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Model of Dedicated Team in Quality Assurance

Because the Dedicated Quality Assurance Team is a business model that is often employed in outsourcing in general and in software testing in part, it is vital to enlighten people about the Dedicated Team Model in light of the growing interest in outsourcing quality assurance. 

The mission of the Dedicated Team is to provide the customers with an extension of the in-house team via the use of our staffing services. It indicates that the Master Service Agreement should cover certain particular problems, such as, in part, the basic organization of the team, the quantity of work that is to be done, and the conditions of payment. 

Model of Dedicated Team in Quality Assurance

Model of Dedicated Team

In addition, it means that the Master Service Agreement should be updated regularly. If a customer decides to go with this model, it will be feasible for him to devote more of his attention to the successful completion of essential business activities without having to bring on additional professionals. 

The team works in accordance with the requirements of the project while the quality assurance dealer oversees their work (by verifying the testing environment and evaluating the team’s KPIs) and suggests ways in which it may be improved. 

The Dedicated Team Model if Made for you, When:

  • It is necessary to build strong and long-lasting relationships between the vendor of quality assurance and the client. 
  • The client’s new business has a significant potential for scaling, and the criteria for it may be modified with relative ease. 
  • The internal quality assurance staff is tough to train and much more challenging to manage. 
  • There is a pressing need to keep the expense of quality assurance to a minimum. 
  • You want to make the processes more visible while also controlling, locating, and eliminating all of the flaws. 

One of the most common forms of employee participation is the Dedicated Team Model, which is used in more than fifty percent of all new businesses. When clients apply for the Dedicated Team Model, they are often looking for more than simply extra remote independent testing from the service provider. 

They want professionals who have a high degree of drive, who are willing to commit themselves entirely to the project, and for whom it will be crucial to obtain a faultless outcome (or at least to get as close to it as possible). 

The success of the Dedicated Team is dependent on the service provider, who should be accountable for the environment, as well as the resources, infrastructure, and environment, in accordance with the requirements of the customer. 

The clients may put their faith in the dedicated quality assurance team to choose a dedicated team for them, or they can choose to conduct their own interviews with the candidates and go through their resumes and CVs if there is anything else they are curious about. 

It is not possible to immediately assign ten engineers to the group even if that number is required. The team initially consists of only two or three quality assurance engineers, but it eventually grows to include more people. 

It is also possible (and, in most circumstances, it should be done) to designate a QA manager to oversee and supervise the work of the team. In addition, it gives customers the opportunity to examine the qualifications of QA professionals before employing them, functioning as a kind of trial run for quality engineers. 

And if there is any uncertainty, the customer may always take some time to think about all of the benefits and drawbacks of collaborating with this team in the event that there is some hesitance.

Things to think about before choosing Dedicated Team in Quality Assurance

1) One-time project and internal QA team don’t have enough skills:

Even if you test a one-time project, it requires expertise your team lacks. Training the internal personnel would require time and money. You may outsource QA to a business with the necessary expertise and technology.

2) Project with a short time frame that needs more people:

You can utilize your existing resources to undertake high-level testing, or you can recruit extra employees. The second alternative is tougher since it’s hard to recruit and retain testers. So, engage a reputable QA firm.

3) Long-Term Project Needing Cost Savings:

Outsourcing is cheap. A specialist internal staff is usually more costly than a third-party contract. If you’re managing long-term initiatives, consider outsourcing 90% of the job.

Maintain an internal staff of software testing consulting and project coordinators. Outsourcing anything loses project and business expertise. You should know what to outsource.


Hope you know everything about the Model of Dedicated Team in Quality Assurance and if you still have any queries, then you can drop your queries or feedback in the comment section below.

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