Vs InSinkErator

Moen Vs InSinkErator

In the garbage disposal unit industry, the race is going on between the waste king and InSinkErator. So, let’s have a deep comparison between the garbage disposals by the Moena vs InSinkErator and check out how different they are from each other. 

Moen Vs InSinkErator – Differences and Similarities

Before we talk about their comparison, you need to know that it is a complete comparison of the common features of garbage disposals of these two major brands. Both of these brands will make a huge number of disposable items and it is really impossible to compare all their units with each other. 

Let’s Understand the Difference between Moen vs InSinkErator

Below, we are going to share a comparison table for a quick view. 

Which Motor do Both Companies Provide in Garbage Disposals?

Without having any doubt. The motor is one of the important parts of the garbage disposal and it also works well. One of the major differences between the moen and InSinkErator garbage disposals is the motor. The motor which mainly gets used in Moen and InSinkErator is really different.

All the moen models are having a permanent magnet motor which will mainly run at a speed of 2700 RPM. There are some models, mainly the low powered which will run at below 2000 RPM but they will also use the same motor. 

On the other side, InSinkErator garbage disposals will use the induction motors and they will mainly call them DuraDrive, and also they all will run the 1725 RPM range.

These are mainly slower as compared to Moen. There are some debates about which motor is better and I don’t have any expertise in this field and that’s why I leave it to you.

Which one is Better in Terms of Performance

Now, as you understand, both of these brands will use different types of motors and which one do you think is better in terms of performance? As one of the laymen, I always think that the faster is better but I never check out any of the performance issues with the InSinkErator models. So, the models with the same power ranger and the performance are more and less at the same time. 

Is Garbage Disposal Makes Noise of Both Companies Products?

If we compare with its sister company Waste King, then the moen is having the models along with the better noise insulation, also, it’s models are quite best and the InSinkErator is also having a range of the quiet garbage disposals. One of the quotes of all the disposals which are mainly provided by the InSinkErator as Evolution Excel Disposal by them is one of the ultra-quiet models. I always say that both of these brands are having quiet disposal units but the InSinkErator is having more and more units at. 

Multiple Grinding Stages

It is one of the great features which I have seen earlier in the top-end InSinErator models. Also, these are the units that have multiple grinding stages and they are really helpful to grind the food wastes into finer sizes. InSinkErator calls it multi-grind technology and to be frank, it will not have multiple chambers to grind. Also, it has a simple range of grinding components in the same chamber of grinding. 

Also, the benefits of multi-stage grinding are that you easily be able to grind the fibrous food items such as celery which will not get recommended into the simple disposals. Also, these fibrous food wastes will become absolutely fine when they won’t clog the pipelines. In simple terms, none of the garbage disposal units by the Moen is having multiple grinding stages where the top-end models of the InSinkErator are having it. 

Compact Size

The compact garbage disposal is having one less than 13 inches in height. Also, it is mainly one of the definitions which are made or created by me. The people who are looking for them are due to not have particular space under the sink to simply accommodate the disposal. So, if you are having a deep sink then compact garbage disposals are one of the best options available for you. InSinkErator is having an excellent number of compact garbage disposals and moen is having very few. 

Which Company Offer Best Build Quality Between InSinkErator vs Moen

If we talk about the build quality of Moen then it is the same as the waste king. It also used the galvanized grinding components in the economic models and also it is having the stainless steel grinding components in the models. The grinding chamber material is also having the same corrosion-resistant plastic in all its models. Also, it will use galvanized grinding components in its low-end models and also in stainless steel in its high-end models. Apart from the plastic grinding chambers, they will also use Galvanized steel in all its economic models and also use stainless steel in its high-end models. 

It will take several years to check it out and to get a proper answer to the question which is “does that means InSinkErator disposals last longer than InSinkErator ones”?. So it is really better for people to rely on the experience of the other customers. Both of the brands are dealing with the making of garbage disposals and both will seem to be working for many years without getting any complaints. It is really safe to simply assume that the moen uses plastic which is really reliable as the stainless steel-bodied competitors. 

Looks and Design from between Moen vs InSinkErator

It seems subjective and for me, the units of all the categories by Moen look really better as compared to the others by InSinkErator. That’s me and please tell me in the comment section, which unit you love and why do you love it. 

Pre-Installed Power Cord

All the moen garbage disposals will come with the pre-installed power cord which will make the installation easy as compared to the InSinkErator disposal. There are some of the InSinkErator models which will come up with the power cord but simply they don’t. As per the InSinkErator, it mainly works to reduce the complete cost of the unit in several cases where people are simply replacing the existing disposals. Also, they are having old power cords and I really suggest the people with the preinstalled power cords which will make it easy. 

Mounting Assembly System

Both the moen and InSinkErator will use the 3 bolt mounting assemblies which are mainly compatible with every model. InSinkErator will call their system a QuickLock while the moen calls it the universal Xpress mount. Both of these assemblies will take a similar time and also similar efforts of installation. 

Warranty from Company

The warranties of the disposal models from Moen are InSinkErator are mainly similar. Like, Badger 5 and GT50C units will come up with the 3-year home warranty and I really can’t say that one brand is better as compared to the other. 

Are Both Companies offer Removal Splash Guards?

The splash guards in the InSinkErator models are mainly non-removable until you disconnect the unit from the sink. Also, it is really inconvenient when you are willing to clean the underside of the splash guard which can accumulate easily. On the other side, the moen units will come up with the removable splash guard which is really convenient also the removable splash guards don’t sound like a big thing but for me, it is really good. 

Price Difference between InSinkErator vs Moen

If you compare the price of the disposal unit in the same power range then you will see that they are really similar and also these two brands don’t make or deal in cheap models like the waste king. 

Hex Hole and Reset Button

All the garbage disposal at the same time doesn’t get stuck. Also, the InSinkErator will provide the hex hole at the end of all the disposal units so that you will be able to use the hex wrench to simply collapse the jam. Serval models will include the Moen which doesn’t have this.

Here, you will be able to use a stick handle and simply insert them into the top to simply rotate the blades and also to simply unclog the units as well. 

All the garbage disposals will come up with the rest buttons and for the moen units and the reset buttons come up on the front-facing side where the InSinkErator is available at the bottom. 

So Which Garbage Disposal Is Better? InSinkErator or Moen?

Both the moen and InSinkErator garbage disposals and they are having their own pros and cons. Most of the disposals are really similar in several aspects and I can’t really say which one is better as compared to others but I will have to buy a disposal I will prefer one from the InSinkErator as it has more sales history as compared to moen.


  • What is the Best Brand of Garbage Disposal?

  • Best for Wide Sinks: InSinkErator Evolution Compact Garbage Disposer
  • Best for Swallow Sinks: InSinkErator Badger 5 garbage Disposal
  • Best Warranty: Moen GXS75C Host Series Garbage Disposal
  • Best Value: Waste King L-1001 Garbage Disposal
  • Best for Large Sinks: Waste King L-3200 Garbage Disposal
  • How Long Does a Moen Garbage Disposal Last?

Most of the disposals are having a life expectancy of nearly 10 years and after this, they may start clogging often. 

  • Does Moen Garbage Disposal Fit In an InSinkErator?

Universal Xpress mount will fit all moen and most existing 3 bolt mounting assemblies which also include the InSinkErator brand. Moen’s VORTEX permanent magnet motor is similar to other oyster power tools and they immediately operate at full speed. This also results in finely ground particles and also helps to reduce the jamming across every level of horsepower. 

  • What Do Plumbers Think of Garbage Disposals?

Having the garbage disposal unit installed in the home is really the best thing and any plumber will recommend you to do this as it is one of the effective methods to deal with common kitchen waste like uneaten food by shredding them in small pieces. As a result, they will pass through plumbing easily. 

  • Why is a Moen Garbage Disposal So Loud?

If your garbage disposal is making a loud noise of humming or grinding then it may be the result of the jammed grinding chamber. Food or other debris will get trapped in the chamber and result in unusual noise. You have to shut off the power to the disposal and inspect the sink opening for a jam visually.

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