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How to Share Youtube Video on Instagram?

Have you ever wondered How to Share Youtube Video on Instagram? Are you facing problems while sharing YouTube videos or you are not able to share videos on Instagram from YouTube? Don’t worry, we have a solution to your questions. 

In this article, you will be discussing How to share a YouTube video on Instagram. 

Well, you all know YouTube is pretty popular among each one of us. The second-largest search engine in the world is YouTube. We watch about a billion hours of YouTube per day. For a second, just think about that figure. One. One Billion. Uh, hours. That amounts to around 1600 human lives.

How to Share Youtube Video on Instagram?

How to Share Youtube Video on Instagram

We all know that sometimes that video content is perfect for your Instagram audience, you can use them either by posting it as a story or you can use it as a post. It’s your choice.

But yes it is also true that there is no direct way to use YouTube videos on Instagram at this time.

This is the reason we will be showing How to share videos on Instagram from YouTube.

Thinking then how to share a YouTube video on Instagram? No worries, read this article till the end to know all your answers. 

How to Share a Video on Instagram from YouTube: Let’s Discuss

Before starting anything else first I would like to share something important with you. Let’s start

In the first place, why would I post YouTube videos on Instagram?

Mention below are a few reasons you can consider it:

  • To Create a Teaser Trailer

For longer YouTube videos, you can make a teaser trailer and post it to Instagram, then use this to push back traffic.

Or you can make a teaser for a video you want to advertise, just make sure that where it’s due you’re giving credit. This could be something to try and add to your toolkit if you are running affiliate marketing promotions

  • To make a mash-up of older videos you own to create a new video

You can download some old favorites and create a mash-up if you have been creating YouTube content for a while but have not kept the original files from years ago. A trip down memory lane might be something that your fans on Instagram will enjoy.

  • To use video in a transformative way

You can use videos as long as they are used for educational and transformative purposes under the Fair Use Act.

To use it as educational information or to illustrate a point, you can use YouTube.

Always make sure in which every country or state you are in double-check the law before doing anything.

Creating a Video Especially for Instagram

You can easily create a beautiful video as per your brand color and look great in your feed while using Biteable. 

You can choose an Instagram video template and get started for free.

So this was some additional information that I would like you to know before reading How to share a video from YouTube on Instagram

Without wasting time let’s start this.

How to Share a video on Instagram from YouTube?


  • Download the video from YouTube

Go to the App Store to do this on your iPhone and download an application like Video Get. By searching for “YouTube Video Downloader.” We found it., but almost any app that claims it can download YouTube videos can do so. If you’re on an Android phone, you will find a similar app for YouTube downloaders.

It depends on which app you land up to download YouTube Videos, they will ask you the exact process of downloading a video from YouTube. Mention below is the process. 

  1. Open the App and click on the file
  2. You will see the option Download browse, click on it
  3. You will see the browser box, at the bottom of the screen. Type in, to find a video you want to download, use the YouTube’s Search or the Video URL
  4. Video Get will create a pop-up, once you click on the video file you want to download. Click Download and you are all done.
  • Get your YouTube video ready for an Instagram post

Instagram has few video requirements: mainly, no overt uploading to stuff, and if they ate between 3 and 60 seconds long, you can only post videos to Instagram. It’s time to do some editing if the YouTube video you want to post is longer.

You can use their internal video editor to make adjustments if you are using Video Get. Or you can use apps for instance FilmoraGo or Instasize for editing.

Now, your next step is to move your video out of your downloading app and camera roll. If you want to do that in Video Get, start playing video, then in the bottom menu, you will see the share icon. Click on it.

It’s time to save the camera roll. The best video format for Instagram is MP4 if you are prompted.

Give the Instagram-worthy makeover to the video. Add or trim a filter, or add a custom Cover. Make sure you take into account the video quality (you don’t want low-quality content to be uploaded)

Log in to your Instagram App. Add hashtags, captions, and location if it’s relevant, after completion click on the share button.

If the video you downloaded is not yours and comes from the YouTube channel of someone else, make sure you allocate it to them and source the original.

Even if you’re only using parts of an original film, where possible, credit it. Check the laws in your field if you’re not sure-always it’s safer to be on the right side of copyright law.

Above mentioned information was on how to share a video on Instagram from YouTube. Do you think it was impossible or if it was difficult to do? Follow these simple steps to share YouTube videos on Instagram.

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Now you are all set to engage your audience by giving them the best video content. These are some simple steps on How to Share YouTube Video on Instagram. Just follow the procedure step by step.

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