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How Do You Collect The Gold Coins in Fortnite?

How Do You Collect The Gold Coins in Fortnite – Fortnite chapter 2 – season 2 is one of the big ones for the changes and lots of fact that we are seeing the things that we didn’t notice at first time. Fortnite v12.00 not only introduces lots of change into the map and raids of sorts, but also they are mysterious gold coins to the proceedings. 

At the time of writing this, epic yet to comment on the gold coin and one spawns into the complete Fortnite mao. It may be a bug or something which isn’t properly introduced but it has not stopped the community from running a little wild with the theories.

How Do You Collect The Gold Coins in Fortnite?

How Do You Collect The Gold Coins in Fortnite

Here we are going to know all the things about the sneaky gold coin in Fortnite which also include the location and what it may be used for. 

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Fortnite Gold Coin Location

If you are willing to head over to the weeping woods but not the one or two main buildings, instead there should be the house to the north of them. You need to make your own way inside and then simply find a large painting on the wall.

You have to break what you like and then the gold coin will simply drop down. The coins will simply enter your inventory when you turn it up. You can only do with it to have some extra bling into your inventory and it will serve little purpose. 

What Does The Gold Coin Do?

Right now, the gold coin in Fortnite is not having any purpose and it is sort of lingering in your inventory. It is really worth speculating what it may do in the future and it looks like the epic recently added it accidentally or to simply tease something in the future. 

Our minds will instantly drift to get used to vending machines, and items in the world that do not vault from the start of chapter 2. Maybe you will find all of them on the map as a sort of currency by the old method of getting the free item which is highly preferable. 

Another guess is that these coins are mainly intended to be the material in a similar manner that wood is and we find it a little tough to believe. Its description in the inventory says that it is the basic resource found by the world and it seems like placeholder text to us. 

Having the rare material which will be found sparingly will not seem like a great sense of balance for the game in the competitive sense and it will be wise for the epic to simply shake up the meta in a drastic manner.

We think that the gold coin in Fortnite is a neat easter egg that is intended to make the fans speculate to go wild mainly with all the gold covered items from the end of the last season and also the long rumored Oro skin. 

You can watch this space and you will not know anything where Fortnite will get concerned. Fortnite: Chapter 2 – season 2 is completely free to play on Pc through the epic games store, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, iOS, and also android as well. 


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